Collapsing the Metaphor

A little while back a reader interrogated me offline about my deprecating straight-up wrestling and fixating, instead, on more explicitly homoerotic fare. If it’s just about “grab-ass,” as he put it, doesn’t it lose the aggro, the potential ferocity? In short, he wondered, in my fixation on the homoerotic, don’t I lose some of what’s essential to an authentic wrestling kink?

First, I want to say that the occasional, seemingly inadvertant (yet literal) grab-ass in a match has quite an allure, even in the context of a match that’s light on the homo or the explicitly erotic. Dom the Dominator and the seventh wonder of the world known as his physique are profoundly arousing for me in most any context. But when he scoops up a young, eager Brad Rochelle to drop him across his knee, digging his fingertips into the gorgeous, round, hard ass of boy wonder… well, I know I’m not alone in wearing out the VCR tape at that precise moment to catch that delightful moment of grab-ass in freeze frame (and later, slow motion). I like to think even the more straight-up performers throw in some gratuitous moments like this. And I adore them for it.
But back to my original point… there are plenty of moments when watching two beautiful men pound the hell out of each other and sell some convincing aggression will be all I need to completely exhaust myself. But there are some periods, such as the one I’m in now, where I absolutely crave the homoerotic component of my homoerotic wrestling. A literal, lingering grab of the ass can catapult me into a deeply satisfying, body-affirming, gay-affirming, passionate place that without it, can leave me feeling a little desperate. The BGE classic, Tommy Lopez, in a mutual, tender ass grab in the midst of a sweaty, snarling smack down is the value-added that I’ve got a major lust for these days.
It’s not just the literal grab-ass I’m talking about, of course. Grab most anything and hold on appreciatively, and it can definitely count in my book. Of course, a cock-grab or a ball-grab (or for those with large enough hands, a cock-and-ball-grab) connects all the dots for the elements that I’m talking about. But frankly, a commanding, appraising hold on your opponent’s chin can leap-frog well you beyond a play-it-straight tussle. An appreciative squeeze of a meaty pec (I’m not talking a claw here, but a grab), sends my brain firing on all cylinders in moods like I’m in right now.
But I love a collapsed metaphor, and a commanding, solid handful of glute seals the deal for me whenever I’m treated to the sight. Another BGE classic, Brian Baxter, had an ass for days himself, so his thumping of Tim Anderson’s juicy melons is just asking for it, begging for it, making me start talking at the screen pleading for a return of that awesome, satisfying favor on Brian. Grab that ass! I’m looking for the element of grab-ass in my wrestling right at the moment.
You know me. You know I can go on and on about the role of imagination, and you know I can fill in the gaps in just about any story to make it suit my particular kinky tastes. But even I, sometimes, find myself feeling like a literalist. So to the reader who complained that I’m too much into the “grab-ass” scene, I do, truly, get your point. And sometimes, nothing else but some grab-ass will do.

One thought on “Collapsing the Metaphor

  1. I really enjoyed this post. I've had some involvement in gay wrestling, meaning having had some input on some things that ended up on tape and perhaps the way some products are presented to the market, and the one thing that's always surprised/amused/vexed me is how dogmatic some people can be when it comes to "gay" wrestling.There are those who think it just boils down to grab ass and eye candy: put prettyboys in minimal gear and let them roll around in a ring. There are the guys I call the purists, who think wrestling is all about the "tradition" and training and matches that reflect "the life." And there are the horndogs, the guys who just want wrestling mixed with/building to straight up sex. Most people who care about this stuff at all have overlap, like, who doesn't like a guy who looks like eye candy but can still move and sell like he's been doing this for a minute, and, hell, if he wants to drop his trunks now and then, cool. But the really funny thing is how some guys in one camp or the other can be really, really dismissive of the other. I mean, if you want to get an ear full, approach/email a gay guy who's has or is working the indy scene and tell him that you really, really like, say, Brad Rochelle, and stand back, lol.The thing is, all of those types of matches and rules and standards are all legit. I mean, pro wrestling by it's very nature is all about finding and responding to an audience. There's a lot of straight wrestling fans who like WWE style wrestling who look at backyard style as crap and vice versa. So, when you throw gay into the mix, some people are going to make matches that sell tons that a lot of people will still decry as ruining the whole industry. And there'll be dinky little niche companies that never turn a profit but keep going because the guys who do it like it so much. And there'll always be those guys who look at wrestling as if what they were watching in the 60s/70s/whatevers is the pinnacle, and they don't, won't and won't ever enjoy any sort of wrestling that doesn't meet that precise standard. Even if you point out the irony of them as gay guys enjoying a type of wrestling that itself was predicated on ignoring and often insulting gay men, that has no effect.But, in the end, it's all good, because there is no one thing that works all the time for all people. Myself, I'm feeling you on the sometimes it IS about the grab ass tip. And I have to say, on a personal level, you totally reminded me of that Brad Rochelle/Dom Zaccaro backbreaker set up moment where Dom's hand cupped Brad's ass. I had exactly the same reaction you did.

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