Friday Fashion

I have finally completed my assigned work for a major deadline (for which I was threatened with having big, juicy heels hunt me down if I didn’t get it done… yes, I was torn). So back to blogging. I had a few Friday Fashion suggestions come in from my last appeal for competitors. Today’s couture combat was spotted by reader Dan, who would like to see a runway battle between two hot muscle hunks who sported the same baby blue Adidas trunks. First to wear them was longtime friend of neverland Darius, who drove his opponent, Trent Blayze, insane by working every inch of that fabric with his gorgeous, meaty muscled ass in Muscle Madness 1. Then just 5 BG East catalogs later, blond, blue-eyed bombshell pretty Pete Sharp stuffed his massive package down those same trunks in Kid Karisma’s Wrestler Spotlight.  From the front, from the back, both muscle boys scored a win as far as I was concerned with regard to sporting the ideal, classic muscleman wrestling gear. But Dan and I want to know, in this contest of contrasts, which stunning side of beef wore it best?  Check out the options and vote below.

Muscle stud Darius wore them first, accessorizing with matching wristbands and boots and hypnotically bouncing pecs in Muscle Madness 1. A gorgeous homage to a classic 80’s pro wrestling muscle jobber, by all means. But did he wear it best?
Devastatingly handsome pretty Pete Sharp had the audacity to try to fill Darius’ trunks in Kid Karisma’s Wrestler Spotlight. And undeniably, those trunks are seriously filled to overflowing! He reminds me of a late-90’s, homoerotic wrestling barefoot beauty pulled fresh off a stripper pole. But did he wear it best?

2 thoughts on “Friday Fashion

  1. Hi Bard,
    Checked the poll and Darius is way behind,so you can tell whom I voted for today. Hopefully I will get to wrestle with Darius some time this year ,I will be asking Darius to wear those blues to our match ,because no one wears them better . .

  2. I hope you can forgive me for voting for Pete Sharp from all the mobile devices i can find hehehe :). I’m really happy for the new catalog and all, but I’m already missing Pete’s cover picture.

    And don’t get my wrong, I love some Darius too so I’ll cast a vote for him too.

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