Nowhere to Run

Speaking of full on grab-ass, Phillip Aubrey is back at it over at Naked Kombat, facing off with doe-in-the-headlights, baby (baby, baby, baby) faced Matthew Singer. For those of you who aren’t into a squash (and I know you’re out there), this will likely NOT be for you. This is just about as much of a squash as I’ve seen on NK. It’s not like it isn’t obvious how this will play out, even as Matthew gives his pre-match testimonial with a little quiver in his voice. He’s not only in over his head, he’s 20,000 leagues under and wearing cement shoes.
Phillip is one of the NK repeaters that clearly, authentically has some combat training. He has amazing balance and body awareness. He’s irrepressible. He absolutely bubbles up with delight in dominating and humiliating. And dangling wide-eyed Matthew in front of him is almost too much for even me, a certified fan of a delightful squash, to watch. Phillip literally and figuratively spanks Matthew’s skinny ass all over the mat in round after round. The ref reports that after three rounds, Matthew managed to just barely break into double digits on the scorecard (Phillip had around 40 or 50, but I’m guaranteeing you that they just stopped counting at that point). I think they were ridiculously generous in pumping up Matthew to even that low score. He brought absolutely nothing to this match, other than a sweet gasp of painful resignation and a sense of bitter futility about him.
Phillip, on the other hand, has been building momentum since he just barely lost to John Magnum by the skin of his teeth in his debut. If he could nearly take down the mountain of muscle that is John Magnum, Matthew Singer was fated for a painful lesson.
While the technical side of the competition/performance will leave many disappointed, those of us who do harbor some joys in watching a babyface obliteration have much to fascinate us here. Matthew has no place to go, no way to escape, and watching Phillip chuckle with delight in wrapping him up, bending him backward, sitting on his face, and paralyzing the kid with what must be hands of magic stroking at Matthew’s cock… it’s made to order for fans of an authentic squash. And don’t doubt it: Matthew works hard. He’s sweating like a marathon runner halfway through round one. He is NOT just jobbing. He’s just getting smacked down hard with every gambit he tries to throw.
Finally, I’d just like to say once again that I’m a fan of the pony ride. It seems a little too obligatory at times in NK… perhaps a bit too scripted and canned. But watching Phillip ride Matthew (forcing him to bray like a donkey along the way) does something to me that makes me smile. No one rides the pony quite like my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy, Rusty Stevens, of course. But having seen Phillip have to pack around the mat the behemoth of John Magnum (weighted down significantly by that massive cock of his), there’s a pretty sweet through-story to watching Phillip exact the same humiliation with such aroused delight on the practicing dummy who is baby (baby, baby, baby) faced Matthew Singer.

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