Happy Birthday

It was 6 years ago yesterday that I sat down and found my first words to begin a conversation about what turns me on.  The quick answer then, as now, is that it’s complicated. Of course, “beautiful men wrestling in a homoerotic context” are at the heart of pretty much everything that I’ve written about. But if it were truly that simple, I can’t imagine that I’d have kept posting for 6 years. The pages of this blog have become considerably more self-disclosing than I’d ever imagined 6 years ago. Faithful readers know way more about me than 90% of the people I interact with in person.


One of the somewhat unexpected pleasures of this journey has been hearing from readers who’ve said, “Hey, that’s my story, too!” As much as I make everything about me, a lot of others have seen something true about themselves as well. As idiosyncratic and kink-marginal as I’ve always thought of my erotic fantasies, I’m clearly in good and abundant company with homoerotic wresting fans across the globe.


This is the first neverland birthday since my fellow homoerotic wrestling blogger, Joe, shuddered Ringside at Skull Island. I’ve thought of Joe as my big brother in this adventure, setting the pace, typically a step ahead of me, but cut from the very same cloth. Not infrequently over the past 6 years, I struggled to say something different than what Joe had already said so perfectly about the homoerotic wrestling industry, about pop culture, about bodies and beauty and wrestling holds and kink. Working to make a contribution to the conversation without simply repeating what Joe had already said made neverland what it is as much as anything else did.  With Joe on hiatus from blogging these 6 years later, I feel just a tad untethered as I think about the future of neverland.


I’m excited to see what the future holds for neverland. Life is pulling me a lot of different directions offline, but I remain committed to keeping the conversation going.  Where these musings take me next, I honestly don’t know. But looking back at the journey these past 6 years, I’m happy to say it’s been good. Thanks for being part of it.


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Congrats Bard! I’m glad that I found this blog fairly early on and you should know neverland has been a great inspiration for La Sustancia P (which by the way is also celebrating its birthday in May!). Doing this for a year has taught me how exhausting it can be at times, so I have deep admiration for the work and time you put into it. Thanks!

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