Message Received

I got the message. I’ve been told in no uncertain terms lately that I should buckle down, get my work done, and finally finish the next match for the Secretarial Pool auditions.

Everyone has been genuinely respectful, not to mention patient, but there’s a little bit of a “tone” in the messages I’m getting lately.
A little less time on the blog, someone has suggested, in order to make time to finish my work and get back to the fiction. Time management… buckle downnose to the grindstone, Bard.
My take away is that it’s great that people are anxious to see the next chapter in the auditions. When I started sharing my fiction about a year ago, I wasn’t sure anyone would be all that interested. So having people smack me around a little and remind me that they’ve been patiently waiting for the next match is a good news/bad news sort of scenario.

The good news is that you’re getting a kick out of my writing. The bad news is that when I’m swamped at work, you’re left waiting. But do understand: I get
the message. I’m working my ass off, and looking forward to the much more enjoyable work of exercising my homoerotic wrestling kink imagination (and looking forward to more of your contributions to Sidelineland!).

Between Takes

If you’re browsing a homoerotic wrestling kink blog on Christmas morning, you’re my kind of twisted bastard! If this isn’t your holiday, or if you can’t think of any better way to celebrate than feeding your gay wrestling fetish, welcome!

It does seem like a gentler, kinder sort of day to me, regardless. So I’m celebrating by appreciating the “Behind the Scenes” treats that BG East offers every so often (not often enough!). Occasionally, Kid Leopard and his team snap some pics of the boys between takes. When they aren’t growling and snarling, squeezing and pounding, dominating and humiliating one another, it looks like they’re genuinely enjoying themselves. Mugging for the camera, grinning with good humor, these shots make me smile. I love them pounding on one another, but it’s also fun to seem them without their faces on from time to time.
I hope your day is filled with gentle smiles and affectionate embraces. I hope this is a day of sweaty, passionate, sexy good humor for you. Whatever the religiously charged content that comes along every December 25, my prayer is that none of us take ourselves too seriously.