Friday Fashion

Kid Karisma wore it best.

Yes, it’s another Saturday edition of Friday Fashions. By a vote of 84 to 34, my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler Kid Karisma trounced bulging newcomer Dylon Roberts for the title of who wore that low slung, made-for-erotic-wrestling singlet best. Right now, Kid K can do absolutely no wrong in my eyes, so this comes as not surprise to me.  The only thing that would be better would be to see the karismatic one bust onto a taping of Roberts back in that singlet and watch the ginger menace strip him naked and shove the singlet (among other things) down his throat. Get down on your knees and pucker up, Dylon, because you can kiss Kid Karisma’s award winning ass and admit what more than 70% of neverland readers recognize: he wore it best.

In Kid Karisma’s Wrestler Spotlight, Gabriel Ross definitely appreciated the way Kid K wore that sweat soaked singlet!

So, homoerotic wrestling fashionistas, who else needs to go bulge-to-bulge to decide which hot hunk wore the same item of wrestling gear best?

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