Friday Fashion

Denny Cartier wore it best.

Yowza! 2-time homoerotic wrestler of the month Denny Cartier spanked Brad Foster’s ass in the last Friday Fashion poll!  with over 81% of the vote, Denny obliterated 1-hit wonder Brad as the one who wore trunks best.  I’ve long been infatuated with Denny, so you don’t have to convince me, mind you.

The sweatier Denny gets, the sexier those trunks look!

Today you’ve got what I think will be a tougher Friday Fashion choice to make.  Two extremely tasty hunks wore the same pair of pink briefs with brown trim, and both boys rocked the look hard.  Attila Dynasty or Lou Terassi.  Who wore it best? Check out the nominees and then vote below.

Attila Dynasty rocked the powder pink hard in Mat Hunks 9.
Lou Terassi grabbed a ton of attention wearing the same pair of trunks out in Undagear 15. But did he wear it best?



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