Cold Comfort

My circles are quivering with excitement at the news out this week that Marvel’s Iceman was outed/came out in the newest reboot of X-Men comics. This doesn’t cut me to the core quite as much as it does to many of my friends who are much more fanatical about superhero comics. It does titillate me, though, particularly when I think about the possibilities of Shawn Ashmore exploring this plot twist on the big screen. I won’t hold my breath. But considering Shawn has a perfectly equally beautiful twin brother actor, and the capacity of superhero universes to bend time and space and big screen adaptations to star multiple actors playing the same character opposite one another, let’s just consider a self-actualized Iceman ‘mo helping a still-closeted Iceman to come to terms.  And it all devolves into a supersexy Bobby-on-Bobby popsicle sucking contest.

Eye of the Cyclone’s SubZero took some nasty ball bashing before escaping the tortures of his archenemy, XTractor.

Just me?  Well, homoerotic superhero and wrestling fans can get a little assistance with their Iceman fantasies by strolling over to Eye of the Cyclone and checking out this week’s release in the “Hard as Ice” serial starring SubZero. I’ve marveled at this particular narrative before.  Well, let’s be honest, I’ve marveled at SubZero’s crazy sexy body and, in particular, that phenomenal ass.  I popped my cork when SubZero barely escaped his battle with XTactor, returning to his secret Ice Cave lair and quickly stripping naked to shower off the stink of getting seriously dominated by his archenemy.

SubZero just can’t stop flexing and worshipping his own phenomenal physique!

What SubZero failed to notice, however, is that one of XTractor’s devilish little cybermites hitched a ride along with SubZero back to his lair.  Even as smoking hot, ice cold SubZero steams up the place entirely naked except for his minuscule mask (sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy shower scene!), that vicious looking little parasite climbs up the shower wall and launches itself precisely where my eyes are fixated: SubZero’s gorgeous bubble butt!

I’m not the only one intent on exploring that bubble butt!

SubZero apparently doesn’t realize what it is tickling his prostate, and he doesn’t seem to need to ask any questions.  Anally stimulated to cruel perfection, the master of ice can’t help himself but grab hold of every succulent inch of his fantasy physique. He squeezes his gorgeous glutes (I’m way ahead of him there), and then turns around to reveal a roaring, raging, beautifully aroused cock.

Hello, SubZero!!!

With something unexpected up his ass, SubZero is in ecstasy, dropping to his knees, working his popsicle like a piston, self-stimulating his asshole, enthralled with his own naked perfection reflected up at him in the mirrored ice floor of his shower. This is phenomenal staging! I’m admiring nearly every perfected angle of this hunk’s beauty at the same time.  The masked ice cold hottie explodes, losing his load across the mirrored floor. Of course, these are still frames and text, but damn it if this hunk doesn’t sell this lovely, long cum shot to perfection!


Spent and satisfied, SubZero is astonished to discover the vile cybermite crawling out of his ass, slurping up some supercum, and transporting back to his evil master with SubZero sperm filed away for some genetically diabolical scheme. Which brings me back to the potential for an icy hot superhero homoerotic self-confrontation, if XTractor does some fancy cloning shenanigans. The possibility of seeing SubZero’s lovely rod up SubZero’s incredible ass seems inevitable…

Every angle of SubZero is supersexy!

…at least in my imagination.

Perfectly gorgeous.

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