Friday Fashion

I have finally completed my assigned work for a major deadline (for which I was threatened with having big, juicy heels hunt me down if I didn’t get it done… yes, I was torn). So back to blogging. I had a few Friday Fashion suggestions come in from my last appeal for competitors. Today’s couture combat was spotted by reader Dan, who would like to see a runway battle between two hot muscle hunks who sported the same baby blue Adidas trunks. First to wear them was longtime friend of neverland Darius, who drove his opponent, Trent Blayze, insane by working every inch of that fabric with his gorgeous, meaty muscled ass in Muscle Madness 1. Then just 5 BG East catalogs later, blond, blue-eyed bombshell pretty Pete Sharp stuffed his massive package down those same trunks in Kid Karisma’s Wrestler Spotlight.  From the front, from the back, both muscle boys scored a win as far as I was concerned with regard to sporting the ideal, classic muscleman wrestling gear. But Dan and I want to know, in this contest of contrasts, which stunning side of beef wore it best?  Check out the options and vote below.

Muscle stud Darius wore them first, accessorizing with matching wristbands and boots and hypnotically bouncing pecs in Muscle Madness 1. A gorgeous homage to a classic 80’s pro wrestling muscle jobber, by all means. But did he wear it best?
Devastatingly handsome pretty Pete Sharp had the audacity to try to fill Darius’ trunks in Kid Karisma’s Wrestler Spotlight. And undeniably, those trunks are seriously filled to overflowing! He reminds me of a late-90’s, homoerotic wrestling barefoot beauty pulled fresh off a stripper pole. But did he wear it best?

Best of 2013

While I ran with the herd for many of BG East’s 2013 Best ofs, I was on my own for most of the categories. That works for me. I’m on the record many times over celebrating diverse tastes among homoerotic wrestling fans. If we were all getting our cranks turned by the exact same products, what a narrower and less vibrant scene this would be! That said, I want to tip my hat to the winners as well as make my final case for my picks that didn’t materialize.  Here are a few…


It was Jake Jenkins who, for the second year running, owned Babyface of the Year for 2013. Jake is one of the most earnest, hottest, hardest hunks in the business, so it’s no wonder at all he gets this award another go round. I, however, had to reluctantly turn my back on Jake when I cast my ballot for…


… the paradigmatic babyface, Brad Rochelle.  I tell you, the earth fucking shook when Brad stormed back into the ring in catalog 100! He’s not as fresh or young as Jake, but I’ll be damned if watching Brad work his magic in three separate matches (that’s 4 opponents… 5 if you count some sucker punches by Jonny!) reminded me hard why he is THE star of so many of my fondest homoerotic wrestling fantasies.  Sure, I’ll give you, there may have been a smidge of nostalgia in my vote, but when I look back on the babyface that will define 2013 for me, it’s got to be Brad.


You, the majority, selected Jonny Firestorm as Heel of the Year 2nd year in a row. I do not quibble about this in the least. Jonny is, day in and day out, catalog after catalog, the most dominant presence of punishment at BG East. Incredibly sexy and dangerous, he’s an ideal top heel.  I totally agree, except…


… when it comes to the perfect combination of bone chilling terrifying and blood pumping supercharged erotic, I’ll always break toward the one who is so vicious it’s in his name. Kid Vicious is always at the top of my list when it comes to brutality and pitch-perfect erotic domination.


The majority broke for Rio Garza as Jobber of the Year for the second year running.  Again, I do not quibble with Rio’s supreme beauty, nor his epic qualifications for this title. When it comes to sheer beauty amplified by being crushed, there’s no one more beautiful or crushable. However…


… looking only at their 2013 releases, I have to say, Z-Man crushed it when it came to getting crushed, at least for me. He’s come such a long way, and honestly, the mystique of “maybe this time” sticks to him like rubber cement, making me tune in over and over to see if he sells suffering on that steadily rising learning curve he’s been on once again.  No disrespect to Rio at all, but I’m totally convinced that Z-Man was top jobber this year.


I freely admit that I shocked myself by NOT voting for the eventual winner (2nd year in a row) for Best Bulge, Joshua Goodman (that’s Mr. Joshua to you!).  Mr. Joshua’s mammoth package is hard to argue with, though I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to give it a severe tongue lashing. It’s like a third wrestler in the ring, anytime he shows up for work. I’ve been going on and on about Mr. Joshua’s oversized baggage for years, but…


… I was absolutely hypnotized by the humungous produce stuffed down Pretty Pete Sharp’s trunks in his gazebo bout with Kid Karisma. I won’t be satisfied until I see these boys side by side, cock by cock, balls by balls, with a measuring stick in my hand and their trunks at their ankles, of course. But talk about presence! Kid K was literally having to wrestle around that gargantuan bulge (because clearly Pretty Pete has a contract rider that requires the boys to keep their hands off… for now…).  There are no trunks built that can entirely cover Pretty Pete’s bulge entirely, not when the action gets nice and intense.  I say it again, I’m shocked to say I didn’t vote for Mr. Joshua, but I stand by my opinion that Pretty Pete’s bulge was most impressive in 2013.


Best Body is, I think, the second toughest call to make in this poll. And I don’t begrudge Z-Man one bit for winning, particularly since he didn’t get Jobber of the Year. It’s been said by better men than me that Z-Man’s consistent, phenomenal conditioning is superhuman. Day after day, this stunning stud shows up ripped and gorgeous. He unseated last year’s winner Rio Garza, and I wouldn’t criticize the taste of anyone who thought he was top bod in 2013. But for me…


Kid Karisma was from front to back, top to bottom, the hottest body competing in 2013. Kid K’s thighs absolutely dwarf Z-Man’s, and although Z-Man’s bod is stunningly gorgeous, I have to say Kid K’s conditioning in 2013 was un-fucking-believable. There’s not an ounce of anything other than mouthwatering beautiful, rock hard muscles on this man. Of course he has the Best Butt. But body part by body part and in sum total, I was most moved by Kid Karisma as Best Body last year.

I’ll save the rest of my lone wolf picks, but for now, let me just say again how much I respect all the winners and runners- up. And let me remind you again that you have until the end of the month to get the winning matches at a 25% discount!

For Your Consideration

I’ve promised myself not to lobby too hard for any of my favorite homoerotic wrestlers up for end-of-the-year best of BG East “BGs” awards, but I will tell you that you need to vote. I will not attempt to sway public opinion.  I will not attempt to sway public opinion.  I will not attempt….
















The Eyes Have It

It’s all subjective, of course, which makes debating which homoerotic wrestlers are sexiest, most accomplished, most entertaining, etc. both a joy and a farce. Some pics of recently-released matches have been hypnotizing me with some truly gorgeous, come-hither, tantalizingly beautiful eyes. I’m sure you’d pick out a different line up to epitomize the sexiest eyes in the business, but boldly embracing the eye-of-the-beholder angle, my thoughts today are about the hunks who hold my gaze most powerfully with their piercing, provocative stares.

There’s nothing short of exquisitely beautiful about lovely Rio Garza, but his deep, brown eyes are simply riveting!
Gazing into Pretty Pete Sharp’s eyes are like bathing in a glacier fed mountain lake – almost too thrilling to stand!
Thus far Vic Madone has been a one-hit-wonder at BG East, but I’m hoping to see more of him. His eyes coo, “I’m going to fuck you sweetly,” while his hot bod and nasty wrestling promise, “I’m just going to fuck you up!”
Michael Vineland has such a hot body unquestionably made for nothing better than fuck-stakes wrestling, but he’s got the blue steel and cheekbones of a fashion model.
Sky blue irises!? What sort of genetic lottery winner do you have to be to have the body of a Norse god, dimpled chin of a Hollywood leading man, and sky blue irises!? You have to be my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler and homoerotic wrestler of the month, Kid Karisma.
While we’re on the topic of genetic lottery winners, there’s the perpetually fit physique phenom, Z-Man, with dramatic eyes straight out of Lawrence of Arabia.
I once described Chace LaChance as a gogo boy, but lately he looks more like he eats gogo boys for breakfast. The boy is huge, devastatingly powerful, and aesthetically about as picture perfect for my tastes as just about anyone. But whenever I linger for just a moment on those beautiful brown eyes, I can’t help but picture them on the pillow next to me, smiling back at me in the morning.

Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month (PLUS!)

November was another blisteringly hot month for homoerotic wrestling. You can’t swing a cat without smacking into yet another extremely entertaining new entry into the catalog of heart pumping homoerotic wrestling gems. So many of my longtime favorite infatuations showed up in November to vie for our attention and adoration! The sheer number of former homoerotic wrestlers of the month and overall favorite homoerotic wrestlers that I’ve lauded in the past that are back in new action in November is astounding! It’s an auspicious month for new releases, and I feel like I’m being disloyal to so many perennial favorites in order to just pick out one new homoerotic wrestler of the month. But I can’t deny it. There’s one wrestler who’s work last month held me down, smothered me with sexiness, and knocked me out like a light with the very top notch of homoerotic wrestling talent.  Not only did this dreamboat of a wrestling hunk own the competition in November new releases, he managed to unseat long-standing favorite homoerotic wrestler Lon Dumont for to claim the crown as reigning wrestling stud overall.  Sit back and get ready for an avalanche of superlatives, because there’s no exaggerating how entirely I was owned by new homoerotic wrestler of the month and brand new overall favorite homoerotic wrestler…


Kid Karisma.

Kid Karisma decimates every dimple and bulge of painfully pretty Pete Sharp.

Kid Karisma’s Wrestler Spotlight at BG East is like the most romantic homoerotic wrestling date imaginable. It starts playfully, as he smirks and taunts one of the prettiest pieces of wrestling meat in competition today, Pete Sharp. Pretty Pete is far too big and strong for this to be a cake walk, and you can tell KK would have it no other way. Every jab, every clinch, every breath-stealing squeeze that Pete works in on the red-headed stud puppy merely exponentiates Kid Karisma’s glee in battling back, beating him down, and making that drop dead gorgeous face on the goldenboy screw up into humiliated agony. Pete’s humungous, gargantuan, titanic (I warned you about superlatives!) package nearly steals the show, but Kid Karisma will not be upstaged. His victory is sweet as honey (which I wouldn’t mind licking off of either/both of these stud’s bodies, BTW), and KK offers a sportsmanly hand up and slap on the hotly muscled back of the blue-eyed rookie as they stroll from the gazebo, full of mutual respect.

Two of the hottest, muscled asses locked in a wrestling embrace, coated in sweat, turning the heat way, way up!

Our fantastically sexy homoerotic wrestling date with Kid Karisma retires from the great outdoors to the more private surroundings of the BG East ring room in Florida, where he meets what has to be one of the top 2 most devastatingly dangerous challenges of his wrestling career: Dev Michaels. The erotic tension in this match has me dizzy within about 2.8 seconds as these two notorious heels stare one another down in the middle of the ring. KK looks momentarily taken aback by the sheer size of his mountain of an opponent (not to mention the disconcerting leopard print trunks on him), but Kid Karisma is never short on an ego jabbing taunt. In this case, he implies that Dev is too old to hang with the new generation of muscle and power at BG East.

Dev Michaels tortures Kid Karisma, displaying KK’s perfectly muscled vulnerability to perfection.

Kid Karisma’s ring match with Dev Michael’s is one of the juiciest, tastiest, most aesthetically pleasing matches I’ve ever seen (see my aforementioned caution regarding superlatives). I have to confess that I expected Kid Karisma to get handily outmuscled and tossed around by his much, much bigger beast of an opponent. And, sure, Dev does that, but Kid Karisma blows my mind by dishing out a giant helping of the same dish that Dev serves up.  Holy shit, watching KK lift and toss this genetic freak of a physical specimen makes me gasp, hit rewind, and watch it over and over again. You can see a most excellent breakdown of this particular match from Joe at Ringside at Skull Island, but let me just say that although Kid Karisma is not up to the challenge of going toe to toe with the outrageously oversized muscleman in this match, he looks astonishingly sexy as he withers in Dev’s embrace, and most impressively he wrings out more suffering from Dev than just about anyone I think I’ve ever seen. Whereas KK’s match with Pete Sharp was playful, sportsmanly, and undeniably beautiful in an out-in-the-open and under the blue skies sort of way, this ring match with Dev is noticeably hotter, sweatier, and erotically charged as the musclemen brutalize one another, rip each other’s trunks off, and feature a smorgasbord of meaty muscle to savor.

Kid Karisma’s intimate mat match with Gabriel Ross makes me downright feverish.

Honestly, I think that the moment in Kid Karisma’s ring match with Dev where he hoists massive Dev up in a suspended bearhug (that’s right, I said suspended!) and then flings all 200 pounds of the behemoth across the ring like a sack of flour would have easily earned KK the homoerotic wrestler of the month title. Well, that and his world class, award winning ass hanging in Dev’s suspended bearhug, barely thonged and as perfect as an ass can be.  But it’s the final match in Kid Karisma’s Wrestler Spotlight collection that puts me way, way over the top, and not only clinches the monthly title for KK, but catapults him into my reigning overall favorite homoerotic wrestler. If KK’s ring match with Dev is the more private, erotically charged moment in our date with the red-headed phenom, his mat match with Gabriel Ross is succulently sensuous, intensely intimate, and erotically explosive.

Kid Karisma pins Gabriel Ross in the best way possible.

These two fucking want each other like crazy from the moment they stroll into the intimate quarters of the BG East mat room. They cannot keep their hands off each other, alternating back and forth between manhandling each other in intensely painful wrestling holds and then lustfully stroking, squeezing, and tasting one another’s fantastically matched physiques. Gabrial Ross is unbelievably rebuilt since his early days in the business, and he makes Kid Karisma suffer long and hard whenever the karismatic one falls into the trap of having anything and everything stuck in the beartrap of Gabriel’s thighs. Where KK’s ring match with Dev was punctuated with exclamation points and body slams and high impact brutality, this mat match is incredibly methodical, sensual, every hold milking their muscled bodies for every ounce of agony and sweat. The pace quickens and then slows like two lovers delighting in one another’s bodies as they hurtle headlong toward inevitable climax. They compete for domination, true, but the hungry lust they share keeps sneaking to the surface, a hard won submission followed by a slow, sexy, muscle worshipping schoolboy pin.

This is heading in one, and only one direction!

This is one of those matches that it occurs to me about halfway through that my suspense is not for who will “win” (though these two are surprisingly evenly matched in strength and mat skill). But it’s incredibly suspenseful, nonetheless, because I’m waiting in breathless anticipation for when their lust will overcome their ability to keep wrestling. They draw out the foreplay like yogi masters, nearly making me hate them before then end, but all is forgiven when one of them squeezes out the final victory with a fistful of testicles and the two sweat soaked, beautiful, incredibly sexy battlers go at nothing but sucking face and stroking bodies. This is one of the most erotic homoerotic wrestling matches I’ve seen in a long time, and Kid Karisma has me locked up nice and tight as undeniably and fanatically adoring him more than all others these days.

My new Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month AND newly crowned reigning Favorite Homoerotic Wrestler: Kid Karisma.

In a field of extremely stiff (and bulging) competition, Kid Karisma held my attention with a vice grip. He’s delivering something that I just don’t think anyone else in the business is serving these days, turning the heat way, way up and turning me into an unabashed fanatic for the karismatic one.

Catalog of Wishes



The Sears Christmas catalog would arrive, and I’d spend countless hours combing through the pages of the toys (and underwear) advertisements, my imagination filled with anticipated delights. I’d make a list for Santa, then comb over the pages again and revise my priorities, guess at the optimal constellation of gifts to produce the maximum pleasure. There was something intoxicating about coveting toys and then coveting the underwear models, back and forth.

That’s the next closest thing to a new BG East catalog. Like Friday’s release of 101. Every page makes my blood pump harder, so much anticipated pleasure. Just the anticipation, the tease of a handful of words and accompanying provocative photos, is such a delight!  After the mouthwatering taste, but before the full on consummation, there’s such a sweet spot right here, right now.  I cannot wait to consume the promises, but then again, the wait is so, so sweet!

Hunky Muscle Mask gets the Aryx treatment in Masked Mayhem 11.
My reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler, Lon Dumont, catches my (and Donnie Drake’s) eye in Last Man Standing.
Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe obediently worships the ripped body of Damien Rush in Backyard Brawls 8.
My mind is blown, and I suspect my crotch is not far behind, by Jonny’s customizable demolition of Drake Marcos in Custom Combat: Drake’s Drubbing.
So many world class bulges between Kid Karisma and Pretty Pete Sharp in Kid Karisma’s Wrestler Spotlight.
Lane Hartley makes me gasp just seeing his stills as he picks apart body beautiful Z-Man in Pros in Private 10.
KIp Sorell and Jake Jenkins. That’s pretty much all that needed to be said to make me dizzy, much less just a glimpse of the preview pics from Backyard Brawls 8.


Have a Homoerotic Wrestling Halloween

Who are you dressing up as for Halloween?  I thought long and hard about it, and I decided to shave my head, put on a sneer, and wear ass-kicking boots, blue jeans, a black shirt.  That’s right, for Halloween, I’m going as…

Viciously scary!

…Kid Vicious.  Sure, nobody at the party will get it.  But in the spirit of Kid Vicious, what the fuck do I care?  I’ll just sneer and look threatening.  Good times guaranteed.  Here are some other homoerotic wrestler inspired Halloween characters you might consider.

Pin on some golden wings and go as a Flyboy.


Don the fatigues and get ready to get crushed as Corporal John Daniels.
Costume requiring least fabric: Tie on a loin cloth, look a little feral, and get ready to rumble as Tarzan Tyler Reese.
super men season 1 episode 1 _Snapshot (9)
Feeling like a Super Hero? Go as MDW’s Captain Twink. More a Super Villain? Go as MMK’s Super Heel.
Then again, if you’re feeling like a supe, you might dare to don the costume of the deadly Black Spider, or the prey he’s about to suck dry, Blue Lightning.
Then again, the superhero homoerotic wrestler field is huge! Try one of the Hard Heroes.
Can’t decide which Hard Hero? May I recommend Steven Shannon’s character Omega, spandex ripped off around the crotch and wrists and ankles tied?
You could dress as one of the Superstuds: The Capture boys, my favorite being, of course, bare chested Titanium (Lincoln Lode).
How about the collegiate superhero look? Like one of the (doomed) hotties in tights from The Academy: Super Studs School.
My vote for most inspired homoerotic wrestler-inspired Halloween costume would be the stud who dresses as Joshua Goodman (that’s Mr. Joshua to you!), also known as “The Crotch Monster.”
Vying for most-inspired would be Son of Crotch Monster, aka, Pretty Pete Sharp

Let me know what you pick.  Send pictures!

Summer’s Back!

I was pulling weeds in my front yard yesterday and caught my first sighting of the season of a truly stunning specimen of a hunk jogging in front of my house shirtless.  I mean, this boy was gasp-worthy. Amazingly broad shoulders, lightly hairy and powerful pecs, defined six-pack, lean & defined quads.  Handsome face with a square jaw, short-cropped near-buzz-cut.  But as he passed me and I stared openly, the view going was more incredible than the view coming.  Incredibly gorgeous, muscled back tapering down to a narrow waist, with those hot, thin nylon running shorts slit up the side encasing incredibly powerful glutes bulging so beautifully I could’ve set my Mai Tai on top of that shelf.  As I watched the specimen for two blocks before he turned up a street, I could help but smile to myself and mutter, “Summer’s back.”  Here are a few more backs that make me sit back, admire, and imagine….
One of the most gorgeous shots of my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler: Lon Dumont in Tag Team Torture 15.
Current top contender for the favorite title showing off his award winning backside: Kid Karisma in Matmen 23.
Alexi Adamov’s beautiful back muscles and bulging butt in Ring Revenge 1.
The stunningly pretty shelf of Pretty Pete Sharp from Gazebo Grapplers 14.
Paul Perris’ vintage backside beauty.
Multiple HWOTM winner Denny Cartier’s beautiful back in trouble in  Ring Revenge 1.
Chace LaChance’s stunningly built back displayed to perfection in Braden Charron’s bear hug in newly released bonus to Summer Sizzlers.
Tyrell Tomsen’s physical perfection from trapezius muscles to calves in Strip Stakes 1.
Another vintage babyface bodybuilder back belonging to Can-Am’s Jonny Olson
Cameron Matthew’s sweaty back glistens in new release Mat Hunks 9.
Brad Barnes bulges everywhere. Everywhere. As he surveys demolished Chace in Pec Bash 2
Incredibly broad wingspan on long, strong Paladin facing Stage 2 of Jonny.
Rio Garza showing off his Can-Am credentials along with his professional physique model body.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Santa Brought to Me…

On the first day of Christmas, Santa brought to me Kid Karisma’s picture perfect ass.

On the second day of Christmas, Santa brought to me Ben Monaco’s luscious, furry pecs.
On the third day of Christmas, Santa brought to me Steel Muscle God’s tree trunk thighs.
On the fourth day of Christmas, Santa brought to me Skip and Christian’s wrestling romance.
On the fifth day of Christmas, Santa brought to me Darius’ muscle-packed trunks.
On the sixth day of Christmas, Santa brought to me Kid Vicious’ domineering sneer.
On the seventh day of Christmas, Santa brought to me Lon Dumont’s insanely ripped back.
On the eighth day of Christmas, Santa brought to me Mason Brook’s intoxicating nipples.
On the ninth day of Christmas, Santa brought to me Cage Thunder’s mouthwatering cock.
On the tenth day of Christmas, Santa brought to me Drake Marcos’ wrestling kinked smile.
On the eleventh day of Christmas, Santa brought to me Jonny Firestorm’s gorgeously sculpted forearms.
“On the twelfth day of Christmas, Santa brought to me…”
The final wish I whispered into Santa’s ear felt like possibly the most daring fantasy of all.  I was incredibly fortunate to get to spend about half a day with a certain homoerotic wrestling god about a year and a half ago.  The master of the house, this iconic heel turned wrestling producer showered generous hospitality on me, showing me every corner of BG East headquarters where many of my fondest wrestling fantasies have taken place.  Near the end of my visit, he invited me to join him as he sat down at his computer and pulled up the unedited photos of the upcoming BG East catalog (Catalog 89).  I stood behind his chair, looking over he shoulder as he clicked through literally hundreds of pics, zipping past most, and then pausing to soak in a particularly titillating shot.  “Mmmmm,” he’d mutter appreciatively, “look at that!”  A photo of Mitch Colby’s hot muscled bod draped helplessly across the top turnbuckle, about to be battered by big Vlad Varek made my host groan and made my cock ache.  I got the first outside glimpse of masked mountain of muscle Magnus force feeding his monster cock to fellow rookie Surge, to the soundtrack of my host letting out a little gasp of pleasure as he paused on a shot from behind Magnus, dwarfing his opponent, as Surge’s hands worshipfully cupped Magnus’ massive glutes.  My host would fly through dozens of photos and then something would catch his eye, and when he paused on a shot long enough for me to soak it in, I’d see it.  A particularly sexy angle, a display of exquisitely tortured muscle, an incredibly hot grimace of agony or sadistic, sexy leer. His taste, his eye for what speaks most directly to my own homoerotic wrestling kink, was astonishing to witness, and his commentary as much as the graphics left me slightly dizzy and hard a rock.  With that memory crystal clear in my mind, I whispered to Santa, I want to see just a glimpse of what he sees.  And on the twelfth day of Christmas, Santa brought to me an entire collection of what catches the eye of the man who has pretty much defined my homoerotic wrestling kink, an astonishingly beautiful montage of moments directly from the desk of Kid Leopard.
Dawn breaks over the lake at BG East.
Skrapper rolls out of bed, ready for a day of wrestling
Drowsy Christian Taylor looks for breakfast, with pretty Pete Sharp in the background
“The irrepressible Lon Dumont” saddles up to the counter with his gorgeous recruit, pretty Pete Sharp
“Since you like bespectacled wrestlers,” the note from KL says, “here Nick Rush laces up beside a contemplative Lon Dumont prior to their match with Austin & Jake.”
Beauty, grace, power: Jake Jenkins takes to the air
Stunningly handsome and beautifully proportioned: All-American Austin Cooper

Bespectacled (thus extra hot) Lorenzo Lowe looks like the meat sandwiched between Jonny Firestorm and Kid Vicious
Lobolito watches as Drake texts illicit photos to neverland

Canadian Beef: The Boss included in his bundle of Christmas presents this never before seen (but much anticipated) preview of Ben Monaco and a new massive, hairy muscle beast due out in the next BG East catalog!
News Flash: Liam Ryan is bearded, bulked up, and ready for one of the most epic returns to BG East wrestling ever in 2013!

Did Kid Leopard’s eye for homoerotic wrestling mold my tastes, or does he simply have instinctive insight into what turns me on?  Either way, like Santa, Kid Leopard is an incredibly generous friend of neverland, and his generosity and genius continue to turn me on like nobody else can!

Pretty Pete Sharp

There’s a new stunning hunk in town: Pete Sharp.

Ben Monaco, bless his soul, was the first to give me heads up that there was about to be something big and shiny landing on the scene at BG East.  Ben reported after the now famous, blisteringly hot marathon of taping in Massachusetts two months ago that one particular tattooed adonis newbie was so smokingly hot that wrestlers were literally stealing glances out of the upstairs windows to get a first look at him during his solo backyard photoshoot.  With the release of BG East’s Catalog 96, we now know who the scene stealer is: painfully pretty Pete Sharp.

What do you notice first?

Many things might grab your attention about lovely Pete… oh fuck that, you and I both know that we were both immediately transfixed by this pretty boy’s MASSIVE package!  I mean, sure, when you’ve picked your jaw up off the floor, you’ll get a little lost in those baby blue eyes and handsome features of a 1950’s Hollywood leading man.  Yep, you’re going to marvel at this tanned stud’s sweet proportions, mouthwatering pecs, luscious arms, and I lose all self-control when he flexes those tree trunks he calls legs.  And yeah, without a doubt, that’s a top notch ass screaming (SCREAMING I say!!!) for a mercilessly stunning spanking.  But interspersed throughout that virtual tour of his astonishingly hot body, we both know that you were repeatedly double-checking if that mass of muscle hanging between his legs was as big as you remembered it from 5 seconds earlier.  Wow.  Yeah.  Um, wow.

The look in pretty Pete Sharp’s eyes says it all… well, that and his massively stuffed pouch.

The masterminds behind the scenes tapped long, sexy, Christian Taylor, a former homoerotic wrestler of the month on this blog, to break-in this epic rookie in Gazebo Grapplers 14 (which could possibly qualify as sexiest compilation from start to finish of any homoerotic wrestling collection).  I’m totally making up the back story that Christian’s beau, scrappy Skip Vance, was just off camera hoping for his lover to conquer this Greek god and put him out cold so the two of them can tie him down and get their four hands all over that impossible to overstate bod.  This imagined trophy take down does not materialize, sadly, but both of these on-camera grapplers get their hands all over each other.  That massive hulk of a pouch protruding from Pete’s crotch is like a third participant in this match.  When he wraps handsome Christian up in a standing full nelson, there’s Christian suffering, Pete threatening to break him to bits at the shoulders, and Pete’s package pressed tantalizingly against Christian’s ass.  I’d still love to see Skip in this mix, but even without him, that’s still an awfully incredible threesome!

Christian puts the rookie on perfect display!

Christian, bless his soul too, works his ass off making sure to show off Pete’s best sides.  The smooth, tanned stud spends a great deal of time locked up tight and split nearly in half, with his remarkable manhood framed front and center.  And the still-frames don’t capture the kinetic qualities that make Pete about 1,000 times hotter in motion.  That tantalizing mass in his trunks jiggles.  It swings and sways.  When he moves suddenly, it bounces heavily, proving via the laws of physics that there is NOT just some sock stuffed in there, but rather that’s more than a mouthful of real man dragging Pete’s waist band downward.

Pete presses his advantage

That third party in this match, Pete’s powertool, spends a lot of time smashed beautifully between the rock of his muscles and the hard place of Christian’s long, lean, powerful bod.  There was clearly some codicil in Pete’s contract in which he stipulated that Christian would not get aggressive with that humungous vulnerability dangling between his meaty thighs, because there’s just NO other explanation for how Christian managed to go from start to finish in this match without grabbing hold with both hands (because it would require two!) and milking this adonis’ moneymaker in one raw-nerve screaming hunk submission after another.  That’s not to say, however, that Christian has no contact with the trunk monster reaching out from Pete’s crotch at all times.  Pete may be going for the cover to pin Christian’s shoulders to the mat, but it’s hard not to be fixated on the sight of Pete’s pouch grinding into his opponent’s midsection, stretching the tight confines of the metallic gold fabric like an animal struggling to escape captivity.

Christian restrains himself from going for the gold.

And Pete’s body scissors comprise one of the most astonishingly sexy homoerotic wrestling images I’ve seen in a long, long time, with his gorgeous body flexing and his sneering, perfectly white teeth flashing confidently.  But even though Christian doesn’t go for the gold by yanking on that emergency exit handle, just trying his best to pry Pete’s legs apart inevitably brings Christian’s hand in contact with the intrusive presence of that huge pouch.

Lip-smackingly lovely muscle ass!

Who do I have to fuck to get Pete Sharp on a long-term contract to launch a long and (I guarantee) wildly successful homoerotic wrestling career?  Because I’d love the leisure to study this stunning specimen in infinite detail and from every angle over and over, including that lip-smackingly lovely muscle ass!  I want to linger on those glutes, to marvel at the mountains of muscle there on his backside that need to get clawed, first above board and then with a couple of expert hands slid down inside those tight trunks.  I want to contemplate his glutes more… but fuck me if I can rip my mind away from projecting inside of Christian’s head as he feels Pete’s huge pouch grinding against his ass right there in that full nelson.

Like Christian, I’m appreciating this view a lot!

Pete Sharp’s rookie debut is truly a thing of beauty.  I’m right beside those other BG East wrestlers who were irresistibly drawn to pull back the curtain to soak in the mind-boggling beauty that this man embodies from head to toe.  I haven’t really mentioned his wrestling yet, which is uncharacteristic, so let me just marvel that the boy is every bit as strong as he looks.  He’s already got a solid mat game that suggests this is most certainly not his first time putting a lucky bastard on his back.  And he’s just plain fierce, clearly taking it personally and refusing to concede until Christian absolutely and entirely locks up this muscle monster like a vice.  But that massive package is nothing short of epic, and I’m on my knees and praying like a son-of-a-bitch to the homoerotic wrestling gods for one, simple, unavoidable, pristinely perfect true and right thing to occur: Sharp and Goodman vs. Taylor and Vance.