Hair Pull Humpday

Ray Naylor vs. Lauden Sevior – Sunshine Shooters 8

Hair pulls are one of those little, subtle pleasures that superboosts the erotic aspect of a wrestling match for me.  It’s disrespectful. It’s often unnecessarily cruel. It’s frequently functional, permitting a pitcher to position his reluctant prey for new angles of punishment. It stokes the fires of domination, often as plot device to signal that a competitive match has turned into cruel playtime. It can be affectionate, but when it comes to wrestling, it’s value added for me when it’s mean, rough, and adding insult to abundant injury. Here are a few hot and sexy hair pulls to help drag you over the weekly hump.


Joshua Goodman (that’s Mr. Joshua to you!) dragged outmatched Christian Taylor about by his leading man locks in Demolition 27. As I recently mentioned, I theorize that every act of Mr. J’s punishment and degradation transformed naive, innocent babyface Christian into the erotic wrestling institution Christian has become as BG East.


Royce Perry works to impress his new tag team partner, Jonny Firestorm, by adding insult to injury to total humiliation all over double-teamed Calvin Haynes in Tag Team Torture 20.


There’s something extra sexy about a dominant pro heel hunk who calmly demonstrates his mastery with a hair pull. Kelly King holding a sagging Lane Hartley up by his follicles in Pros in Private 13 give me that burst of adrenaline I could use to get over the hump.


Jonny Firestorm absolutely throws everything, including the kitchen sink, at Jake Jenkins in Jobberpaloozer 12: The Works.  For my tastes, the hottest moves are paired with Jonny wrapping his fingers through the muscle cherub’s curly locks and prying him apart sadistically.h0107_lg.jpg

I’m sure I’ve featured this shot of Dom the Dominator nearly ripping Brad  Rochelle’s head off of his neck in Demolition 3. But it’s worth a lingering, repeat look. Sure, a chin lock might have been fractionally more functional to accomplish the same purpose, but the savagery of using Brad’s hair as a handle here is delicious!

Hang in there, my friends! When it comes to surviving this week, it’s all down hill from here!

Our Man Inside

I told you that last batch of BG East contraband was the fucking motherload, now didn’t I? Just to add context, this 3rd installment is still not all of it. It is, however, sweet, because of all the smuggled goods that OMI dishes out, my favorites are always the captured moments of my favorite BG East wrestlers relaxed, chilling, smiling, clearly enjoying themselves apart from the drama in the ring. These are the shots that make me admire these hotties that much more because they’re unpackaged, (relatively) candid, and somehow make them that much more crushworthy because they’re real. Speaking of crushworthy…

Fuck, every last one of these boys are adorable. No game face. No bloodlust. Just hot young hunks who can beat the living fuck out of each other one minute, and then kick back and chill when all is said and done.

I think this batchlet speaks to OMI as much as it does to the sensationally tasty hunks featured. We know precious little about the identity of OMI, but I can’t help but infer that he is equally as infatuated with Mad Mykel’s ass and Chase Addams nipples as I am. Just as an aside, Mad Mykel has made some tragic gear choices in the past, but I am incredibly anxious to get to see him in action in this jungle boy loin cloth.

And finally this last subcollection for the day features sizzling hotness all around, including the most elusive interview get of my blogging career, Kid Vicious. I’ve begged, borrowed, and stolen to convince KV to sit down with me for an interview. I’ve made promises. I’ve done favors. I’ve had him halfway to the table on at least a couple of occasions, only to have the most vicious tease in the business take a call and turn away at the last minute. I’m still working on figuring out who I have to fuck to get him on the record with me,  but once I do, you’ll be the next to know.

I know for a fact that OMI has been taking some heat, in cognito, from the powers that be at BG East for his corporate espionage/fan fantasy fulfillment. Send your kindest wishes and prayers for safety to the homoerotic wrestling gods that OMI remains our man inside. And pass along the word to anyone you know with strings to pull that Kid Vicious gives that sit-down soon.

And the nominees are…

The link the the Best of BG East voting disappeared from the BG East homepage, but I swear I saw that you had until Sunday at midnight to cast your ballots.  Hopefully, if you’re still undecided, you still have time.  And hopefully I can offer this voter’s guide and my personal take on the field in a few more categories.  Let’s start today taking a look at the hotly contested and highly controversial Best Body nominees. What makes for “Best Body” has got to be even more subjective than what we evaluate as best body part by body part. Me, I like all sorts of bodies, but when I think “best” I think superior fitness, muscle mass, proportion, symmetry, balance, and that most subjective of them all, beauty.  Here are the contenders for Best Body at BG East in 2014.

I’ve been explicitly campaigning for months for Kid Karisma to take the title this year, because, fuck, look! All those qualifiers I mention above as my personal criteria are summed up right here in my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler. He’s also making a play for a Best Butt 3-peat, and I’m slightly aghast that he didn’t get a nomination for Best Abs.
For those who like them brawnier, burlier, hairier and with tweezed eyebrows, Chace LaChance is certain to make a strong showing. Interestingly he’s not a nominee for best butt, bulge or abs, but as a total package, he got the nod to join the field.
Also Best Abs nominee Z-Man took the Best Body title last year, after going down to Rio Garza in 2012. I’ll say it again, Z-Man must have an aging portrait of himself in the attic somewhere, because he’s perpetually gorgeous and in top shape.
Cal Bennett’s insurgency into the Best Abs and Best Body categories this year is ballsy and stunnning. He’s appeared in exactly 1 product thus far at BG East, but that was enough to get his liberally inked, stunning physique a nod for Best Bod. See my comments from a couple days ago about his body, honey, and my tongue.
Goldenboy Austin Cooper (or Dr. Cooper, depending on the day) is dazzlingly beautiful, proportioned, balanced. That pretty face could possibly distract even his die hard fans from fully appreciating the top contender quality of that body. But probably not.

I haven’t been coy about saying for months Kid Karisma’s phenomenal fitness and picture perfect physique deserve the title of Best Body this year. The total package from top to bottom, front to back, in my opinion. I expect Z-Man to be making the strongest play to be at the head of this pack, possibly with Coop making a dark horse late run. If Cal pulls this out, I’m calling it a major upset and a huge bullseye painted on his finely muscled ass if he ever dares to step foot in the ring with any of his more seasoned and tested contenders.

Now let’s look at some of the match Besties. Selecting a photo to highlight a nominee’s claim to take the title for best-of-match categories is daunting.  What single still frame captures a claim to make an entire match sexiest, or best on the mats? With humility, I’ve attempted to present some of what I think are the best claims for the following two categories, starting with Sexiest Match of 2014.

Cumming out of the gate hot and hard are Kayden Keller and Ty Alexander in their tandem debut in Raunchy Rookies 7. I think it says something significant to have a double debut be featured in the sexiest match contenders. RR7 burned it up, and win, lose or draw, I have to believe there are many more Bestie nominations heading both Kayden and Ty’s way.
I admit to being slightly surprised to see X-Fights 38’s Drake Marcos v LJL and not see Drake and Ty’s Babyface Brawl X in this category. Nevertheless, Drake and LJL were two of the sexiest X-fighters at BGE this year, and their 38 fight was fucking mean and nasty. They hated each other start to finish, which makes it just that much sexier to see how prominently sexual domination became the story.
Military Muscle 2 is another surprise entry here, as far as I’m concerned. Not because I didn’t think it was scorchingly sexy, but because it was far less sexually explicit than other matches that weren’t nominated. That said, MM2 demonstrates that a match doesn’t need to include cock-sucking in order to be blindingly sexy, and rookie Zion Brown’s gasping adoration of Kid Karisma is convincing and compelling.
Pasion & Punishment 1 was the first time I sat up and took notice of Trey Dixon. His pairing here with Skrapper is nothing short of epic. Their confrontation is spilling over with raw, balls to the walls lust from the start, and the sexual tension makes my hard drive melt (seriously, I had to buy a new computer). I had to go back and verify that these two didn’t actually fuck on camera, because the sexual aggression is so damn explicit.
Dark Knights 11 with Steven Ponce and Ray Dalton is clearly the choice for muscle fetish leather daddies and their stubborn boys. I’m regretting that Dark Knights 12 wasn’t the DK entry in this category, but it’s not hard to see why nominators gave Ray and Steven the nod here.

This category is a major struggle for me to settle on. My blogger v wrestler match with Drake was not nominated, and of course, other than my personal photographs of Drake’s post-match humiliation, you would be hard pressed to be able to make an informed vote our direction (though, take my word for it, it was sexy).  So just looking at those that were nominated, personally, I’m completely torn between Raunchy Rookies 7, X-Fights 38, and Passion & Punishment 1. I know that there are wrestling fans out there that don’t like Skrapper, so I’m guessing Passion & Punishment may be a long shot, but at the end of the day, that’s where my vote goes. I’m also guessing it will be either Raunchy Rookies or X-Fights 38 that may be where the majority goes this time, which I will totally understand. Dark horse in this field I think is Dark Knights 11. I didn’t see a ton of buzz about it, but if the muscle fetish leather daddies snap the collars on all their boys, they’ll double their vote quickly and, potentially swing this their way.

Finally for today I’m taking a look at the Best Mat Battle nominees. This is another extremely tough slate to choose from, but you don’t pay me to dither.  Wait, you don’t pay me at all!  Oh well, onward and upward…

Submissions 9 with Cameron Matthews grappling with LJL has got to be a front runner in this category. Cam and LJL are major league mat tacticians, and that and about 2 gallons of sweat and some smoldering bitterness make Sub 9 insanely aggressive and the stuff that no one other than a contortionist should try.
Passion & Punishment’s match with Drake Marcos and Mason Brooks makes a compelling argument. Two big egos enter the mat room, but one of them crawls on his belly out of the mat room having been actually tagged with a permanent marker to remind him what a consummate jobber he is. As much as I love watching Drake suffer, even I was worried at times in this match that the philosopher king Mason was going to literally break him… which makes a strong case for Best Mat Battle.
But then the drama ensues in the Academy, as Mason is going up against himself in this category, also getting the nod for his work against Skrapper in Undagear 22. These are two of the fiercest mat boys on the books right now, and neither of them is going to concede to losing while conscious. Then again, there’s that anti-Skrapper faction out there.
I was only slightly shocked to see Damien Rush and Joah Bindao’s Undagear 21 bout appear in this category. Shocked because I don’t think of it as cream of the crop mat work, but only slightly because Damien Rush getting schooled by a petite muscleman acrobat is always going to get attention. I loved the back and forth in this match. Lots of suspense and bruised egos.
But if you’re jonesin’ for bruised egos, I’m guessing your choice very well may be Undagear 22’s match between Ray Naylor and Kid Karisma. Ray fucking HATES Kid K, and you get the impression he hates himself just a little for being unable to resist stroking Kid K’s luscious muscles (see my arguments for his Best Body claim). These two put the hurt on each other big time, and you know it was a special match when Kid K treats the loser to a free strip show after all is said and done.
As long as Jake Jenkins is wrestling, I predict he will have at least one nomination in the Best Mat Battle category. He’s typically the master of the mats, but he bites off more than he can chew in Gazebo Grapplers 16, facing down big, beautiful newbie Carter Alexander. The outcome of this match is in question to the bitter end, and that end has got to be described as a stunning upset, so little wonder this shows up as a Best Mat Battle nominee.

Fuck, this is another hard choice.  My vote, for what it’s worth, is going to Passion & Punishment’s Drake Marcos versus Mason Brooks. It was that match, and the 3-way interview I conducted with Mason and Drake that ultimately got the whole ball rolling to eventually find myself shutting Drake up with his trunks stuffed down his throat this past Fall. It’s also sweet drama, and watching Mason pick Drake apart, humiliate him worse and worse, strip him naked and leave his indelible mark clearly ignited a ton of fantasy’s-cum-true in me. I’m thinking the favorites in this category may be Cameron and LJL, though, possibly with Ray and Kid K being the dark horse here able deliver an upset.

If you haven’t finished your ballot yet, here’s what the Bard-approved slate of choices looks like:

Best Abs: Lon Dumont

Best Bulge: Pete Sharp

Best Butt: Kid Karisma

Best Body: Kid Karisma

Sexiest Match: Passion &  Punishment 1 – Trey Dixon v Skrapper

Best Mat Battle: Passion & Punishment 1 – Drake Marcos gets owned by Mason Brooks

Winning Assets

Reigning Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month & overall Favorite Homoerotic Wrestler Kid Karisma.

When the stars align and my homoerotic wrestler of the month is also my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestling overall, it’s time to sit back and appreciate what makes a particular hunk so dominant in my affections. There are a lot of stunning attributes to Kid Karisma, many of which I don’t mention nearly enough.  Those glacial blue eyes are riveting. There are not nearly enough hot, hunky gingers populating homoerotic wrestling, so again, Kid K fills a necessary role in what turns me on.  And he suggested in my interview with him a while back that he’s actually particularly proud of his mammoth horseshoe triceps. But let’s face it, there will never be enough said, nor enough photographic studies done to exhaust the wonder that is his stunning ass.  So, again I say, let’s face it…

Stunningly sexy and sweaty in a perfectly fit jock strap in Gear Wars 1.
Skip Vance enthusiastically studies the front end as we get a breathtaking shot of that award winning backend, flexed and fantastic in Matmen 23.
Functional strength is one of the lesser appreciated aspects of these incredibly built glutes, but Kid Karisma made full use of that power in his Spotlight match against Pete Sharp.
He inaugurated the Forced to Flex series by doing exactly that to Brad Barnes, but check out the flex of those glutes as he hangs the sweaty bodybuilder out to dry in a bearhug.
Another double pleasure shot, treating Blaine Janus to a close up inspection of his crotch while giving the rest of us another long, lingering look at that perfectly shaped derriere in Gazebo Grapplers 16.
Perhaps those muscles are never so blindingly hot as when Kid K is writhing in a pool of his own sweat in the middle of the ring, which is exactly where massive mountain Dev Michaels left him in Kid K’s Wrestler Spotlight match.
The Undagear 22 match that earned him this month’s HWOTM title, Kid K definitely bared it all in the end, but every step along the way was a feast for butt lovers. Ray Naylor not only got his hands on those two slices of heaven, he managed to momentarily turn that moneymaker into a couple of quivering, vulnerable mounds of exquisite beauty and power tamed… briefly.

Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

August posted a surprisingly deep field of contenders for the HWOTM title.  It was one of the months where my affections leaned different directions daily, based on what I was enjoying last. I honestly thought that the title was headed in one direction, but then, examining the depths of my soul and extent of my arousal, I had to confess to myself that I was simply defenseless against the next-level performance of one particular muscle stud who has long known exactly how to push every button I’ve got.  My new and returning homoerotic wrestler of the month is…







… BG East’s Kid Karisma.

Ray never stood a chance against that physique!

Now I know there are a smattering of sight-impaired individuals who don’t have the good sense to be as completely infatuated with Kid K as I am. I won’t hold it against you.  Kid K, however, might track you down, snap on a standing head scissors and pop your skull like a grape. Which would only cement my infatuation further, of course. It was his mat match with seasoned scrapper Ray Naylor in Undagear 22 that possessed my attention and adoration so completely again this month.

Ray looks like he’s about to get beat INTO the mat by that muscle raining down from above!

Ray is understated. In fact, I’d say it’s a weakness of his. He wrestles like a cornered badger, which is insanely sexy, but his personality is pretty muted in the world of bigger than life pro wrestling personas he swims among.  Then again, there’s something balanced and complimentary about Ray’s understatedness in Undagear 22, because Kid Karisma is even more a larger than life character than usual. Ray’s reticence leaves room for Kid K’s bulging ego and thoroughbred trash talking to just keep swelling and filling up the mat room.

Kid Karisma sneaks a feel of the rock solid, lean cut stud daring to go one on one with him.

I’ll even give it to Ray (and this is pretty much the last of my comments for him, since this is Kid Karisma I’m crowning today), he makes Kid K work for it.  He digs his fingertips into that award winning ass. He squeezes the fight momentarily out of the mass of muscle that is every inch of Kid K’s stunningly hot body. He makes him sweat, which makes all of those bulging muscles glisten, which makes me swoon. And there’s an unmistakable mutual admiration between these two sexy battlers, each one copping a gratuitous feel when the opportunity arises. I’d cop a feel of Ray’s biceps, too.  He may have lost to Kid K on the mat and Dr. Cooper in the Friday Fashion poll, but I’d give a spare kidney for a bottle of baby oil, that lime green jockstrap he wore while crushing Drake Marcos, the BG East ring, and absolutely nothing else but smoking hot Ray.

Like Kid Karisma, I deep-down like what I see!

But he’s up against my reigning overall favorite homoerotic wrestler in Undagear 22, and Kid Karisma ignites the most exhausting fantasies I’ve got (and that’s saying a lot). If I’d give a kidney for a go at Ray, I’d give a cardiac ventricle or two for what’s left of my fleeting life at the point to feel Kid Karisma’s rugby honed thighs wrapped around me and playing me like a pump organ. This match continues the run of Kid K’s battles where it’s a little more like holding court than competing. This is Kid K’s mat, his match, his story to tell from start to finish. Even when Ray works very legit offense on the mighty man of muscle, it’s all about Kid K’s superhuman tolerances and Tom of Finland physique.

Kid Karisma grabs hold of a fistful of hair and plants Ray’s face where, let’s be honest, everyone wants to be!

There’s both a contempt and a lust shared between these two that’s intoxicating to watch.  Kid Karisma crushes Ray’s face against his crotch.  He flexes over him, shoving his mountainous muscles humiliatingly into Ray’s dazed mug. And then, demonstrating the effectiveness of the double-edged offense of the karismatic one, Ray can’t help himself but squeeze Kid K’s muscle packed thighs appreciatively.  It’s not like he can mount a defense most of the time, so instead, he’s helpless to stop himself from stroking and squeezing that impeccable physique that I still say absolutely needs to be in contention for the Best Body of 2014 award in a few months.

Kid Karisma crushes the competition every which way at once!

This match is not a squash and it’s all heading in one direction from the start, all at the same time.  That’s a fine balance to maintain, holding suspense, building anticipation, and yet remaining always and unshakably with Kid K at the throttle. He twists and ties the lean stud up, crushing and wrenching and squeezing about 5 things at once, leaving hard as nails Ray writhing and, finally, reluctantly, bitterly entirely spent.  Kid K sucks the fight out of him and leaves Ray so wasted he can barely lift his hand to stroke the slab of granite Kid K calls his left quadricep. Oh, but he manages.  Up until this point in the match, I’d say Kid K is in contention for the title of HWOTM, but perhaps hasn’t sewn it up quite yet.  And then, as if reading my mind…

Kid Karisma seals the deal with the show stopper!

…Kid Karisma peels off his designer underwear and throws it in Ray’s face, strolling out the door with that world class work of art he calls his ass bare and beautiful and glistening with sweat.  The camera, understandably, follows that bare physique, but I have to imagine Ray found the energy to pry himself up on one elbow and soak in the sight of this fantastically honed, entirely naked gladiator who just ran him down like a bug on the highway. And there’s just no competition left at that point. Kid Karisma manages the trifecta: 1) reminding us that his is the best ass on the planet, 2) making an extremely convincing bid for the title of Best Body for this year’s voting, and 3) making me completely forget about whoever it was that I was almost ready to crown HWOTM. Joining the extremely elite class of competitors who’ve managed to grab hold of the title on 3 different occasions, my reigning overall favorite homoerotic wrestler and now my homoerotic wrestler of the month and frontrunner for my vote for Best Body of the year, Kid Karisma.

Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month – August 2014 Kid Karisma



Friday Fashion

Now I understand why they have “observers” at polling places.  Earlier this morning when I checked, the votes for last week’s Friday Fashion polls went one way, but as I sit down to officially tabulate and announce the winners, the decision has narrowly swung differently. What shenanigans have been going on between then and now!?  Well, check that, they have observers at polling places to intimidate historically disenfranchised voters. I don’t know whether intimidation was involved this time around, but whatever the reason, I’m calling both races as of this moment.  The voting was insanely dramatic over the week. Both Ty Alexander and Drake Marcos hit social media to rally their fans to vote for them for their gear choices in Babyface Brawl X. They exchanged leads multiple times in both polls, for who wore the lime green briefs best and who wore the pink square cuts best.  All-About-Ty had both fashion votes running his way this morning, but at the last moment, this one turned into a split decision.  First up, let’s take a look at who wore the green briefs best.  And keep reading to vote in this week’s Friday Fashion poll below!


It was deceptively angelic babyface Ty Alexander who pulled off the commanding victory for having worn the lime green Calvin Klein briefs best. With a vote of 100 to 85, fashion judges gave this one to the adorable ingenue. One voter commented that it was Ty’s tan that worked best with the fluorescent briefs. In social media sniping, I overheard young Ty taunt Drake for his pale complexion, so perhaps sweet Ty is banking on his all over bronzing to literally make the competition pale in comparison.  Being cute as a button with a beautiful tan, however, isn’t something to bank on when it comes to wrestling victory, of course. Whatever the formula, it was the babiest of babyface rooks who pulled it off (or, more literally, was pulled off of him), and Ty Alexander wore it best.

fashiondrake2fashiondrake3On the other hand, it was the Cheshire Cat who was fashion forward in the pink and white square cuts, a victory pulled off by the skin of his teeth.  Turning the corner sometime this morning with a vote of 74 to 73, like the more seasoned stud he is, Drake cooly snatched the sure thing from Ty in dramatic fashion. If you follow these boys online, you know that even the seemingly decisive nature of the victory in Babyface Brawl X remains contested by these two stubborn studs, with both of them laying claim to having owned his opponent and the winner’s circle in one form or another. With this split decision in the fashion realm, I suspect the bitter feud may be merely fueled further. And it isn’t like I can argue that this all needs to be settled by the boys strip-wrestling for who gets to wear the choicest gear. Already done that!  Since The Boss seems loathe to produce rematches, perhaps these two need to find tag team partners to get another crack at settling, once and for all, who’s the babyface on top.


For today’s Friday Fashion poll, I’m nominating another rare occurrence at BG East. Within the same catalog, to different wrestlers in different matches sported the same gear.  While repeat fashion are no uncommon (as evidenced by the raison d’être of Friday Fashion polls), I think it’s quite unusual for two hunks to be featured in the same catalog this way.  So finding both Dr. Cooper and Ray Naylor filling out so nicely the same pair of gun-metal grey designer square cuts seems like it’s just begging for a Friday Fashion showdown.  Take a look at the nominees and you decide. Who wore it best?

In Undagear 22, Ray Naylor gets absolutely owned as his pouch protrudes provocatively in these high fashion grey square cuts. Ray is perennially ripped to shreds, as lean as they come, and fucking sexy as hell, and getting trounced by Kid Karisma is obviously no bitter pill for Ray to swallow. But did he wear it best?
In Gutbash 11, it’s maniacal, sadistic, unstoppable Dr. Cooper who shows up to honesty terrorize achingly young rookie quarterback Richie Douglas. Austin has always been the reigning goldenboy at BG East, as far as I’m concerned, but there are definitely dark shadows and terrifying twists when it’s the brutal surgeon Dr. Cooper who shows up in the ring. He’s the epitome of dangerous beauty, but in this gear, did he wear it best?

Vote Early, Vote Often

Vote Kid Karisma!

I’m starting my campaign here and now to promote Kid Karisma for the Best Body of 2014 award. Holy shit, have you SEEN him in Undagear 22?!  I’ve lost it just watching him warm up before Ray Naylor even strolls into the mat room. Wrestling Arsenal should be interested to take note of Kid K’s Doreanse designer underwear, considering his recent musings on the color baby blue on a wrestler. Karisma’s award winning ass has never looked as muscled and hot not even close to being squeezed into that fabric. And the ballast in his low-hanging pouch jostles and jiggles hypnotically. The separation of his pecs is incredible. There’s a ridged chasm running down his sternum that astounds me. I have no idea what he gets up to under the sheets, but if pec frot isn’t on the menu, then that chest is going to waste.

Ray Naylor attempts to look unimpressed. Kid Karisma is unconvinced. I’m unconvinced.

Like his muscles, Kid K’s ego continues to swell bigger and bigger. “Who the fuck are you!?,” he spits contemptuously when Ray arrives.  Ray seems put off his game in an instant. There’s an awkward moment of silence, and finally Ray growls back, “Who the fuck are you, tough guy?”  Karisma belittles and taunts him like a tidal wave.  Karisma offers to shake Ray’s hand. Ray instinctively reaches toward the offer of sportsmanship. Karisma slaps him in the face.  There’s an instant of rage on Ray’s face, but Karisma is already distracting him again with another onslaught of intimidating trash talk, placing his hands behind his head and flexing his superhuman physique to add to Ray’s shock and awe.  He points at the BG East logo and declares, “I fucking run this shit!”  Ray flatly snaps, “You won’t by the end of this match.”  Kid K flexes his Himalayan-esque right bicep. “The last time I checked, I probably will.”

Round 1, the pose off, goes to Kid Karisma in a landslide.

They do a side by side pose off.  Ray is ripped like my junk mail, but holy shit, he looks like a famine victim in comparison to the massive, meaty thickness and proportions of Kid Karisma. Ray can pretend to be unimpressed all he wants. There’s no way he isn’t in awe of the living sculpture flexing back at him. And I am not imagining things when I see a look of lust momentarily wash across the lean stud’s face. I’d say that Ray is just lucky to get an up close look at Kid K’s physical perfection, but I’m pretty sure the quick lick of Ray’s lips says it already.

“What the fuck were you saying about my legs!?”

Ray is incredibly dangerous on the mats. Just ask Drake Marcos, who I’m certain is still paying chiropractic bills after their match ages ago.  His height and reach advantage are not to be underestimated, because he knows what to do with them. When Kid K screws around and doesn’t even try to start with, Ray soon enough takes the hardbodied hunk to the mat and crushes his ripped gut in body scissors.  “What the fuck were you saying about my legs!” Ray snarls angrily.

Kid K hoists and carries Ray effortlessly and often.

Some physique stars strut into BG East and mistakenly think that gorgeous muscles will overcome wrestling skill (ahem, Kip Sorrell).  However, Kid K is the paradigmatic example of what happens when you combine mouthwateringly gorgeous muscles, a boatload of experience, and an absolute certainty in his fate to dominate. Whatever Ray throws, Karisma muscles free and twists the lean stud into knots. I’ve never seen anything quite like when Karisma holds Ray suspended off the mat, upside down, pulling upward on Ray’s legs while holding his head trapped tightly between Kid K’s ankles.  The stretch on Ray’s helpless body is phenomenal. Honestly, I’m convinced Kid K could have ripped him in half if he wanted to.  But it’s so much more fun for everyone, especially Karisma, to catch and release in order to humiliate his opponent in more ways.

Kid Karisma wants nothing more than Ray Naylor in a rage.

Ray spends days off of his feet. Karisma hoists him into the air over and over, fireman’s carry, lifts, suspended in bear hugs. Ray is tough and experienced, mind you, so getting manhandled seriously pisses him off. Which seems to be exactly Kid K’s point, over and over. He wants to get a rise out of him. He wants to poke and provoke him.  He wants the stare down Ray’s adrenaline rush and fury, because nothing less could possibly stand of chance of being any competition.  Not that Karisma thinks that Ray has any chance of being actual competition.

Kid Karisma knows 12 ways to destroy an opponent from this position.

There are several innovative moments that makes me gush for Kid K all the harder. He’s nearly ripping Ray’s head off in a camel clutch. The stud is clearly moments away from submitting (or breaking). Karisma let’s go of Ray’s chin with his left hand, still in total control cranking back with his right, but with his left reaches back and snags Ray’s flailing right foot.  Karisma muscles it upward and forward, applying unbelievable torque to Ray’s lower back.  The sublime ecstasy on Kid K’s face says it all as he closes his eyes and rolls his head backward, feeling the moment of total domination and, clearly, grooving almost as hard on it as I am. When Ray holds out, Karisma releases his ankle and grabs hold of a fist full of Ray’s hair, yanking backward still harder. The veins in Ray’s forearms bulge as his entire body above the waist flushes dark red under the strain.  Yeah, he gives.  Of course he gives.


Ray’s goes where I’d pay a premium to follow.

At one telling point they’re locked together, Kid K’s head trapped hard between Ray’s knees, Ray’s ribs crushed between Kid K’s gargantuan thighs. Karisma’s ass hovers in front of Ray’s face.  Ray starts spanking that award winning ass.  These two trade spanks A LOT throughout the match, and Ray’s ass looks like ground beef before the end. But in this moment, Ray pauses, stretches his fingers wide, and just feels the mass and power in the palms of his hands. If you’re going to get crushed and brutalized by Kid Karisma, for god’s sake, get a long, lustful feel of those glutes and legs!

Kid Karisma feels the sweet thrill of victory right… there.

There’s ball crushing and brutality spilling over the edges everywhere, but in the end, Ray is flat on his back in a pool of both of their sweat (and quite a few of Ray’s tears).  He’s had his last submission stomped out of him relentlessly. Kid Karisma stands over top of him, straddling his body, flexing, preening, crowing.  Ray’s hands reach up and subtly stroke Karisma’s left leg perched on top of Ray’s chest. Whatever the rage, whatever bruised egos were involved, I think Ray would have to concede that getting crushed and humiliated by Kid Karisma has its upside.  What Ray nor I could have seen coming, though, happens in the final 30 seconds of this match. As the camera lingers on Ray’s drenched, battered body, suddenly Kid K’s feet come back into frame. And then his sweat soaked designer baby blue underwear plops damply across Ray’s mouth. The camera snaps upward just in time to watch Kid Karisma’s naked backside strolling from the mat room.  Maybe it was a last, gratuitous gesture of humiliation, or maybe it was the sexiest gift Kid Karisma has ever bestowed upon an opponent. As far as I’m concerned, it was both!

Moments before the undagear comes off.

There are myriad reasons Kid Karisma continues to reign as my favorite homoerotic wrestler, and pretty much everyone of them is captured to perfection (like Ray Naylor) in Undagear 22.

While I don’t have a BG East approved pic of Kid Karisma’s magnificent ass leaving the mat room in Undagear 22, I do have this Christmas present from Kid K from 2013. You get the idea.


Freshly Inked

I think it’s been a while since I mused over my infatuation with tattooed wrestlers.  It’s true that my own ink likely biases me toward my appreciation of illustrated hunks, but then again, my appreciation of illustrated hunks definitely influenced my own body art choices.  Not everyone looks good inked.  Definitely not all ink looks good, as far as I’m concerned.  But there are many tattooed wrestlers who instantly own my allegiance when the step onto the mat or into the ring, in large part because they’ve got incredibly sexy ink that I crave to see wrapped up all over their suffering opponent.
Here’s some of my choice pics from the recent crops of new release homoerotic wrestling products, featuring ink that grabs my attention and makes me pull for one hardbodied hottie over the other based in large part on the artistry they embody even before they sculpt their bodies into that most provocative aesthetic form: homoerotic wrestling.
Illustrated Eli: BG East’s Mat Hunks 9
Okay, I love me some Cameron Matthews.  His attitude, his wit, his relatively recently redefined incredibly conditioned physique, that ASS(!!!)… it’s hard not to find myself wanting to identify with the babyface brawler turned muscle daddy for a heel bid.  But fuck!  Eli Black works his magic in my shorts once again in Mat Hunks 9, solidly holding my gaze and making me acknowledge he’s my boy in this match, and I have to think it’s his ever growing collection of tattoos. 
Kevin Crowes’ crows: Can-Am’s Pro Sex Fight 4
A relatively recent release in what I think is Can-Am’s best genre contribution to homoerotic wrestling pits epically long-time favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy of mine, Rusty Stevens, against almost painfully beautiful pretty boy, Kevin Crowes in Pro Sex Fight 4.  I have a documented record years-long that proves that there’s almost nobody to compete with Rusty Stevens in delighting, entrancing and infatuating me, starting well before he lays a finger on an opponent.  And Rusty’s got some sweet ink, albeit he could use some touch ups, if you ask me.  But Kevin Crowes’ combination of imminently fuckable classically proportioned beauty along with his bold, massive, gorgeous ink does what perhaps only one man before has been able to do: hold my attention and settle my ass securely and convincingly in the opposite corner from Rusty Stevens.
Paul Hudson’s tatted bicep makes Lon Dumont just a little less pretty.

Lon Dumont’s skin is smooth, clear and entirely absent of foreign pigment.  It’s not the art tatted onto Lon’s body that has propelled him into the top echelons of my favorite homoerotic wrestlers, but the incredible beauty of his competition physique paired with a smart, vicious persona and high quality pro wrestling execution.  What could make me root against my reigning favorite!?  I think it’s two things, really.  One, there’s something deeply stirring watching a whittled to an anatomy chart physique star go slack over and over in a knock outs match, and (more to the point of this post), his opponent Paul Hudson surprises me by smacking me firmly into the Hudson camp with his bulging trunks and upper arm ink.  Lon’s face slack and smashed into the black band inked across Paul’s right bicep is simply gorgeous.

Illustrated MJ rides Attila’s ass

The 3rd match in Mat Hunks 9 catches me by surprise by how compelled I am by it.  Attila Dynasty (and in particular, his ass) has long been an infatuation of mine.  But MJ Vergara is visually astonishing the moment he walks into the BG East mat room and shoves Attila stumbling ahead of him.  The mohawked muscle man is amazingly built, veins popping, muscles bulging, 25 inch waist (my guess, I haven’t measure him myself… but I’d be very happy to).  His bold, beautiful tattoo stretched across the whole of his left pec and massive deltoid and trapezius muscles is simply beautiful! Attila is such a smart ass, such a cocky, swaggering, proven-dangerous son of a bitch, of course, and there are plenty of matches in which that character is exactly the one I can’t wait to watch work up a head of sadistic steam all over his crushed opponent’s body.  Not this time, however.  Fuck, I’m all on board with compact muscle stud MJ going ape shit all over Attila’s fine, fine ass, and I’m thinking that he’s got me sucked in to identifying with his plans for bully revenge thanks in large part to that gorgeous ink that absolutely swallows up Attila whole.

Beauty and power you just have to touch.

Chace LaChance and Braden Charron in BG East’s Summer Sizzler’s bonus are both in the best shape I’ve ever seen either of them, and sporting more ink than I think we’ve ever seen on either phenomenal muscle men.  All of that inked muscle wrapped around each other, squeezing, stretching, and flexing is breathtaking.  Who to root for when both stunning physique stars are in the best condition and most extensive ink ever?  It’s a toss up for me, but I’m not complaining.  There’s no way this can miss!

 Big Sexy’s big, sexy ink on display.

Less surprising is Thunder’s Arena’s Big Sexy owning my lustful allegiance in Battle Space 45.  If there’s a “total package” in homoerotic wrestling these days (by the way I estimate packages, at least), Big Sexy probably has the best claim.  He’s smart and funny, highly skilled on the mats, handsome as hell, beautifully built, one of the most fuckable asses on the planet, and all of that beautiful artwork!  Both an artist and a work of art, I’m entirely a Big Sexy fanatic when he steps onto the mats with the entirely tattooless muscles of a muscle star, Muscles.

Oiled ink on ridiculously hot Landon Conrad.
Naked Kombat’s newest release makes me gasp.  Even if Landon Conrad didn’t have a few, modest tats  on that insanely hot muscle bod, he’d definitely be my man in his match against amazingly hot, yet somehow unavoidably diminished in comparison, Alex Law.  However, ridiculously handsome muscle hunk Landon does, indeed, have tats that drive home the point that this porn gladiator is suddenly my #1 Naked Kombat kombatant in any match for the foreseeable future.
Specimen illustrates total domination.

Thunder’s Arena has long been the place for the battles of the big men, and Battle Space 46 is a prime example.  Looking for everything like Superman’s alternate universe arch enemy Bizzaro, bad boy and mighty meat head Vinny was never going to be my man after the tiff he dusted up around his “gay taunt” earlier in his Thunder’s career.  But then again, with beautiful, branded beef like Specimen is serving up, it wasn’t like Vinny had a chance anyway.  Beat his ass, make him cry, and give him an up-close examination of every tat, Specimen!

My final tat shout out is for another a BG East newcomer, bad ass Vic Madone.  Vic is a perfect example of the difference between still frame homoerotic wrestling images and homoerotic wrestling in action.  In still frame, this gorgeous stud is GORGEOUS!  I mean, crystal blue eyes to swim in.  A face  that should be hocking ultra-expensive men’s cologne. A lickable body that appears to be the perfect intersection of form and function.  Even with all of those very, very nice tats, I could picture still-frame Vic easily donning a tuxedo and walking a red carpet (and then climbing into a wrestling ring for a rip-n-strip extravaganza).  But when I watched his debut match on Mat Hunks 9, there was nothing “pretty” about Vic.  He mumbles non-stop, and I’d pay money for a translator, because I’m sure that incessant trash talk is sexy as shit.  But Vic is an object of my lust like Michael Imperioli is in the Sopranos.  He’s rough, mean as hell, machismo oozing out of his pours, and absolutely BRUTAL!  Personally, I’m likely to root for anyone going up against Ray Naylor simply because I’m dying to see someone seriously ride that epic ass of his.  But Vic is honestly phenomenal in this match, slowly warming me up from an initial tingling in my crotch to a full-on raging fever over the course of the first 5 minutes.  I pity anyone who faces this hot, inked hunk, but I fully expect that if anyone does, you can count on me standing right behind Vic in anticipation of him doing serious damage.

So ink seems to be adding up to my allegiance lately.  Of course, just because I’m rooting for one wrestler to win doesn’t mean I don’t thoroughly enjoy being surprised, having my boy bested, watching the power I’m invested and identified with tamed and conquered.  But tattooed muscles wrapping up and locking down an outmatched opponent is a particular brand of hot for me.


Drake Marcos: The Cheshire Cat
About halfway through my interview with BG East new kid Drake Marcos, I sat back and told him that he had a lot to say that needed to be said.  I still harbor a seriously raunchy wrestling fantasy in which Drake and his doppelgänger, John Fugelsang, rip and strip one another to pieces until one is riding the other like a Funny or Die video starring Dave Franco.  Drake’s got that persistent, perpetual smile on his face every time the camera rolls, unable to disguise (if he wanted to… not that he does) that there’s nothing in life he likes more than to square off against another wrestler and see what crazy shit happens next.  He’s well read, well spoken, and he connects the dots between a lot of topics that I intuitively recognize as closely tied, but have never, myself, managed to articulate as clearly as Drake does how all of the pieces fit together.  Gay culture, wrestling fans, homoerotic wrestlers, body image, gear, pain, domination… all of these elements are part of what moves me most about the subject of this blog, but there’s a proportionality and aesthetic about the precise concoction of each element.  Too much body worship without wrestling, or body worship that bleeds into body fascism, or aggro wrestling that buys too much wholesale a hetero male macho construct, and the whole hot genre starts to crack and peel away.  What I like about Drake, both in my interview that I posted and in several private conversations since, is that he’s got both an all-in enthusiasm for homoerotic wrestling and a critical eye for what works, what doesn’t, and why some things that seem to work perhaps shouldn’t.
Ray Naylor rides Drake in Mat Scraps 2

So I started early and continued often to tell Drake he should open up his own corner of the interwebs and get his words out there unfiltered.  A couple of weeks ago, I got a cryptic message from him: “Shhh… he’s writing.”  A few days later, I got this link: Drake Marcos: The Cheshire Cat of Homoerotic Wrestling.

Ray squeezes the smile off Drakes face

You want to check it out.  Like a few before him, Drake tells a bit about his early days of discovering the erotic satisfaction of wrestling.  Unlike anyone I’ve ever read, he writes with the voice of both of his personalities (diagnosable, to be sure, but somehow that much sexier!).  D2 is apparently a highly calculated, cautious, deliberate planner who thinks the hell out of everything.  I’m guessing it’s D2 that brings the critical lens that catches me off guard when I’m chatting with him/them.  D2 is not impetuous or impulsive.  I picture D2 as an aspiring chess grand master, which makes total sense to me how he could both find his way onto a wrestling mat and execute a studied, dispassionate game plan to topple and conquer a hardbodied hunk with plans of his own.

Drake gets himself into the sweetest of tight spots!

Then Drake interrupts him, at times a little unkindly (“Shut up you sappy windbag!”).  Drake is raw, running on red bull and a hard on.  I’m guessing it’s Drake whose grin stretches from ear to ear when he stares down an opponent, picturing, perhaps tasting the carnal delights he’s about to sample in hard, sweaty, vicious wrestling.  Drake fires all cylinders on intuition and lust.  Drake gets himself into precisely the tight spots that all of D2’s planning is intended to avoid.  Drake loves to hurt an opponent. He loves to be pushed to the edge of endurance and have his impressive tolerance for pain tested to its limit.  It’s Drake that fearlessly faces down an opponent, whether it be a muscle stud in a singlet or D2’s own self-doubt, and I strongly suspect that it’ll be Drake that gets into more enviably tight spots (aka, face buried deep up Gabriel Ross or Ray Naylor’s ass).

D2 may be wondering what Drake got him into

Looking forward to hearing more from him/them!

Still-Frame Fantasies

I remember the first time I came across (so to speak) sites like Can-Am and BG East online.  My heart pounded in my chest.  This is exactly my thing, I thought!  Holy fuck on a cracker, the images of hot athletes in minuscule gear captured in still-frame in provocative, evocative moments in wrestling sent off explosions in my head (and pants, sure).  I emotionally wrestled for a while with my own closet before I ordered my first homoerotic wrestling videos.  But that period after I first glimpsed homoerotic wrestling in still-frame online and before I had a video popped in the VCR to watch the action in motion was, in and of itself, a pristinely beautiful thing.  The fantasies that those pics inspired could have fueled a small city with the combustion that they set off inside of me.  Everything that came before and everything that came after the shutter going click to capture a given still-frame was alive with possibility that my virile imagination was thrilled to muse over.  One homoerotic wrestling producer (not KL) once chided me gently for my infatuation with photos, since homoerotic wrestling is, by definition, a kinetic thing best (essentially?) defined in motion.  But my homoerotic wrestling kink has always included a deep passion for the fantasies that a particular wrestling still-frame can ignite within me that, occasionally, exceeds the reality once I get my eyes on the video.  With that in mind, I have a whole new batch of still frame fantasies ignited in response to the preview pics of BG East’s latest catalog release, Catalog 97.  So many fantasies, so much erotic energy generated!  And I’m a major fan of BG East’s commitment to document their products with both a videographer and photographer present.  The boys with their eyes in the viewfinders of the cameras deserve major credit in my book, because these images are stunningly gorgeous!

I’ve been waiting to see this hairy beast that friend of this blog, Ben Monaco, discovered on camera, and Mat Scraps 2 finally introduces the world to pouty-lipped muscle beast, Alain LeClair.  He’s 6 foot tall, 187 pounds, and with those telephone poles wrapped around Ben’s abdomen, he’s blowing my mind!  There are more climax-worthy still frames in Ben and Alain’s match, including what looks like intense forced muscle worship, but this pic in particular, with Alain grinning as he watches Ben’s face twisted in agony, is incredibly hot!

The coverboy for Catlog 97 is the stud on the right in this shot, Arn Nedic, who goes gorgeous-muscle-to-gorgeous-muscle with insanely baby face muscleboy, Connor Cross in Motel Madness 12.  I’m imagining that there will be an instant fan base lining up right behind Connor’s incredible muscle ass wrapped so unbelievably tightly in those baby blue trunks.  However, there’s something dizzying about the shots of Arn that are already haunting my dreams (waking and sleeping).  Holy fuck, look at those shoulders!  His pecs alone are sending my erotic fantasies into overdrive.  I don’t think I’ve ever harbored an intense erotic fascination for a Serbian go-go boy before, but I’ve got one now. Bad.

Just saying “Alexi Adamov versus Aryx Quinn” is enough to get me hard, but damn!  The preview pics of this clash of titans in Ring Revenge 1 are wildly sexy.  Is it possible that Alexi is still growing taller?  Because he seems to dwarf his opponents more and more, despite facing the hot, smooth muscle bod belonging to someone like Aryx.  Alexi captured, strapped to a ring post, and about to get those picture PERFECT abs pounded is like an image out of Greek mythology, and, of course, my erotic fantasies.

Drake Marcos has been incredibly delightful to get to know since his debut just a couple of months ago.   He has the looks and the personality that instantly attract me.  That Cheshire Cat smile and obvious enthusiasm for high stakes, profuse sweat, unrefereed erotic wrestling are profoundly compelling.  But I have to admit, I sort of overlooked Ray Naylor when he debuted earlier in the autumn, my attention drawn more to the magic of his first opponent, Cameron Mathews.  But this particular preview pic from Drake and Ray’s match in Mat Scraps 2 keeps me coming back to admire Ray’s beautifully sweaty back and that incredibly hot ass, positioned so perfectly with Drake’s face trapped in that luscious figure-4 headlock.  Talk about cheek-to-cheek!  What an image!

Again, there are a dozen evocative images from Eli Black and Diego Diaz’ ab-destroying ring match in Gut Bash 10: Eli Strikes Back.  The size differential between these two men is amazing, and the side-by-sides that illustrate Diego’s beautifully musclebody towering over painfully lean “little” Eli tell an incredibly hot story.  But there’s something about this pic of Diego’s gorgeous, hairy pecs stretched out, his glute flexed, his massive white boots on those incredibly long legs tucked up underneath Eli’s chin, and the pain contorting Diego’s handsome face into a mask of agony that’s got me hooked.

Again, there are a dozen pics of Denny Cartier’s Ring Revenge 1 match with beach buddy rookie Kai Sotelo, but I’m so enthralled with 2-time homoerotic wrestler of the month Denny Cartier that I can’t take my eyes off of this solo image of him.  There are arguably “prettier” wrestlers.  There are unarguably bigger wrestlers.  But there’s just something about Denny that continues to stroke me hard.  The fuck-me brown eyes in this shot are daring me to dive into the ring with him, I swear.  And that dimpled chin of his was obviously stolen straight off of a 1950’s big screen leading man.  I long to see Denny take a major league heel turn, but then again I also long to see someone not only best Denny, but give him a severe tongue lashing in defeat (with some lingering sucking saved for that chin and those nipples).  So far, this is not the direction Denny’s wrestling has taken him with BG East, but pics like these have me helplessly writing that plot in my own mind.

Speaking of helpless!  This image from Kid Vicious taking ownership of Len Harder in Ball Bash 3 is sculpture that deserves to be in an art museum.  Every inch of this, every angle, everything is so fucking gorgeous!!!  From the self-satisfied sneer on KV’s handsome face to the exquisite, gasping agony on Len, there’s a whole story (or 30) summed up in this one shot.  The total mastery, Len’s semi-erect cock dangling vulnerably, the defensive-yet-amorous way the Len clutches KV’s neck with his right hand… I’m as captured by this photo as Len is completely captured by KV!

Lon Dumont’s physique is always profoundly pleasing to me, of course, but the shots of him from his Hair Stakes 1 (of many more, please!?)  match with Ethan Andrews are pure fantasy gold.  I remember in Lon’s Gut Bash battle against massively bigger Joe Robbins that Lon was not about to concede that big Joe’s body was better conditioned than petite Lon’s bodybuilder bod… except for the legs.  Lon apparently has some insecurities about his legs, and side by side with the sequoias that Joe calls his thighs, Lon was giving all the credit to the big man beneath the belt.  That was last bodybuilding season.  A year or so later, Lon’s back and putting his hair on the line against recent addition to the BG East fold, Ethan, and clearly, Lon’s been blasting his legs like a madman.  Hair pulling is, in and of itself, a major turn on for me (when done right), so this match is automatically high on my list.  But this pic in particular, with Lon hanging so vulnerably in a tree of woe as Ethan steps on his long locks, sends me right over the edge.  The drama, the beauty, and those pink trunks squeezed onto Lon’s smooth, lickable body is picture perfect!

Tyrell Tomsen and Jonny Firestorm have both, independently grabbed my attention often, including on the pages of this blog.  Jonny’s photo expose on his stunning forearms was one my favorite Christmas gifts this year, and Tyrell has been a vision of physical perfection in the ring making me swoon.  The pairing of these two is an intoxicating idea for Ring Revenge 1, and this image of Jonny hanging, body tensed and suffering as sweat drips off him, in Tyrell’s lovely bearhug is fantastic.  This is another example of the visually stunning proportions of two bodies sized entirely differently. Jonny’s track record as a serious badass award winning heel, paired with the screaming agony on his face as he suffers helplessly in Tyrell’s arms, sends my homoerotic wrestling fantasies into overdrive!

Ty Garrison has been making me cum for years now, appearing in BG East UK releases for a long time.  Like Denny Cartier, Ty gives me such a powerful hit of a “real” bloke, a guy who quickly rips to shreds any awkward pretense of a wrestling scenario on camera to get down to a seriously competitive and fiercely focused wrestler.  This Motel Madness 12 pic of Ty’s face smothered against the crotch of a another “Denny,” that is, this stunningly pretty refugee from some French boyband, Deni Dupuis, does all sorts of things to my wrestling kink.  Tighty whities, Brit footie fan vs. French beauty, lovely rookie vs. thoroughbred veteran… this works me into a lather in an instant.

My final still frame fantasy from BG East’s new release of Catalog 97 is this incredible shot of hairy heel Morgan Cruise flexing in victory with muscle hunk Marc Merino’s head locked up tight between Morgan thighs as the big, gorgeous, naked jobber tops himself off in obedient submission.  Again, the contrasting bodies, the stark naked beauty, the narrative written across Morgan’s gloating face and the completely dominated position of Marc… damn, this is a stunningly hot image.  I know that Muscle Destruction 1 is a 1:1 battle, but this shot inflames my desperate imagination longing for a full contact tag team story.  Just picture this view as belonging to Marc’s tag team partner, watching from the corner helplessly as his big, powerful muscle stud of a partner is so completely humiliated and destroyed.  Or, better yet, picture this perspective as belonging to Morgan’s tag team partner, having subdued whoever Marc’s chump of a tag partner is, and leaving Morgan’s wingman to slowly stroll up, kneel down between Marc’s gorgeous thighs, and force those bronze knees apart.

There are more beautiful, tempting sensations to be sampled in Catalog 97, but these particular images captured my imagination hard, igniting countless fantasies of what could lay behind and ahead of these moments in time.  I’m looking forward to getting my eyes on the matches themselves, no doubt.  I’m a wide-eyed fanatic for trash talk, and did I mention that Lon Dumont and Ethan Andrews face one another in the ring in Hair Stakes!?  But for the moment, the particular titillation of these still-frame fantasies take me back to those first moments of discovering the online world of homoerotic wrestling and knowing that whatever the reality of the matches themselves, these images are beautiful proof that this kink I love is something I share with a whole lot of others.