The Great Homoerotic Kiss-Off

Another decisive victory in yesterday’s quarterfinal propels Gabriel Ross and Lorenzo Lowe into the semis with a 37 to 26 spanking over Morgan Cruise, Skip Vance and Christian Taylor.

Tyler Ford nearly rips Jimmy Clay’s head off to suck the trapped stud’s face.

There’s only one spot left in the semi-finals, and we have our first intermural contest of smoking hot kisses occurring in recent homoerotic wrestling releases. First, another candidate from what I think is the best thing coming out of Can-Am lately, their Pro Sex Fight series. Specifically, this mid-match liplock between Jimmy Clay and Tyler Ford in Pro Sex Fight 7. These hard hot hunks have ripped, stripped, stroked, pummeled, squeezed and slammed each other all over the ring. Tyler Ford exploits his opponent’s vulnerability as hunky Jimmy Clay hangs dazed and confused, spreadeagled across the middle turnbuckle. Tyler pries Jimmy’s head backward by the chin and slaps on an aggressive, deep liplock from behind.

Ethan Andrews batters, then woos hunky Christian Taylor with an all-in kiss.

Challenging Clay and Ford for the last spot in the semis is one more shot from reigning BG East kisser-in-residence Christian Taylor, who gets a mouthful from amorous hunk-punk Ethan Andrews near the end of Gazebo Grapplers 15. Having stripped one another to thongs, Ethan has slowly revealed his master plan (well, plan A) to so sexually dominate the long, lean runway model beauty to make Christian completely forget about his boyfriend back at home, Skip Vance. Christian is unimpressed, batting away Ethan’s aggressive passes one by one as he holds his own stunningly intimate mat wrestling, that is, until Ethan slaps his lips down on Christian’s and makes Mr. Vance absolutely melt!

Remarkably different candidates, different genres, different production companies, different narratives all together this time. Apples. Oranges. You decide!

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