The Great Homoerotic Wrestling Kiss-Off

I’m calling yesterday’s face off as another decisive victory. As of this post, Rusty Stevens’ liplock on Kevin Crowes easily buries catchweight face sucking between Drake Wild and Tyler St. James. The vote was a conclusive 35 – 19, and Rusty and Kevin move on to the semis along with Lorenzo Lowe’s liplock on Steven Ponce.  Two more spots are still open to join the next round, so let’s get right down to this 3rd quarter-final match-up.

Gabriel Ross shocks and awes Lorenzo Lowe with his lips.

First is a second drink from the well for Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe who can’t seem to keep his luscious lips off his opponents. Wrestle Shack 16 pitted bubble-butted Jake against a veteran opponent this time, angelic babyface muscle brute Gabriel Ross. Gabriel stuns with his mammoth pecs and cherubic face, but Jake seems to seriously go limp (except for his crotch) right around the time that Gabriel plants a wet one on him.

Bodybuilder beatdown: Morgan Cruise crushes an intimate liplock out of outmatched Skip Vance and boyfriend Christian Taylor.

The next contenders to move on from the quarterfinals are a unique threesome, pulled from Tag Team Torture 16: Boyfriend Beatdown. Jobber extraordinaire Skip Vance and his real life lover, Christian Taylor, get more than they can handle when they both climb into the ring against single-handed Mason “the Mastodon” Cruise. Morgan milks the humiliation of boyfriends having to watch each other be crushed, and then squeezes out still more sweet pathos by forcing the boys to exchange intimacies at his command while he makes the both of them his tandem bitch. A unique kissing moment in a novel homoerotic wrestling match vies for your vote!

It’s your civic duty to vote, so get to clicking on the kiss that’s hottest!

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