Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month (PLUS!)

November was another blisteringly hot month for homoerotic wrestling. You can’t swing a cat without smacking into yet another extremely entertaining new entry into the catalog of heart pumping homoerotic wrestling gems. So many of my longtime favorite infatuations showed up in November to vie for our attention and adoration! The sheer number of former homoerotic wrestlers of the month and overall favorite homoerotic wrestlers that I’ve lauded in the past that are back in new action in November is astounding! It’s an auspicious month for new releases, and I feel like I’m being disloyal to so many perennial favorites in order to just pick out one new homoerotic wrestler of the month. But I can’t deny it. There’s one wrestler who’s work last month held me down, smothered me with sexiness, and knocked me out like a light with the very top notch of homoerotic wrestling talent.  Not only did this dreamboat of a wrestling hunk own the competition in November new releases, he managed to unseat long-standing favorite homoerotic wrestler Lon Dumont for to claim the crown as reigning wrestling stud overall.  Sit back and get ready for an avalanche of superlatives, because there’s no exaggerating how entirely I was owned by new homoerotic wrestler of the month and brand new overall favorite homoerotic wrestler…


Kid Karisma.

Kid Karisma decimates every dimple and bulge of painfully pretty Pete Sharp.

Kid Karisma’s Wrestler Spotlight at BG East is like the most romantic homoerotic wrestling date imaginable. It starts playfully, as he smirks and taunts one of the prettiest pieces of wrestling meat in competition today, Pete Sharp. Pretty Pete is far too big and strong for this to be a cake walk, and you can tell KK would have it no other way. Every jab, every clinch, every breath-stealing squeeze that Pete works in on the red-headed stud puppy merely exponentiates Kid Karisma’s glee in battling back, beating him down, and making that drop dead gorgeous face on the goldenboy screw up into humiliated agony. Pete’s humungous, gargantuan, titanic (I warned you about superlatives!) package nearly steals the show, but Kid Karisma will not be upstaged. His victory is sweet as honey (which I wouldn’t mind licking off of either/both of these stud’s bodies, BTW), and KK offers a sportsmanly hand up and slap on the hotly muscled back of the blue-eyed rookie as they stroll from the gazebo, full of mutual respect.

Two of the hottest, muscled asses locked in a wrestling embrace, coated in sweat, turning the heat way, way up!

Our fantastically sexy homoerotic wrestling date with Kid Karisma retires from the great outdoors to the more private surroundings of the BG East ring room in Florida, where he meets what has to be one of the top 2 most devastatingly dangerous challenges of his wrestling career: Dev Michaels. The erotic tension in this match has me dizzy within about 2.8 seconds as these two notorious heels stare one another down in the middle of the ring. KK looks momentarily taken aback by the sheer size of his mountain of an opponent (not to mention the disconcerting leopard print trunks on him), but Kid Karisma is never short on an ego jabbing taunt. In this case, he implies that Dev is too old to hang with the new generation of muscle and power at BG East.

Dev Michaels tortures Kid Karisma, displaying KK’s perfectly muscled vulnerability to perfection.

Kid Karisma’s ring match with Dev Michael’s is one of the juiciest, tastiest, most aesthetically pleasing matches I’ve ever seen (see my aforementioned caution regarding superlatives). I have to confess that I expected Kid Karisma to get handily outmuscled and tossed around by his much, much bigger beast of an opponent. And, sure, Dev does that, but Kid Karisma blows my mind by dishing out a giant helping of the same dish that Dev serves up.  Holy shit, watching KK lift and toss this genetic freak of a physical specimen makes me gasp, hit rewind, and watch it over and over again. You can see a most excellent breakdown of this particular match from Joe at Ringside at Skull Island, but let me just say that although Kid Karisma is not up to the challenge of going toe to toe with the outrageously oversized muscleman in this match, he looks astonishingly sexy as he withers in Dev’s embrace, and most impressively he wrings out more suffering from Dev than just about anyone I think I’ve ever seen. Whereas KK’s match with Pete Sharp was playful, sportsmanly, and undeniably beautiful in an out-in-the-open and under the blue skies sort of way, this ring match with Dev is noticeably hotter, sweatier, and erotically charged as the musclemen brutalize one another, rip each other’s trunks off, and feature a smorgasbord of meaty muscle to savor.

Kid Karisma’s intimate mat match with Gabriel Ross makes me downright feverish.

Honestly, I think that the moment in Kid Karisma’s ring match with Dev where he hoists massive Dev up in a suspended bearhug (that’s right, I said suspended!) and then flings all 200 pounds of the behemoth across the ring like a sack of flour would have easily earned KK the homoerotic wrestler of the month title. Well, that and his world class, award winning ass hanging in Dev’s suspended bearhug, barely thonged and as perfect as an ass can be.  But it’s the final match in Kid Karisma’s Wrestler Spotlight collection that puts me way, way over the top, and not only clinches the monthly title for KK, but catapults him into my reigning overall favorite homoerotic wrestler. If KK’s ring match with Dev is the more private, erotically charged moment in our date with the red-headed phenom, his mat match with Gabriel Ross is succulently sensuous, intensely intimate, and erotically explosive.

Kid Karisma pins Gabriel Ross in the best way possible.

These two fucking want each other like crazy from the moment they stroll into the intimate quarters of the BG East mat room. They cannot keep their hands off each other, alternating back and forth between manhandling each other in intensely painful wrestling holds and then lustfully stroking, squeezing, and tasting one another’s fantastically matched physiques. Gabrial Ross is unbelievably rebuilt since his early days in the business, and he makes Kid Karisma suffer long and hard whenever the karismatic one falls into the trap of having anything and everything stuck in the beartrap of Gabriel’s thighs. Where KK’s ring match with Dev was punctuated with exclamation points and body slams and high impact brutality, this mat match is incredibly methodical, sensual, every hold milking their muscled bodies for every ounce of agony and sweat. The pace quickens and then slows like two lovers delighting in one another’s bodies as they hurtle headlong toward inevitable climax. They compete for domination, true, but the hungry lust they share keeps sneaking to the surface, a hard won submission followed by a slow, sexy, muscle worshipping schoolboy pin.

This is heading in one, and only one direction!

This is one of those matches that it occurs to me about halfway through that my suspense is not for who will “win” (though these two are surprisingly evenly matched in strength and mat skill). But it’s incredibly suspenseful, nonetheless, because I’m waiting in breathless anticipation for when their lust will overcome their ability to keep wrestling. They draw out the foreplay like yogi masters, nearly making me hate them before then end, but all is forgiven when one of them squeezes out the final victory with a fistful of testicles and the two sweat soaked, beautiful, incredibly sexy battlers go at nothing but sucking face and stroking bodies. This is one of the most erotic homoerotic wrestling matches I’ve seen in a long time, and Kid Karisma has me locked up nice and tight as undeniably and fanatically adoring him more than all others these days.

My new Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month AND newly crowned reigning Favorite Homoerotic Wrestler: Kid Karisma.

In a field of extremely stiff (and bulging) competition, Kid Karisma held my attention with a vice grip. He’s delivering something that I just don’t think anyone else in the business is serving these days, turning the heat way, way up and turning me into an unabashed fanatic for the karismatic one.

3 thoughts on “Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month (PLUS!)

  1. Well done for Kid K. I was missing him so much and loved when he appeared on Cat 100. As Joe said I think this Spotlight DVD was long overdue. A very well deserved HWOTM!

    I love Kid Karisma AND I love Pete Sharp. I was rooting for Pete on their match so the ending was kinda sweet and sour to me. However, I LOVED that ab bashing!!!

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