Introducing in this Corner…

BG East just released catalog 102, and among a whole bevy of beautiful wrestling promised, there’s one news item I have to gush over immediately.

Logan Vaugh: 5’10”, 185 lbs

Logan Vaughn has made his BG East debut in Hunkbash 15! If you don’t know Logan Vaughn, let me introduce you.  Logan, this is your soon-to-be adoring wrestling fan base.  Neverland readers, this is stunningly gorgeous porn star Logan Vaughn.

Logan checks the luggage in his BG East debut.

Do you ever shoot the shit with other wrestling fans and talk about non-wrestlers who should be not only wrestling, but wrestling in the homoerotic end of the pool?  I know you do. Me, too.  And I kid you not, about a year ago I had a sidebar with a wrestling fan who knows both wrestling and porn, and I proposed that one hot hunk of porn star beef who would be awesome in the homoerotic wrestling ring would be Logan Vaughn. My conversation partner agreed wholeheartedly. And there it ended.

Logan was in Jet Set Men’s release “Ultimate Top” from October 2012, available through Can-Am.

And then I pull up catalog 102 and see Logan Vaughn is the new BG East poster boy!  Fuck. Yes. Yes. Yes. Now industry observers will, I’m sure, note that this is not technically Logan’s first foray into the wrestling scene. Technically, a little over a year ago he appeared with Aryx Quinn and a boatload of other pornboys in Jet Set Men’s “Ultimate Top,” a parody of a reality-show wrestling elimination competition. Logan’s performance in that release was what stoked my imagination about his promise, but to be clear, his wrestling work in Ultimate Top is extremely weak and mostly just brief foreplay for him getting fucked in the ring. But those gargantuan, mouthwatering legs of his absolutely blew my mind! Just imagine wrapping those beasts around an opponent’s noggin and milking every last ounce of consciousness out of him!!!

Lane Hartley gets his hands all over Logan’s mouthwatering body.

Perhaps we don’t need to imagine any longer, because Logan’s BG East debut is a ring match against newcomer pro heel big, beautiful Lane Hartley.  Logan’s thighs don’t look like they were quite as mammothly conditioned as I’ve seen them before, but they’re huge, hairy, and he looks picture perfect in trunks, boots, and the BG East wrestling ring!

Those massive thighs of Logan’s are a handful for polished pro Lane, but it looks like Lane makes due just fine.

BG East and Logan Vaughn. Two fantastic things that I’ve thought for a long time would be spectacular together.

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