Thursday Thighs

Those thighs!

I’ve long argued that there’s a bias against the lower body among homoerotic wrestling photographers. Now, I love a hot torso, of course. I swoon over big, peaked biceps and veiny, thick forearms.  But come on, the photographic neglect given to thick, luscious legs is appalling!  We don’t even have a “BG East Best of” category for legs!  Of course, the homoerotic wrestling thighs that jump to the top of my list of most under appreciated by the camera belong to my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler: Kid Karisma.

Pretty Pete Sharp dares compare quads with the master!

When I interviewed the karismatic one a while back, he acknowledged that his lower body is simply phenomenal, and credited years of competitive rugby (because what other kind is there?) for sculpting his lower body into the powerful work of art it is today.  It’s hard to argue with success.

Pete doesn’t look quite so pretty with his neck trapped good and tight between Kid Karisma’s mammoth thighs.

Which was one reason that BuzzFeed’s top 40 hottest rugby thighs caught my attention.  Here are a few other rugby hunks who ought to follow Kid Karisma’s lead and break into homoerotic wrestling. I want to see some babyface beauties screaming like trapped minks between the bear traps these boys call their quads!

#1 in Buzzfeed’s ranking is #1 for me as well. Look at those telephone poles on James Short!
I’ve noted David Pocock’s hotness on this blog before.
Jonathan Joseph’s legs make my mouth water.
I’m pretty sure I’ve swooned over Sonny Bill Williams before, but that never gets old!
Talk about a babyface! Holy shit can you picture adorable Patrick Lambie crunching skulls with those quads?
First, Ignacio Meires needs to dominate aforementioned Patrick Lambie (above) and then the two need to be a thundering thighs tag team.
Edoardo Gori would clearly be a high flyer in the ring.
Daniel Barrett looks devastatingly pretty.
The girth on Brian O’Driscoll’s upper legs makes me thank my lucky charms.
The meat on Ben Botica’s upper legs hangs like beef at the butcher shop. Damn, damn, damn, rugby does a body good.
Clearly rugby thighs also do a homoerotic wrestler good, as well!

One thought on “Thursday Thighs

  1. Oh Pete Sharp! He shouldn’t worry about comparing his legs to Kid Karisma’s! He has so much else going for him–for instance, I’m sure he MUST need some kind of special, extra-strong stitching to keep his trunks together…

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