Dicks Out… Now!

Homotrophy is a regular read for me.  Like, daily.  Like, multiple times a day.  I don’t actually know whether neverland is a regular read for Homotrophy, but if it isn’t, then there must be a homoerotic wrestling god in heaven, because just yesterday Homotrophy featured a completely gratuitous and seemingly random full-frontal pictorial expose’ of none other than my reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month: Austin Wolf.

Reigning Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month: Austin Wolf

I have been, in the past, a subscriber to Randy Blue, but my heart is really rooted in wrestling (or, rather, my hard-on is really rooted in homoerotic wrestling).  While Randy Blue has produced some very notable entries into the homoerotic wrestling sidedish menu, it wasn’t enough to keep me sated.  But having Homotrophy point out that my reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month is a Randy Blue model strongly tempts me to re-up.

Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!!!

I noted in my essay crowning Austin as this month’s HWOTM that his unlikely defeat at the hands of rosy-cheeked cherub-bomb, Dominic, featured some impressive evidence that Austin is packing major league heat in the front of his trunks.  Now we’re unlikely to see exactly what’s filling Austin’s pouch so impressively at Thunder’s Arena because, so far, Thunder’s doesn’t do nudity.  However, this is clearly not Austin’s hang up, as evidenced by his proudly displaying his beautiful meat for Randy Blue as covered by Homotrophy. Seriously.  That’s fucking gorgeous!

More than two handfuls of fun

One thing that both Thunder’s and RB-via-Homotrophy both capture is the fact that my reigning HWOTM is just… damn…. HUGE!  Thunder’s clocks him in at 6’4″ and 235 pounds.  For Randy Blue, Austin has done a solo video, but the cover for his first hardcore action with RB is what grabs my attention with both hands.  The cover to the preview video features gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Austin naked with his shoot-partner Nicco Sky in an inverted bear hug, Austin’s face in Nico’s ass and Nico’s lips wrapped hungrily over Austin’s big, beautiful rod while Nico simultaneously squeezes Austin’s luscious cheeks. Wait, how much is a Randy Blue membership again?

…never works his abs, my ass…

Austin is another example of a gorgeous hunk clearly open to exposing all of the fantastic assets that genetics and hard work have given him (I don’t believe for a second the Randy Blue bio that claims Austin never works his abs… I call bullshit… and I’ll say it to his face… preferably with his thighs wrapped around my head and my mouth shoved hard into his balls).  And Austin is even, obviously, equipped and willing to perform the beautiful dance of gay sex on camera.  And yet his appearance in the homoerotic wrestling universe has thus far been G-rated (well, counting the massive excitement of Hooper when he faced Austin, let’s say rated-PG).

Someone NEEDS to wrestle this monster to the mat!

Get this man and his full monty on camera in full-fledged, unabashed, every inch homoerotic wrestling action, people!!!  Now Thunder’s Arena and I have come to terms with the scope of Thunder’s work.  I know that they consider their specialty being in the “implicit” realm of homoerotic wrestling, and they recognize that I always, always, always long to see some of their brightest and best talents more explicitly erotic (though Brendan Cage is stroking a sweet spot that I’ll talk about more in the next couple of days).  I realize that Thunder’s wrestlers aren’t all porn stars, and they aren’t all interested in appearing on a website that’s more explicitly homoerotic.  Gray area huge, let’s just admit it.  However, when you’ve got someone with the obvious… talents… of Austin Wolf, there’s a moral imperative to set this massive muscle beast free on the dicks-out universe of homoerotic wrestling fanatics!

This man was born to cock wrestle!

I want to proudly point out that I was totally turned on and fully a fanatical admirer of Austin Wolf’s before I ever saw his incredibly beautiful cock unencumbered.  That deep, rumbling bass voice of his can make me hard with my eyes closed.  The tummy tat alone makes me involuntarily stick out my tongue.  His beautiful nipples, big, bulging pecs, astonishingly hot, athletic legs, and the veins on the backs of his hands and hairy forearms all drive me crazy, and that’s with his trunks on.  Put this boy on a mat (or better, for my tastes, in a ring) and don’t stop taping until he’s de-trunked, fully aroused, and replaying that inverted bear hug/standing 69 on a totally wasted, dominated, conquered and humiliated opponent, and this power hitter will be a master of the universe!  At least the universe of homoerotic wrestling fanatics.  All hail my homoerotic wrestler of the month, and sign this gorgeous beast to a strip stakes x-fight… yesterday!!!

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