The Great Homoerotic Wrestling Kiss-Off (Semi-Finals)








I like a competitive fight, you know, so I enjoyed watching the votes come in for yesterday’s quarter-final hottest kiss match-up. It was neck and neck for most of the voting period, with Ethan Andrews and Christian Taylor’s bash-and-woo liplock maintaining a steady, but slim lead over Jimmy Clay and Tyler Ford’s corner turnbuckle naked face suck. The BG East boys slowly pulled away, however, finally scoring the decisive, go ahead victory 56-37 as of my final count this morning. We now have 4 kisses advancing to the semi-finals, where some winners will, guaranteed, become losers.  Let’s get right down to the serious business at hand: selecting our first recent-release hottest kiss finalist!


Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe is ready to squeeze out another victory via the balls and hungry mouth of Steven Ponce.

First up, we return to the ball-claw/liplock combo from sweat-soaked BG East it-boy, Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe on hairy-chested ginger rookie Steven Ponce in BG East’s X-Fights 35. “Jake” and Steven’s lips decisively humiliated friends-of-neverland Ben Monaco and Mason Brooks 53-24. That’s a 2-to-1 drubbing that proportionally scored the most lopsided victory in the quarter-final round, though Ben complained to me that he wasn’t able to rally his troops of voters on such short notice. Excuses, excuses. Those questing lips, that raging erection, and the passionate hand of the rookie Steven Ponce pulling his tormentor’s face closer are the elements that added up to completely crushing the first round competition.

Rusty Stevens is not accustomed to coming in second place, as he demonstrates early going in his match with Kevin Crowes.


And speaking of humiliating and crushing, I’ve learned to always, always count on veteran pornboy wrestler and favorite-emeritus here at neverland  to deliver the goods, and his liplock on tied-up and totally controlled angel Kevin Crowes in Pro Sex Fight 4 buried their Can-Am colleagues Drake Wild and Tyler St. James 35-19 in the quarters. Bondage in the ropes, Rusty’s grip on his prey’s ass in one hand (just off camera) and Kevin’s awed face in the other was just way too much for the catchweight schoolboy pin face suck to handle. The question for you to answer today, however, is which of these first-round winners is too hot to handle going into the finals?

Cast your votes below, and send only one of these sexy homoerotic wrestling kisses to the final round!

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