Formula 1

I haven’t been genuinely excited about a Can-Am release in a while. I think Rusty Stevens’ performance in the Arena 1 and 2 were the last to make my heart flutter. But Can-Am Max has put up teaser pics for a to-be-released product entitled Pro Sex Fight 1. Catching sight of blond, blue-eyed bodybeautiful Landon Mycles in the pro ring made me do a double take. All I can say is, “Wow.”

Okay, you knew that wouldn’t be all I could say. You also probably know all about Landon. I hadn’t heard of him, but he’s a pornboy with a growing body of work built on his tight, hard body, square jawed baby face, and blond blue-eyed dream boat looks along with an apparent happiness to screw and be screwed by just about anyone.

I’m really pleased to see Can-Am returning to the formula that I think they do particularly well. Eager, young pornboys giving it their all in a pro ring is just classic Can-Am. Taking a break from recycling wrestlers from other companies in “underground” mat scenarios, the teasers of Landon in the ring with Michael Vineland are raising my hopes for a return of what I’ve traditionally turned to Can-Am to provide. I think Can-Am is firing on all cylinders when they put astonishingly gorgeous, porn quality bodies in a wrestling ring, inevitably heading toward sex with prolonged, straight-faced wrestling foreplay. This is what I’m hoping Pro Sex Fight 1 might be about. From Landon’s Twitter pics, I can already see that the typical Can-Am formula of featuring a performer in a wrestling-first scenario and then putting him into a second product at the same time with a superheroes-first scenario appears to be in the making.

What I’m seeing in the teasers for Pro Sex Fight 1 includes some classic pro wrestling moves, corner abuse, and the delightful line-crossing of pro-holds that you and I know make for a perfect transition into more homoerotic fare. A leg-lock appears to set the stage for a gleeful, sweaty Landon to begin to strip Michael out of his gear. Another shot shows Landon spread-eagled, suspended in the ropes in a corner, with Michael standing on the turnbuckle outside the ring to reign down a barrage of blows on the babyface rookie. So far, soooo good.
An up close and deeply personal head scissors appears to provide the opportunity both for Michael to cop a feel of those incredibly toned pecs on wonder boy Landon, as well as an opportunity for Landon to reach behind him and begin to work over Michael’s cock. The teasers suggest that the ring action charges headlong into full on naked bodyworship, mutual cock sucking, and one star’s ankles in the air getting the enthusiastic treatment for which only a couple of pornboys will do.
All the elements of what Can-Am does well appear to be here. And I’ve been longing for a pro ring turned sex scenario for quite a while. I’ve been concerned that Can-Am is stuck chasing BG East’s tail lately, trying to out-BGE BGE (which I think was always going to be a lost cause for Can-Am, frankly).  What’s raising my hopes and tormenting me with delayed gratification here is not the expectation that Landon will have the spot-on wrestling chops of Jonny Firestorm or the exquisite salesmanship of Lon Dumont. I shop at a different store entirely when I’m looking for full-on wrestling kink homoerotic wrestling, with an emphasis on repeating the words “wrestling.” But if Landon and Michael can hold my attention and convincingly build the sexual tension with straight-faced, all-in (even if not completely polished and accomplished) wrestling performances, then this product could easily be a go-to feature in my library for hot domination porn with enough satisfying wrestling foreplay and context to get my adrenalin pumping for everyone’s happy ending. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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