Catalog of Wishes



The Sears Christmas catalog would arrive, and I’d spend countless hours combing through the pages of the toys (and underwear) advertisements, my imagination filled with anticipated delights. I’d make a list for Santa, then comb over the pages again and revise my priorities, guess at the optimal constellation of gifts to produce the maximum pleasure. There was something intoxicating about coveting toys and then coveting the underwear models, back and forth.

That’s the next closest thing to a new BG East catalog. Like Friday’s release of 101. Every page makes my blood pump harder, so much anticipated pleasure. Just the anticipation, the tease of a handful of words and accompanying provocative photos, is such a delight!  After the mouthwatering taste, but before the full on consummation, there’s such a sweet spot right here, right now.  I cannot wait to consume the promises, but then again, the wait is so, so sweet!

Hunky Muscle Mask gets the Aryx treatment in Masked Mayhem 11.
My reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler, Lon Dumont, catches my (and Donnie Drake’s) eye in Last Man Standing.
Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe obediently worships the ripped body of Damien Rush in Backyard Brawls 8.
My mind is blown, and I suspect my crotch is not far behind, by Jonny’s customizable demolition of Drake Marcos in Custom Combat: Drake’s Drubbing.
So many world class bulges between Kid Karisma and Pretty Pete Sharp in Kid Karisma’s Wrestler Spotlight.
Lane Hartley makes me gasp just seeing his stills as he picks apart body beautiful Z-Man in Pros in Private 10.
KIp Sorell and Jake Jenkins. That’s pretty much all that needed to be said to make me dizzy, much less just a glimpse of the preview pics from Backyard Brawls 8.


3 thoughts on “Catalog of Wishes

  1. This catalogue looks like a winner to me, too. There are a lot of matches I’m interested in. Top ones are Kid Karisma vs. Dev Michaels, Lane Hartley vs. Z-Man, Damien Rush vs. Lowe, beefy stud Guido vs. Flash and the always reliable Aryx Quinn looks great. Last I looked, the only one I can get online is KK vs. Dev, but maybe the others will be available someday.

  2. Missed these glad to see these emails again just wish I could afford all the DVDs and guys to wrestle me like that

    Steve Lerman


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