Pretty Pete Sharp

There’s a new stunning hunk in town: Pete Sharp.

Ben Monaco, bless his soul, was the first to give me heads up that there was about to be something big and shiny landing on the scene at BG East.  Ben reported after the now famous, blisteringly hot marathon of taping in Massachusetts two months ago that one particular tattooed adonis newbie was so smokingly hot that wrestlers were literally stealing glances out of the upstairs windows to get a first look at him during his solo backyard photoshoot.  With the release of BG East’s Catalog 96, we now know who the scene stealer is: painfully pretty Pete Sharp.

What do you notice first?

Many things might grab your attention about lovely Pete… oh fuck that, you and I both know that we were both immediately transfixed by this pretty boy’s MASSIVE package!  I mean, sure, when you’ve picked your jaw up off the floor, you’ll get a little lost in those baby blue eyes and handsome features of a 1950’s Hollywood leading man.  Yep, you’re going to marvel at this tanned stud’s sweet proportions, mouthwatering pecs, luscious arms, and I lose all self-control when he flexes those tree trunks he calls legs.  And yeah, without a doubt, that’s a top notch ass screaming (SCREAMING I say!!!) for a mercilessly stunning spanking.  But interspersed throughout that virtual tour of his astonishingly hot body, we both know that you were repeatedly double-checking if that mass of muscle hanging between his legs was as big as you remembered it from 5 seconds earlier.  Wow.  Yeah.  Um, wow.

The look in pretty Pete Sharp’s eyes says it all… well, that and his massively stuffed pouch.

The masterminds behind the scenes tapped long, sexy, Christian Taylor, a former homoerotic wrestler of the month on this blog, to break-in this epic rookie in Gazebo Grapplers 14 (which could possibly qualify as sexiest compilation from start to finish of any homoerotic wrestling collection).  I’m totally making up the back story that Christian’s beau, scrappy Skip Vance, was just off camera hoping for his lover to conquer this Greek god and put him out cold so the two of them can tie him down and get their four hands all over that impossible to overstate bod.  This imagined trophy take down does not materialize, sadly, but both of these on-camera grapplers get their hands all over each other.  That massive hulk of a pouch protruding from Pete’s crotch is like a third participant in this match.  When he wraps handsome Christian up in a standing full nelson, there’s Christian suffering, Pete threatening to break him to bits at the shoulders, and Pete’s package pressed tantalizingly against Christian’s ass.  I’d still love to see Skip in this mix, but even without him, that’s still an awfully incredible threesome!

Christian puts the rookie on perfect display!

Christian, bless his soul too, works his ass off making sure to show off Pete’s best sides.  The smooth, tanned stud spends a great deal of time locked up tight and split nearly in half, with his remarkable manhood framed front and center.  And the still-frames don’t capture the kinetic qualities that make Pete about 1,000 times hotter in motion.  That tantalizing mass in his trunks jiggles.  It swings and sways.  When he moves suddenly, it bounces heavily, proving via the laws of physics that there is NOT just some sock stuffed in there, but rather that’s more than a mouthful of real man dragging Pete’s waist band downward.

Pete presses his advantage

That third party in this match, Pete’s powertool, spends a lot of time smashed beautifully between the rock of his muscles and the hard place of Christian’s long, lean, powerful bod.  There was clearly some codicil in Pete’s contract in which he stipulated that Christian would not get aggressive with that humungous vulnerability dangling between his meaty thighs, because there’s just NO other explanation for how Christian managed to go from start to finish in this match without grabbing hold with both hands (because it would require two!) and milking this adonis’ moneymaker in one raw-nerve screaming hunk submission after another.  That’s not to say, however, that Christian has no contact with the trunk monster reaching out from Pete’s crotch at all times.  Pete may be going for the cover to pin Christian’s shoulders to the mat, but it’s hard not to be fixated on the sight of Pete’s pouch grinding into his opponent’s midsection, stretching the tight confines of the metallic gold fabric like an animal struggling to escape captivity.

Christian restrains himself from going for the gold.

And Pete’s body scissors comprise one of the most astonishingly sexy homoerotic wrestling images I’ve seen in a long, long time, with his gorgeous body flexing and his sneering, perfectly white teeth flashing confidently.  But even though Christian doesn’t go for the gold by yanking on that emergency exit handle, just trying his best to pry Pete’s legs apart inevitably brings Christian’s hand in contact with the intrusive presence of that huge pouch.

Lip-smackingly lovely muscle ass!

Who do I have to fuck to get Pete Sharp on a long-term contract to launch a long and (I guarantee) wildly successful homoerotic wrestling career?  Because I’d love the leisure to study this stunning specimen in infinite detail and from every angle over and over, including that lip-smackingly lovely muscle ass!  I want to linger on those glutes, to marvel at the mountains of muscle there on his backside that need to get clawed, first above board and then with a couple of expert hands slid down inside those tight trunks.  I want to contemplate his glutes more… but fuck me if I can rip my mind away from projecting inside of Christian’s head as he feels Pete’s huge pouch grinding against his ass right there in that full nelson.

Like Christian, I’m appreciating this view a lot!

Pete Sharp’s rookie debut is truly a thing of beauty.  I’m right beside those other BG East wrestlers who were irresistibly drawn to pull back the curtain to soak in the mind-boggling beauty that this man embodies from head to toe.  I haven’t really mentioned his wrestling yet, which is uncharacteristic, so let me just marvel that the boy is every bit as strong as he looks.  He’s already got a solid mat game that suggests this is most certainly not his first time putting a lucky bastard on his back.  And he’s just plain fierce, clearly taking it personally and refusing to concede until Christian absolutely and entirely locks up this muscle monster like a vice.  But that massive package is nothing short of epic, and I’m on my knees and praying like a son-of-a-bitch to the homoerotic wrestling gods for one, simple, unavoidable, pristinely perfect true and right thing to occur: Sharp and Goodman vs. Taylor and Vance.

6 thoughts on “Pretty Pete Sharp

  1. Hey I have to say I stopped reading the review halfway through it cause I have not been able to watch the match in its entirety yet (partially related to the hotness of the action!). I don't know if its just me, but from what I have seen (basically the first 7 or 8 minutes of the match) I kinda see a smile showing up on Christian's face very 5 seconds or so, and whenever Pete is on top. Can't blame him cause I think I would have enjoy that as much as he did!!Hope to see much more of Pete and how he copes against the BGE roster!

  2. I totally respect your desire not to read a spoiler, Jose. Since you're a long-time reader, I'm sure you weren't surprised to realize that you needed to look away before I gave away too much. And I think you're absolutely right that Christian looks awfully pleased to be the first pop this rookie's cherry, so to speak, but both of them maintain a competitive attitude throughout that I find extremely hot!

  3. Yes, I kinda knew where the review was going by the third paragraph or so. But don't worry anyway, I had to look (and by that I mean ADMIRE) at the pictures at The Arena so I think I know what to expect.Great job as always Bard!

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