Throwback Thursday

WordPress tells me that I this is my 1,295th blog post. No wonder I can’t remember what I’ve talked about over the past 6 years. Since I migrated the pages of this blog to a new server just over 2 years ago, over a quarter of a million visitors (statistically measured with replacement) have clicked more than 991,000 page views. For those curious about trivia, the most page views in a single day happened on September 3 of last year, when there were 2,845 views in 24 hours.  Interestingly, the most popular time for people to check out what’s happening here is 11:00 am on Sundays (US Central Time Zone). Fascinating.

What summary cross-sectional statistics can’t say, however, is something about the landscape of the distance we’ve traveled over 6 years.  So let’s do a longitudinal look and see what we may learn about how my attention has evolved.

Sam Champion & Chris Cuomo. You could see the sexual tension pulsing off of them (Sam).

Exactly six years ago I was obsessing about an enduring topic here, hot newsmen. Specifically, I was bitching about some transparent PR work to make sure viewers knew that hot Italian of my dreams, Chris Cuomo, was straight. Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I was also raising questions about his bromance with weatherman Sam Champion, significantly before Sam came out publicly.  Not like the sexual tension between the two of them, both featured on Good Morning America at the time, was difficult to notice. These days my morning newsmen obsessions tend toward desperately hoping to see more shirtless, soaking wet features starring Gio Benitez and Matt Gutman, preferably together. Oh, who am I kidding, preferably in g-strings and coated in sweat pounding the fuck out of each other in a wrestling ring.  Maybe in 2016…

Brenn Wyson asks Jack Hammer the eternal question: “Who’s Your Daddy!?”

On August 13, 2010 I was reflecting on how hot verbal banter can make so many near misses a bullseye. This was back when I was actively subscribing, and sincerely enjoying, Naked Kombat. Specifically, their then-recent release of Brenn Wyson squaring off against Jack Hammer was on my mind. I mentioned in the post that I was in a pretty-boy mood, and neither of these battlers were tickling my bone.  Yet it was Brenn’s aggressive, smart ass mat banter that was holding my attention and making me grab my crotch, demanding that Jack “call me fucking Daddy Wyson!” Yeah. Personality has been turning my crank for the duration of my blogging days. I miss those good old days when Naked Kombat had more personality.

BG East Wrestlefest 1 Battle R’Oil descended into total chaos. The fabulous variety.

If you checked in here this date in 2011, I was deep in homoerotic wrestling metaphor to make sense of riots around the globe.  Sociological theory meets hardcore gay wrestling fetish.  There’s still something bewildering to me about mass violence and killing. Of course, these days we have sanctimonious ISIS nut jobs quelling dissent with beheadings and institutionalized terror. I think, as I did 4 years ago, that there’s something in the human condition that can be pushed only so far, though. Bullies and oppressors are notoriously shit at gauging it, but it’s there, inside each and all of us, ready to go ape shit and fuck conventions and rules and throw our lot in with desperate chaos, when pushed over the line. Revolutions seem to always take us by surprise. But clearly, they shouldn’t.

Of course Roman Sebrle trashed the homoerotic wrestling decathlete competition. Look at that body!!!

On this date in 2012, my homoerotic wrestling imagination was still running wild from seeing so many Olympic athletes pumped and primed in competition. The summer Olympics were over, but my obsession with translating those stunningly world class bodies into homoerotic wrestling scenarios was still roaring full speed.  August 13 was for crushing hard and imagining the pleasures of watching the Olympic decathletes climb into the ring and work their phenomenal cross training bodies. Damn, I enjoyed writing those Olympic Spirit stories!  For the record, the singles homoerotic wrestling decathlete title went to hot daddy Czech Roman Sebrle, heeling his salt-n-pepper hotness all over golden boy American Trey Hardee.  However, Trey won a taste of retribution, pinning the hot naked Czech ass to the sky for team America. Damn, I can’t wait for Rio 2016!

Kevin Crows naked back is a work of homoerotic wrestling art!

Two years ago today, I was fixated on hotly muscled backs as wordplay on celebrating being back from vacation and getting back to updating the blog. This reminds me of the way that continuing this blog has been about ebbs and flows, sometimes finding a ton to say and time to say it, sometimes not. Over the years I’ve often emphasized that this is truly just at the edges of what pays my bills. So life often keeps me from musing further. But I always miss it when that happens. And as much as I mull over whether I’ve said absolutely everything I have to say about the topic of homoerotic wrestling, I keep finding more to write.

Three cheers for Jake’s bro Eli Black for putting Jake out cold!

If you tuned in exactly one year ago, you’d have found my grand finale of my Making Jake series.  It took over a year to work my way through the alphabet, marveling at how pleasurable it is to watch opponents bring out so much, such variety, and every bit of hotness from Jake Jenkins. Of course, the end of the alphabet sucks, but still, I was pretty pleased to call out the joys of seeing opponents make Jake unconscious, vertical, wet, x-rated, yelp, and zealous.

A lot has changed in 6 years.  A lot hasn’t. Looking forward to seeing what next year brings!

It’s Political

My interest in professional football has primarily centered on a three-way ring wrestling fantasy in which Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, and Clay Matthews beat the living shit out of each other (obviously including extensive double-teaming by Aaron and Jordy), until they’ve all been stripped out of their trunks and the winner gets a blow job from one loser while he racks the other across his gargantuan shoulders (yep, you can pretty much guess who’s who). Actually following a season has been outside of my frame of reference for well over a decade, and actually paying attention to draft day has frankly never been on my radar. But it was hard not to notice Michael Sam getting drafted by the Rams and sucking face with his boyfriend in celebration. The kiss seemed a tad forced and uncomfortably choreographed to me. Nevertheless, it was hot.  For me.  Others were clearly offended. There were apparently the predictable junior high level “ewwwwws” from the un-self-reflected narcissists privileged to remain far too long in angst-ridden adolescent ignorance and knee jerk self-defensiveness around their own secret same-sex fantasies. There was the wildly hypocritical “shield my baby’s eyes” indignation from the same mothers who blissfully see no irony in wanting more guns in their children’s schools while earnestly believing that witnessing g-rated affection between consenting adults will scar their offspring permanently. And there’s the “homosexual agendaists” who whip themselves in sackcloth because of the “politicization” of sport, and sports television, and masculinity itself.  Whatever it means for football or football fans or sports television, the kerfuffle highlights the simple truth that persists regardless of where you stand: the personal is political. Oh, and two men kissing is sexy.

Wrestleshack 18
Pro Sex Fight 10
X-Fights 35
Pro Sex Fight 4
Pro Tag Team Sex Battle 1
Raunchy Rookies 7
Passion and Punishment 1
Lockerroom Sex Encounter
Wrestle Shack 18
Gazebo Grapplers 16

Thank Your Lucky Stars

It’s the day designated for expressing thanks. I certainly have a boatload of things, people, and moments to be thankful for.  But as a departure from always talking about what I like, I think today I’ll just share some choice pics of homoerotic wrestlers who give every impression of being caught right at the moment of thanking their lucky stars. Happy day, y’all.

Randy Stanton was the luckiest son of a bitch on the planet when Joshua Goodman (that’s Mr. Joshua to you!) gave him the chance to wrestle for the greatly coveted secret look at what Mr. J is packing in his trunks! BG East’s Matmen 21.
Sebastian Rios worships at the feet, the cock, the ass… well, everything of oiled and insanely luscious Rafe Sanchez (mmmmm…. Rafe….). BG East’s X-Fights 32: Caribbean Oil.
Peter Stallion similarly looks like he may be thanking a higher power for his all access pass to Rafe (mmmmm…. Rafe….). BG East’s Wrestle Worship 1.
Two musclemen battle for the adoration of muscle worshipper Randy Dowell, who cannot believe his luck! Wrestle Worship 2: Triple Emission.
When is Canadian Thanksgiving? I think it’s right around the moment that Ben Monaco gets his hands on the furry, massive pecs of newbie Alain LeClair. BG East’s Mat Scraps 2.
Rookie Frank Daly is in for a marathon of brutality and viscousness, and you can tell from the look on his face that he wouldn’t have it any other way! BG East’s X-Fights 27.
What’s LJL to do when he finds himself commanded to worship Damien Rush’s muscles? Thank his lucky stars! BG East’s Backyard Brawls 8.
Paul Lasalle gets to freeze frame the ring action in real life, so he gets down on his knees, strips frozen Buck Wyld of his trunks, squeezes that incredible ass, and thanks the homoerotic wrestling gods! Can-Am’s Fantasy Pro Wrestling.
Win? Lose? What the fuck ever! Landon Mycles drops to one knee and silently prays a word of thanks for the chance to get his hands all over Michael Vineland. Can-Am’s Pro Sex Fight 1.
On his knees and worshiping the physique of Kevin Crowes, Rusty Stevens is one thankful homoerotic wrestler! Can-Am’s Pro Sex Fight 4.Buck

The Great Homoerotic Wrestling Kiss-Off Champions!

Holy crap the championship final match-up was a drubbing at 108 – 33! A humiliating squash! Brutal, 3-to-1 voting blowout leaving Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe and Gabriel Ross ground into the mat, totally destroyed, with just one kiss left standing: Rusty Stevens’ liplock on Kevin Crowes in Can-Am’s Pro Sex Fight 4.

The Winners!

It’s hard not to see why this liplock absolutely plowed through the competition. Muscle, bondage, beauty, domination… so much of a good thing! Of course, I’d pay to watch Rusty Stevens knit a sweater if he’s doing it naked, so I’ve never had to be sold on being completely infatuated. And sweat Jeebus, Kevin Crowes is pure crack cocaine for my homoerotic wrestling fixation! This work of art needs a recurring role in a homoerotic wrestling serial like nobody I know!

Rusty starts to set up the angelic, ripped pornboy rookie for rope torture and exploitation.

All hail to the winners and losers, because with liplocks like these, we’re all winners!  And many thanks to everyone who voted. I’m so pleased that my new blog host has a working poll app! Our google overlords at blogger can suck it, because the new, improved neverland is once again firing on all cylinders!

Rusty digs deep and grows infatuated with watching the pain he’s inflicting contort Kevin’s gorgeous face.

Before all is said and done, angelic Kevin (pushed too far) turns the table and slaps down his own liplock on the now naked veteran pornboy wrestling master!

The Great Homoerotic Wrestling Kiss-Off (Finals!)

The final spot in the final round of this “Great Homoerotic Wrestling Kiss-Off” is filled. Gabriel Ross and Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe delivered a crushing 52-22 defeat to Ethan Andrews and Christian Taylor’s liplock, setting up today’s decisive face-off.

Rusty Stevens v Kevin Crowes – Can-Am’s Pro Sex Fight 4

The first homoerotic wrestling kiss from a recent release to crush the competition is from Can-Am’s Pro Sex Fight 4. Veteran pornboy wrestler Rusty Stevens, relatively early in the action, has tied gorgeous rookie pornboy wrestler Kevin Crowes into the ropes, beaten him sadistically with a cocky intensity that Rusty does better than almost anyone, and then suddenly grabs Kevin by the chin and plants a lustful, voracious kiss across the angelic beauty’s gasping mouth. This awesome kiss captures a hit of “innocence” spoiled, the devilish Rusty driving angelic Kevin (he literally has wings!) mad with erotic passion-laced torture.

Gabriel Ross v Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe – BG East’s Wrestle Shack 16

The second homoerotic wrestling kiss to vie for your vote is from BG East’s Wrestle Shack 16, in which curly-haired British cherub Gabriel Ross shocks, awes, and then grabs the back of Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe’s head and plants a taunting, teasingly passionate liplock on LJL’s receptive lips. Gabriel has long owned the homoerotic wrestling universe’s “angelic little devil” territory, and yet more recently hitting the gym with such ferocity that he’s sporting intensely powerful, aesthetically intoxicating, and “nothing little about them” muscles upon which that same curly haired cherubic face sits. Gabriel’s most impressive muscle is center stage in this fantastic wrestling kiss, his phenomenal erection straining the confines of his underwear in anticipation of conquering and claiming LJL’s instantly legendary bubble butt. This shot captures both the eroticism of physical dominance as Gabriel controls a weak-kneed LJL, but also the eroticism of psychological dominance, with Jake leaning in, clearly awed and defenseless under the muscle-beating amorous onslaught of the cruel, muscleboy cherub.

Worthy candidates. A hard choice. I can’t wait to see what you decide!

The Great Homoerotic Wrestling Kiss-Off (Semi-Finals)








I like a competitive fight, you know, so I enjoyed watching the votes come in for yesterday’s quarter-final hottest kiss match-up. It was neck and neck for most of the voting period, with Ethan Andrews and Christian Taylor’s bash-and-woo liplock maintaining a steady, but slim lead over Jimmy Clay and Tyler Ford’s corner turnbuckle naked face suck. The BG East boys slowly pulled away, however, finally scoring the decisive, go ahead victory 56-37 as of my final count this morning. We now have 4 kisses advancing to the semi-finals, where some winners will, guaranteed, become losers.  Let’s get right down to the serious business at hand: selecting our first recent-release hottest kiss finalist!


Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe is ready to squeeze out another victory via the balls and hungry mouth of Steven Ponce.

First up, we return to the ball-claw/liplock combo from sweat-soaked BG East it-boy, Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe on hairy-chested ginger rookie Steven Ponce in BG East’s X-Fights 35. “Jake” and Steven’s lips decisively humiliated friends-of-neverland Ben Monaco and Mason Brooks 53-24. That’s a 2-to-1 drubbing that proportionally scored the most lopsided victory in the quarter-final round, though Ben complained to me that he wasn’t able to rally his troops of voters on such short notice. Excuses, excuses. Those questing lips, that raging erection, and the passionate hand of the rookie Steven Ponce pulling his tormentor’s face closer are the elements that added up to completely crushing the first round competition.

Rusty Stevens is not accustomed to coming in second place, as he demonstrates early going in his match with Kevin Crowes.


And speaking of humiliating and crushing, I’ve learned to always, always count on veteran pornboy wrestler and favorite-emeritus here at neverland  to deliver the goods, and his liplock on tied-up and totally controlled angel Kevin Crowes in Pro Sex Fight 4 buried their Can-Am colleagues Drake Wild and Tyler St. James 35-19 in the quarters. Bondage in the ropes, Rusty’s grip on his prey’s ass in one hand (just off camera) and Kevin’s awed face in the other was just way too much for the catchweight schoolboy pin face suck to handle. The question for you to answer today, however, is which of these first-round winners is too hot to handle going into the finals?

Cast your votes below, and send only one of these sexy homoerotic wrestling kisses to the final round!

The Great Homoerotic Wrestling Kiss-Off

As of the writing of this post, yesterday’s poll is now closed and neverland readers have spoken. By a vote of 53 to 24, you picked Lorenzo Lowe’s lip lock/cock claw combo on ginger rookie Steven Ponce as measurably hotter than big Ben Monaco’s post-victory kiss on slack-jawed bon-bon Mason Brooks. Happily, the poll app here at neverland’s new host appears to be working reliably, so let’s get this Great Homoerotic Wrestling Kiss-Off rolling along with the second match up in this quarter final round.  Aesthetically, erotically, acrobatically… whatever your criteria, which of these two contenders from among recently released homoerotic wrestling face sucking is hottest?

Rusty Stevens ties Kevin Crowes in the ropes and savors the moment in Can-Am’s Pro Sex Fight 4.

The first kiss in today’s quarterfinal competition is from Can-Am’s Pro Sex Fight 4, featuring Rusty Stevens and Kevin Crowes. In the interest of full disclosure, Rusty absolutely owned the title of my favorite homoerotic wrestler for ages on end, and I unofficially consider him one of exactly two studs to be permanently a favorite-emeritus, so I’m always partial. When Rusty encountered stunningly gorgeous angel Kevin Crowes in his ring, it wasn’t long before the long time veteran shocked, awed, and then tied Kevin’s wrists to the top ropes to exploit the beauty’s stunning physique at a leisurely pace. If you know Rusty’s work, you know he wants to hurt an opponent, but Kevin’s dazzling beauty makes Rusty incapable of resisting taking a break from muscle torture and grabbing that handsome face to plant a full throttle kiss on the trapped stud.

Drake Wild tames muscle beast Tyler St. James with a schoolboy/liplock pin in Can-Am’s Pro Sex Fight 10.

Measure Rusty and Kevin’s make out against fellow Can-Am colleagues Drake Wild and Tyler St. James in Pro Sex Fight 10. The catch-weight/sex fight combo is packed with astonishing moments of hotness as petite Drake persistently climbs that mountain of muscle to make Tyler is bodybuilder bitch. This particular moment of hotness captures the little man owning the moment and his muscle man with a naked, sweaty schoolboy pin and keeping the big man flat on his back with a breath-stealing make out session.

So you decide which of these Can-Am kisses is hottest, with the winner moving on to the semi-final round in this Great Homoerotic Wrestling Kiss-Off.