A Taste of Things to Cum

Reading back over my recent posts (like a year or more), I think it’s safe to say I’ve been orally fixated lately.  My descriptions of wrestlers and matches as “delicious,” “tasty,” or “mouthwatering” have been my regular, go-to metaphors for my subjective experience of being turned on by choice homoerotic wrestling fare (see, there I go again).  Homoerotic wrestling just tastes so damn good!  Of course I don’t literally want to eat anyone (other than perhaps a couple of politicians I can think of… on toast), but I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity for a long, wet, lingering lick of a wrestling hunk’s body to stimulate the taste buds.  Do you know what I mean?
BG East’s Blueboy clearly knows what I’m talking about in Masked Mayhem 4, momentarily turning always dangerous masked muscle heel Enforcer into a quivering bowl of jelly in the corner of the ring with a tongue lashing of his tantalizing nipples.  Holy shit, this photo captures so much about homoerotic wrestling that defines me!

I think there’s a bit of a stroke of genius at work at NakedKombat for incentivizing face licking.  Not a lot of the kombatants I’ve seen take advantage of available points for slathering spit across the cheeks of a locked up opponent, but Gavin Waters was one hardbodied fuck machine who seemed to relish just that.  In his May 25, 2011 tag team match with partner Nikko Alexander, Gavin to advantage of his overwhelming muscle and weight advantage to lock down lean twink scrapper Matt Singer and drive him fucking nuts by dragging his tongue all over the babyface battler’s face.  Talk about a tasty little morsel!

Matt’s partner, however, was a little too much for Gavin to pull off the same maneuver… by himself, at least.  Long-time pornboy wrestling favorite of mine, Trent Diesel had Gavin’s number both in singles and tag-team competition, and the stunningly hot tattoed stunner was not as easily subdued.  However, another NakedKombat rule permits partners a few seconds of double-team advantage moments after a tag is made, during which Gavin would enjoy the chance to lick the sweat off of Trent’s brow while Nikko picked up the baton to take his place mounted on top of the muscled stud puppy.  Fuck, Trent hated his face licked!  He squirmed like craaaazy as Gavin lapped up his salty goodness.  Hell.  And yes.

Can-Am’s Pro Sex Fight series has been seriously satisfying me since it debuted a couple of years ago.  The precise balance of pro ring wrestling and overt eroticism is awfully compelling.  Tongues have been regularly on the menu starting with Pro Sex Fight 1, when massive muscle star Michael Vineland slaps down a post-victory tongue lashing on the infinitely perky, hot pecs of g-g-g-gorgeous former HWOTM here at neverland, Landon Mycles.  Landon was more a kisser than a licker, which I totally respect, but fuck-fuck-fuck, Michael working over that highly responsive nip on the blond bombshell was sweet dessert after an intensely hot main course of highly erotic ring wrestling.

When another long-time favorite wrestling pornboy of mine, Rusty Stevens, got his shot at Michael in Pro Sex Fight 5, the competitive side of things was decidedly more pronounced.  However, post-match, Rusty delivered the move that I’ve been fantasizing about for years, absolutely worshipping Michael’s massive biceps with his tongue.  Rusty isn’t exactly what I’d call someone graceful in defeat… or victory… but a lustful moment of fully engaged muscle worship from the normally smart-assed, hardbodied hot head grabs me hard.

Rusty also slapped done a tongue lashing in Pro Sex Fight 4 against angelically beautiful muscle stud, Kevin Crowes.  If he hadn’t, I’d have written a letter in protest, because if there’s any word to describe Kevin, it’s “delicious.”  Rusty totally dominates the early moments of this match, stripping the rookie pornboy naked (in this case, not a moment too soon), terrorizing and torturing the bodybeautiful stunner in the ropes, on the mat, and when thrown into the corner, licks that chiseled chin slowly.

You can tell Kevin tastes delicious, because Rusty’s tongue travels slowly down the angelic pornboy’s neck and laps aggressively across the stunner’s sweaty chest, lingering long and hard on those aesthetically perfect nips.  As an aside, this also tweaks a little bit of kink I have for seeing a wrestler stripped and dominated while his opponent has managed to still hang onto his gear.  There’s just something about that inequity, that extra dose of humiliation and dominating ownership, that makes my engine rev harder.

Kevin is no shrinking violet here, though, and when the patient pornboy finally gets an opening, he makes Rusty pay back all that trash talking muscle domination with interest.  Swarming all over the stunned veteran, Kevin uses that work of art he calls a body to press Rusty to the canvas and hold him still for a taste of glory of his own.  I can feast for days on watching Rusty Stevens dominate in that soul-withering style he has of destroying an opponent psychologically as a prelude to crushing him physically.  However, watching heaven-sent pornboy Kevin work up a serious head of steam all over my long-time favorite emeritus is incredible entertainment for my dollar.

There is also another entire subgenre of muscle licking.  The forced worship submission (“Lick my bicep, bitch!”) has it’s own story, and I can read that story over and over again and never get tired of it.  Kid Vicious, looking even buffer and more beautiful than ever in Wet and Wild 4 (can I call KV beautiful and not get my ass kicked?), forces a battered Lobolito to pay homage to his gorgeous, bulging, veiny bicep.  Unlike in the stolen tastes of muscle I mentioned above, Lobolito looks like he’s been so bashed he doesn’t quite appreciate this plot twist nearly as much as I do.  Forced to lick, tongue-work in wrestling can communicate with crystal clarity that total domination by the object of oral adoration over the licker.  Forced to be licked, as described above, turns the tables and speaks perhaps even more directly to the orally fixated side of me.

I’m sure Freud would have plenty to say about all of this oral fascination.  Then again, Freud was a dumbshit when it came to sexuality and eroticism.  As another example of an element that clearly distinguishes the homoerotic from the straight-up wrestling worlds, a whole-hearted tongue lashing makes my mouth water.

The 98-pound Weakling and the Bully

Hot damn! Trent Diesel only narrowly was denied a shot at a 3-peat for the title of my homoerotic wrestler of the month, but I simply have to say more about his most recent tag-team match over at Naked Kombat. The chemistry between all four wrestlers (Trent and his partner, Matthew Singer, going against Gavin Waters and Nikko Alexander), is off the charts. They’re absolutely ferocious and balls out on the clock, and when there’s a time out, there are these incredibly erotic moments of tenderness and respect shown among all four pornboys.

The story to start the match is explicitly told by Gavin and Nikko in their pre-match interview. Gavin promises that the outcome this time around will be distinctly different than in Trent’s humiliating initiation of Gavin in his debut match a couple of weeks ago. In no uncertain terms, Nikko and Gavin point out that Mattie is the “weakest link,” and they’re going to exploit that link all the way to their victory fucks in round 4. They’re absolutely right and absolutely wrong, as it turns out.
They’re absolutely right that Mattie is the weakest link. It’s no wonder, really. He’s been seriously outclassed in his prior matches, and once again he has very little stamina and wind (lay off the smokes, skinny boy, your lung capacity will thank you). There are moments when Gavin (6’2″, 200 pounds) is bullying Mattie (6’0″, 170 pounds) so miserably I feel a little bad for the babyface. When Mattie has panicked his way into a time out in round one, and he takes the down position for the restart, Gavin is beaming with joy as he strips out of his own trunks in order to press his naked cock provocatively against the Mattie’s ass. Nikko and Gavin seem determined to intimidate him, and they seem to succeed.
Nikko and Gavin also play fast and loose with the NK rules, which costs them dearly, as it turns out. In one of those bully-sessions, Gavin snaps on a nasty, illegal rear choke that has poor Mattie writhing in panic. When confronted with the rule infraction, Gavin offers, “But I’m blond!,” either as an excuse for being too dumb to know the rules, or as a trump card that probably gets his gorgeous ass plenty of free passes for being so damn pretty, I don’t know. Round 1 also has the bad boys in red tagging 4 times, when the rules permit only 3 per round. Both infractions earn the brutes penalties.
At least one moral of this story, I’d say, is that karma is a bitch. Turns out Trent and Matt squeak out a stunning upset victory. The real kicker, though, is that their margin of victory is smaller than the total penalty points Gavin and Nikko lost needlessly earlier in the match. Mattie’s reward in round 4 seems super sweet to me. The poor, outclassed “weakest link” struggled mightily to keep his head in this match during the first 3 rounds. You could virtually watch him swallow down the panic and primal fear he faced, as he plunged over and over again, headlong into the path of two big, bad muscle brutes. The skinny boy took a knee to the face in round one. He was maligned and overlooked before the match even started. So as he rides Nikko around the ring like a pony and then shoves that really, really, really huge cock of his up Gavin’s ass, there’s just something really sweet about the whole thing. It’s like the first Karate Kid movie, except this time, the skinny, outclassed wimp gets to humiliate and literally fuck his tormentors in front of a cheering crowd.
And of course, the crowd works for me. The crowd ratchets up the homoeroticism here about 150%. The prominently featured women in the front row of the crowd, unfortunately, then dock the homoeroticism about 25% for me (and for several other commentators, I note, on the NK website). But still, that’s 112.5% the homoeroticism that this extremely hot tag-team match-up already had going for it (trust me on the math… really). Trent is a wrestling god who fills me with awe every time I watch him on the mats. It should come as no surprise that he maintains a death grip on the title as my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy. Mattie is a surprisingly compelling character who makes that former 98-pound weakling inside of me infinitely proud. And Gavin and Nikko are astonishingly pleasing as overconfident heels who push their luck and indulge their sadism just a fraction too much for their own good. Awesome story. Incredibly hot action. Even round 4 kept my attention, which isn’t always the case, and the “bonus” scene was a sweet “porn-meets-pro-wrestling” departure from the typical script of the “hardcore reality” vibe that NK likes to try to sell.
I highly recommend this match.

Nowhere to Run

Speaking of full on grab-ass, Phillip Aubrey is back at it over at Naked Kombat, facing off with doe-in-the-headlights, baby (baby, baby, baby) faced Matthew Singer. For those of you who aren’t into a squash (and I know you’re out there), this will likely NOT be for you. This is just about as much of a squash as I’ve seen on NK. It’s not like it isn’t obvious how this will play out, even as Matthew gives his pre-match testimonial with a little quiver in his voice. He’s not only in over his head, he’s 20,000 leagues under and wearing cement shoes.
Phillip is one of the NK repeaters that clearly, authentically has some combat training. He has amazing balance and body awareness. He’s irrepressible. He absolutely bubbles up with delight in dominating and humiliating. And dangling wide-eyed Matthew in front of him is almost too much for even me, a certified fan of a delightful squash, to watch. Phillip literally and figuratively spanks Matthew’s skinny ass all over the mat in round after round. The ref reports that after three rounds, Matthew managed to just barely break into double digits on the scorecard (Phillip had around 40 or 50, but I’m guaranteeing you that they just stopped counting at that point). I think they were ridiculously generous in pumping up Matthew to even that low score. He brought absolutely nothing to this match, other than a sweet gasp of painful resignation and a sense of bitter futility about him.
Phillip, on the other hand, has been building momentum since he just barely lost to John Magnum by the skin of his teeth in his debut. If he could nearly take down the mountain of muscle that is John Magnum, Matthew Singer was fated for a painful lesson.
While the technical side of the competition/performance will leave many disappointed, those of us who do harbor some joys in watching a babyface obliteration have much to fascinate us here. Matthew has no place to go, no way to escape, and watching Phillip chuckle with delight in wrapping him up, bending him backward, sitting on his face, and paralyzing the kid with what must be hands of magic stroking at Matthew’s cock… it’s made to order for fans of an authentic squash. And don’t doubt it: Matthew works hard. He’s sweating like a marathon runner halfway through round one. He is NOT just jobbing. He’s just getting smacked down hard with every gambit he tries to throw.
Finally, I’d just like to say once again that I’m a fan of the pony ride. It seems a little too obligatory at times in NK… perhaps a bit too scripted and canned. But watching Phillip ride Matthew (forcing him to bray like a donkey along the way) does something to me that makes me smile. No one rides the pony quite like my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy, Rusty Stevens, of course. But having seen Phillip have to pack around the mat the behemoth of John Magnum (weighted down significantly by that massive cock of his), there’s a pretty sweet through-story to watching Phillip exact the same humiliation with such aroused delight on the practicing dummy who is baby (baby, baby, baby) faced Matthew Singer.