Have a Homoerotic Wrestling Halloween

Who are you dressing up as for Halloween?  I thought long and hard about it, and I decided to shave my head, put on a sneer, and wear ass-kicking boots, blue jeans, a black shirt.  That’s right, for Halloween, I’m going as…

Viciously scary!

…Kid Vicious.  Sure, nobody at the party will get it.  But in the spirit of Kid Vicious, what the fuck do I care?  I’ll just sneer and look threatening.  Good times guaranteed.  Here are some other homoerotic wrestler inspired Halloween characters you might consider.

Pin on some golden wings and go as a Flyboy.


Don the fatigues and get ready to get crushed as Corporal John Daniels.
Costume requiring least fabric: Tie on a loin cloth, look a little feral, and get ready to rumble as Tarzan Tyler Reese.
super men season 1 episode 1 _Snapshot (9)
Feeling like a Super Hero? Go as MDW’s Captain Twink. More a Super Villain? Go as MMK’s Super Heel.
Then again, if you’re feeling like a supe, you might dare to don the costume of the deadly Black Spider, or the prey he’s about to suck dry, Blue Lightning.
Then again, the superhero homoerotic wrestler field is huge! Try one of the Hard Heroes.
Can’t decide which Hard Hero? May I recommend Steven Shannon’s character Omega, spandex ripped off around the crotch and wrists and ankles tied?
You could dress as one of the Superstuds: The Capture boys, my favorite being, of course, bare chested Titanium (Lincoln Lode).
How about the collegiate superhero look? Like one of the (doomed) hotties in tights from The Academy: Super Studs School.
My vote for most inspired homoerotic wrestler-inspired Halloween costume would be the stud who dresses as Joshua Goodman (that’s Mr. Joshua to you!), also known as “The Crotch Monster.”
Vying for most-inspired would be Son of Crotch Monster, aka, Pretty Pete Sharp

Let me know what you pick.  Send pictures!

Bodies Over Time

I’m seeing another
Chris Bruce match in the newest pre-release teasers from BG East Arena. Chris appears to be facing off next with sweat soaked stunner Alexi Adamov. Before someone asks, it’s only up in the Arena at this time, so if you don’t subscribe, you’ll have to wait a little longer to see what I’m talking about. Chris is a classic study in bodies over time, I think. His face remains square-jawed and handsome, and his body has grown into multiple new delights with maturity.

The first match I saw of Chris’ was his Hard Pros bout with Flyboy. It’s not the most entertaining match, and Chris doesn’t quite pull of the prerequisite for the genre (at least not convincingly). He does, however, get an unlikely and unusual victory over Flyboy, stripping his hard opponent and posing overtop of him.
There’s something a little demure about hugely muscled Chris, throughout his career. Unlike his bout with Flyboy, Chris is by far most frequently a solid jobber. He’s a punching bag and object of humiliation for a roster of eager punks who best the by-the-book boytoy.
He made a “comeback” of sorts against Cole Cassidy in Demolition 10. Cole’s atomic wedgie on Chris is worth the price of this entire DVD for my money. A classic heel like Cole opening up an arsenal of humiliation on the bigger, bulkier, more mature muscles of Chris is a classic contest.
My recent purchase of Backyard Brawls 6 illustrates the storyline that bodies over time seem to track if they last long enough. Young stud, Denny Cartier, shows up and essentially pokes Chris with a stick while the elder statesman of the mats is trying to mediate. Words are exchanged. The phrase, “old man” is batted about. And an eager, outdoor battle of youth and muscle vs. experience and muscle is had.
Chris isn’t always the most creative or skilled in his wrestling prowess. He doesn’t always quite hold his own in the battle of banter. But with age, he’s learned to leverage his massive muscles and sheer bulk, squeezing and overpowering many of the young bucks who think he’s easy pickings. As for me, I’ll take experience and muscle or youth and muscle and be equally satisfied at the end of the day. Given a shot a young Denny or mature Chris, I’d be hard pressed to say which one I’d prefer to pound on. Chris scores for that astonishingly round ass, but Denny’s ink is a major turn on for this kinkster. I say it’s a win-win, regardless.