Two Great Tastes – Part 1Out

The second match on Lon Dumont’s Wrestler Spotlight features two of my favorite things in the world: Lon Dumont and Pete Sharp’s award winning package.

Lon Dumont: Built to Inspire

First, let me just reiterate why I find Lon so compelling: aesthetics and attitude. His body is phenomenal.  As a competitive bodybuilder, Lon brings a rare level of muscle quality and leanness to the ring. There are plenty of guys bigger, of course.  But as Lon points out to his opponents often, there’s a difference between size and functional strength.  And as I’m often reminded, lost in reverie admiring his body, there’s a difference between muscle mass and muscle beauty.  Lon is one fantastically beautiful muscle man.

Lon typically controls his opponents and owns every corner of the ring.

There’s nothing wasted about Lon’s physicality.  There’s no ounce of weight or inch of topography that isn’t devoted single-mindedly to the construction of a gorgeously proportioned physique. The manner in which he deploys all of that beautiful muscle is similarly efficient. His attacks are quick and incapacitating. Every hold is strategically timed to climax into maximal brutality. He’s decisive, calculating, and with both hands in control of the momentum in the ring, I don’t think there’s anyone else that holds my attention or takes my breath away quite as commandingly.

Lon exploits the small things, like raking pretty Pete’s baby blues with his taped wrists.

Then there’s that attitude. I’ve had the immense pleasure of meeting Mr. Dumont in person, and I’m delighted to report that his larger than life personality, his command of the room, his emotional presence is as powerful in real life as it is in the ring. Intellectually, Lon is always on the move from one place to another, and in the ring that translates to an awesome capacity to weave a narrative, to build suspense, to convey character and plot structure that turn the passion play of homoerotic wrestling into captivating melodrama. There’s a start, middle and finish to Lon’s matches, carried through by a fantastic skill in possessing character motivation and embodying a back story.  Throughout his long awaited (by me) Wrestler Spotlight, Lon is at the top of his game from every angle.

Lon Dumont treats us to the best angle in the house, showing off pretty Pete’s Best Bulge of 2014.

Like manna from heaven, Lon announces that his battle with pretty Pete is going to be a forced-to-flex match. I’m not sure there’s ever been a more perfect pair to exploit forced-to-flex better. Lon is absolutely dwarfed by his big, stunning, bronze opponent, but that attitude of Lon’s seems to even the odds.  And then some. I tend to believe the words that come of Lon’s mouth as gospel, so when he promises to take Pete to school like a naughty truant, I’m just praying there’s some big, pendulous ball claws involved in the coming discipline.

When Lon attempts an Irish whip, he discovers that moving this mountain of muscle is going to be a lot harder than it looks.

According to Lon, pretty Pete is a weak link.  Lon’s given the gorgeous stunner a shot at glory, apparently even tag teaming with Lon in an indy match. But all that promise and muscle on Pete weren’t sufficient to hold up his end of the bargain.  Lon berates the bronze beauty. He goes probably a step too far in pronouncing Pete an ugly brute (show me an inch of ugly on Pete, anywhere!!!). He predicts that his ring savvy and superior intellect will enable the veteran to not just punish pretty Pete for his disappointment as a tag team partner, not just teach the blue eyed bombshell some much needed lessons in pro wrestling technique, but Lon assures the dazzling hottie that he will possess him, body and soul, and transform the very essence of Pete’s power into the vehicle of his utter humiliation.

Outmuscling Lon is child’s play for big, beautiful Pete Sharp!

They start to tangle, and Pete completely overpowers the lightweight bodybuilder.  Lon charges again and again, only to be swatted away like a gnat. Suddenly, Pete snatches him up in the air, calmly marches across the ring and plants the veteran on his ass atop the top turnbuckle.  With a sly, cocky grin, Pete musses Lon’s long locks like playfully chastising a child.  Holy fuck, I love this drama!

Tomorrow, I’ll muse a little longer on the most prominent bulge in wrestling, and exactly why I love these two stunningly hot wrestlers going pec to pec.

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