The Great Homoerotic Wrestling Kiss-Off

One of my favorite blogging activities in the past was polling readers. However, the blogger poll widget turned to crap a year or so ago, so I stopped posting polls. I’m hoping that Sidelineland’s new host has a more reliable 3rd party poll app. Let’s test it out. This will be a tournament poll format. I’ve selected 8 homoerotic wrestling kisses from relatively recent releases. We’ll do a head-to-head(-to-head-to-head) contest in the coming days to determine which is the hottest homoerotic wrestling kiss of the bunch. Rather than throw them all at you at once, we’ll do this elimination style. Here are your first two kisses to choose from:

Ben Monaco savors the taste of victory over a wasted Mason Brooks in BG East’s Gazebo Grapplers 15.

First up in this quarter-final round is a kiss from BG East’s Gazebo Grappler’s 15, in which Canadian stud Ben Monaco lays out and stuns niptastic rookie Mason Brooks, locking lips late in the match.

Jake Lowe sucks Steven Ponce’s face and squeezes his balls in BG East’s X-Fights 35.


Ben and Mason are competing today against another BG East release from catalog 99.2, in which Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe twist ties eager ginger rookie Steven Ponce and pauses, mid-stream, to get a taste of things to come for X-Fights 35.

So you decide which of these two homoerotic wrestling kisses is hottest. Study these fine works of art closely to make the most informed opinion, and then vote below.  I’ll announce the winner in 24 hours.


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