Hammer Time

Andy Hammer is beautiful, young, ripped, and soaked in sweat.

The newbies have been commanding my attention in the new releases at BG East.  Even newbies who’ve been around a while! By that, I’m referring to watching veterans Blaine Janus and Andy Hammer go at one another in Matmen 25, apparently pulled from the archives back when both of them were just babies.

Blaine Janus fresh, raw, and bulging with promise!

There are hints of the accomplished fan favorites they will grow to become.  Blaine is intense as hell and constantly looking like he can’t decide whether to submit Andy or just go directly to fucking him.  Andy is a vision. Tanned, ripped, ferocious, and already looking like he’s learning to seriously savor the sweet bouquet of his own anguish. But this is so clearly from very early in their wrestling careers.  They’re raw, occasionally clumsy, still learning to pace themselves, execute a finisher, know when to lose a battle in order to win a war.

Andy repeatedly smothers Blaine with his big, beautiful bulge.

Somehow, I had missed the part of Andy Hammer’s resume that indicates he’s one of the Boss’ special projects. The online description for Matmen 25 points out that Andy’s phenomenal capacity, nay, carnal delight in taking a tidal wave of hurt comes from Kid Leopard’s up close and personal training sessions. Like tumblers clicking in a lock, this suddenly makes so much sense. His combo of balls out, intense offense paired with an unmistakable enjoyment of being pushed to the edge of human endurance is exactly what I’d expect from a beautiful, blond, blue-eyed, bubble-butted babyface who’s graduated from Kid Leopard’s personal wrestling tutorials.

Andy learned a thing or two from the master!

I’m not used to seeing Blaine get knocked on his ass so commandingly, which makes this romp from the time machine that much more engaging. When Andy has his foot on the gas pedal, which is most of this match, Blaine is sore pressed to keep up. It’s a fierce shoot with trading momentum back and forth, but early on I feel like there’s a surprising inevitability about Andy’s performance. This is the first match I’ve seen where, early going, I think Blaine very well might get crushed in a lopsided schooling, if not a full blown squash.

Slowly, savoring the moment, Blaine pulls his mouthwatering prey close.

Something inspires the erotic mat warrior we’ve come to know and love in Blaine to finally show his face, though. At one point, when he’s finally, slowly, painstakingly maneuvered his prey into a sensationally vulnerable rear naked choke, with Andy’s torso locked down tight between Blaine’s thighs, the Canuck leans his face in close and starts nibbling seductively on his gorgeous opponent’s earlobes. There’s the Blaine Janus we know and love!

Blaine’s lips drive Andy crazy!

They may be diamonds in the rough at this point, but the wrestling here is sensationally brutal. I think about half a dozen times that one or the other of them has got control permanently in hand, but then an awesomely vicious pec claw or a savage, no-shit-that-really-happened jab to the testicles pushes reset and they scramble all over again to come out on top.

Clearly, Blaine isn’t the only one who can mount a disarmingly hot erotic offense.

I’ve been a Blaine Janus fan for a long time. His catalog is populated with some of the most arousing homoerotic mat wrestling that I’ve seen.  I’ve loved watching him poke and prod and drive rookies crazy with his disarming erotic offense.  His work initiating Mason Brooks is outstanding, and his breaking in of incredibly sexy Rafael Valmor (where the hell has that sexpot gone!?) requires IV fluids to keep me hydrated.  But Matmen 25 is my first full blown gasp and awe session with beautiful Andy Hammer. This man-boy is phenomenal!  His physical conditioning here is epic. His astonishingly blue eyes and boyishly handsome face are achingly sweet. His light, golden tan is pitch perfect, and his ass is solid, masterfully molded, rock hard muscle.

Andy Hammer has one at least one new fawning fan!

This match ends perfectly.  The final fall is decisive, but the crotch grinding and face sucking that follows is the real climax.  At least for me.  And anyone else who sees the unbroken through-line from trash talking young studs sizing one another up all the way to just one of them climbing on top and taking full possession of the other. All of the essential elements of homoerotic wrestling gold are right here.


5 thoughts on “Hammer Time

  1. i’ve had the pleasure of meeting and wrestling mr. hammer – he is skilled on the mats and charming/handsome/intelligent as well! happy to see him get a much-deserved writeup

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