The Importance of Audio

Scanning the promo pics for the latest match uploaded to NakedKombat, I thought to myself, “This isn’t going to do it for me.” I love it when I’m wrong. The match pits Brenn Wyson, 185 pounds, 6′ tall, with a record of 3-0 with NK, against 175 pound, 5’6″ beefy Marine, Jack Hammer (1-0). The unoriginal porn name “Jack Hammer” nearly puts me off this bout entirely before it ever starts. But I’m glad I stuck with it and discovered the secret element that makes this match incredibly, erotically entertaining.

Brenn mutters, whispers, and provides ongoing self-commentary on the match throughout. Despite Brenn having a bit of a stoner look about him (which tends to turn me off), his compunction to talk throughout the bout makes this match at least 20 times hotter than it would otherwise be. Not to give too much away, but this is a complete squash (okay, that pretty much gives it all away… you’d pick up on it 3 minutes into the match anyway). In NK points and in simple domination, Brenn owns this from start to finish. He explains his determination to dominate Jack relentlessly. He’s terrified of having to take Jack’s humungous cock in the the sex round. Before the match begins, Brenn states the facts: “My strategy is: he has a big fucking dick, and there’s no way I’m losing to that!”
Very early on Brenn puts Jack on his back, pressing his hips between Jack’s legs. Whispering into Jack’s ear, Brenn explains in his raspy, breathless voice, “I like that. That’s my favorite.” When jock straps are ripped off in round 2, Brenn again has Jack struggling vainly on his back. He asks, “Who’s your daddy?” When Jack gasps, “It’s not you!” Brenn persists. “I’m daddy. Call me daddy Wyson!” he demands. “Call me fucking daddy Wyson!” In the naked round, Brenn has Jack locked up (needless to say). Looking down at his own erection, he marvels, “Oh, yeah! I’m going to fuck you with that dick.”
Brenn is here to show off, no question, and something about that takes me by surprise and works for me. About eight and a half minutes in, Brenn has Jack at his mercy in a front chancery. Jack’s squirming and fighting it without getting anywhere (are you starting to get the picture?). Brenn looks into the close-up camera with a big grin, then wags his tongue at the audience in a show of cocky control and humiliation. He frequently looks up to the ref and grins, like a kid looking to his pappa for approval for each immobilizing, dominating hold he applies.
So despite a lot of things not adding up here for me, I’m just a bit taken with this match. Neither of these boys are classically “pretty,” (and I’ve been in a “pretty” mood lately). It’s a little boring to watch one man so constantly thwarted and owned at every turn. Brenn’s stoned-edge and tweaky laugh leaves me a little uninterested. But the self-commentary turnsmeon. I like that sort of surprise.

3 thoughts on “The Importance of Audio

  1. I want the old set back. Black mats and ominous low-hanging lamps set an appropriately menacing mood for NK. White and aqua just spells "Orlando" for me–"high school in Orlando." Why change the "C" to a hardkore "K" in "Kombat" and insist on an ambience that's more "High School Musical" than "Fight Club"?

  2. Joe's gotta point, for the purists among us, NK is not going to that next level, they abandoned the live shows cause the audience amp'd up the fighters and guys got hurt. OK i understand filming in CA and all the requisite Workers Comp issues dictates that safety must be considered, but i suspect instead of relying on training and developing the fighters skills , NK will degenerate into 2 guys rolling around on the mats and then fucking each other. And BTW, WTF, 1000 hits with this blog entry and the best you can do is Joe and I posting comments….thats as snarky as i can get…keep posting and I'll keep reading.Topher

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