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Long-time friend and occasional contributor here at neverland, Jose, has his own homoerotic wrestling blog!?  How did I not know this until now?  Well, it’s probably in part due to La Sustancia being in Spanish, and I chose the infinitely more practical Swedish when I had to choose a foreign language to learn [note the ironic tone intended, though I LOVE hunky Swedes!].  Jose promises to post a few English translated posts now and again, such as his June 25 scientific analysis demonstrating empirically the qualitative and quantitative tale of the tape comparing the biggest homoerotic wrestling producers in the business.

Graphic proof.

While I can’t read the labels, this graph clearly demonstrates a number of things.  One, data turn me on.  Two, Jose and I have extremely high rater reliability when it comes to how we code the Can-Am and BG East catalogs. Three, Jose and I are almost eerily identical when it comes to where our preferences lie. Four, and this is just an initial hypothesis for future research efforts, I may simply be Jose’s English speaking doppelgänger, or vice versa. Or we share the same brain.

Lon Dumont is just one of many shared infatuations between Jose and me.

You may remember that Jose posted a consumer report here at neverland on his private match with Jonny Firestorm (if not, trust me, Jose was an extremely satisfied customer!). Jose and I have bonded in comments and emails over many overlapping infatuations, such as long-time neverland favorite Lon Dumont.  We were both a little shocked at ourselves for admitting that we simply had to vote for Pete Sharp for best bulge over the notorious monster package of Joshua Goodman (that’s Mr. Goodman to you!) this year in BG East’s year-end best-of awards.  And recently we agreed that the two of us need to personally welcome Gio Benitez to homoerotic wrestling with a 2-on-1 newsboy orientation.  I don’t know what the Spanish word for “twins separated at birth” may be, but, yeah. That.  For the vast swath of homoerotic wrestling fans for whom Spanish is a 1st language, and for those with passable Spanish, and even for those English speakers who want another look into the occasional translated post, you must bookmark and visit often La Sustancia.  And tell Jose that his English-speaking doppelgänger sent you.


3 thoughts on “Another neverland

  1. “While I can’t read the labels”
    LOL, the labels are in both Spanish and English. For example, right below cualidad de lucha, he has the English translation: “wrestling quality”.

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