By Any Other Name

Goran recently reached out from Serbia to do a little fact checking here at neverland.  He assures me that BG East one-hit-wonder Arn Nedic is not, in fact, from Serbia.  I had passed along that little detail from the online description of Arn’s one and only (fuck, get him in a ring!) homoerotic wrestling match (to the best of my knowledge, PLEASE correct me).  Goran states that Arn is, in fact, a London-based model known as Lucas Agra.

Lucas (aka Arn) can call himself anything he wants, as far as I’m concerned, as long as he puts those phenomenal pecs back into homoerotic wrestling action again soon. The fact that he’s London-based doesn’t, on the surface, exactly pin down his ethnicity, of course.  Living in one of the most cosmopolitan world cities in the history of the world doesn’t really argue strongly that he’s English, by any means. And going by Arn Nedic or Lucas Agra lends itself to an interpretation that his incredibly distinctive, severely ripped physique belongs to someone somewhere east of the prime meridian, I’m still suspecting.  But Goran seems sure his origin story isn’t rooted in Serbia.  Fair enough.

Happily, luscious Lucas has demonstrated he is fabulously equipped and willing to bare it all to show off his sensationally sexy body, so may I recommend a rip ‘n’ strip scenario?  Those soul piercing eyes are enough to stop even a mildly homoerotically inclined opponent in his tracks, but can you just picture that gorgeous cock unleashed mid-match!? Fuck, even a Kinsey 1 would surely be unable to resist getting an up close, hands-on examination of that marvelous meat.

Perhaps not what you want showing up on your resume to be a stock broker.

The misdirection of Arn/Lucas’ wrestling persona raise for me the question of what it is we expect by way of self-disclosure of our homoerotic wrestling infatuations. In an erotically-identified industry like homoerotic wrestling, it should come as little wonder that athletes use pseudonyms. You might not want mom or a day job employer to do a Google search on you and stumble across an image of an opponent schoolboy pinning you with his balls resting on your lips.  Truth be told, I’ve even had an opportunity to pitch in a couple of times when it comes to selecting a wrestling name for a newbie looking to make a big splash with fans. So, of course I’m well aware that, as with public entertainment figures of many types, homoerotic wrestlers may have many reasons for going by a name that isn’t on their birth certificates.

In my opinion, ours is a character-driven industry.

But more than simply a matter of keeping the homoerotic professional and the personal separate, I think there’s a utility to hunks wrestling under a pseudonym. There’s a suspension of disbelief inherent in professional wrestling. No matter how much back story explains it (and I LOVE a compelling back story to my homoerotic wrestling), there’s little face value validity to the idea that two complete strangers strip down to next to nothing, climb into a wrestling ring with a camera crew on hand, and instantly generate a roaring, aggressive animosity that compels them to execute such stylized and idiosyncratic combat moves as snap mares, over-the-knee backbreakers, and Boston crabs.

Motel mattress wrestling is a scenario not likely to spontaneously pop up in most contexts unrelated to the homoerotic wrestling industry.

Ours is a genre that makes demands of us and of the wrestlers we enjoy. Of us, professional homoerotic wrestling demands that we overlook occasional lapses in motivation, character, and convincing sell. It demands that we read pro wrestling shorthand to recognize the tropes and gimmicks and suspend disbelief enough to follow a narrative about magnificently muscled men trading what would almost certainly be lifelong crippling maneuvers leading to miraculous rallies, devastating reversals of fortune, and will-bending psychological domination. As a couple of wrestlers who I’m privileged to count among my friends point out, it isn’t all gimmick and script. These are trained (for the most part) professionals committing their bodies and well-being to honest-to-god wrestling, including both highly competitive unscripted shoots as well as carefully choreographed dances in service to propelling a particular character (the irritating narcissist, the savage heel, the doomed jobber), a certain fan-favorite narrative (the squash, the heel turn, the agro-lust boiling over), or a particular fetishized genre (trampling, gut punching, knock outs). We know the homoerotic wrestling camera is not a lens into the “real” world, but it is, most certainly, a lens into the world in which we live, with real men, with real lives and experience and motivations, engaging in a competition-themed form of entertainment that turns us on.

Wrestlers like Arn put themselves out there.

But the industry also makes demands of the wrestlers we adore. It demands that they display more of their body than they probably do with all but one or two of their most intimate companions. It demands that they conform their aptitudes and preferences and insecurities to the kinks and opinions and tastes of those of us in the homoerotic wrestling audience. It demands that they engage in a homoerotic narrative, even if only erotic by association with the broader industry within which their match is to be marketed.  It insists that they be characters, much bigger than life, louder, more egomaniacal, more sinister, more helpless, more merciless than surely any one of them ever actually is.  It demands that whatever decisions they have made to work in this industry at this particular moment in their lives, their choices will be part of the public record in perpetuity.

So if Lucas Agra (I’d bet a lot of money that’s also a pseudonym) wrestles as Arn Nedic, more power to him. I bet Goran is correct that he probably isn’t Serbian, but I’m absolutely certain he is something. He’s a real boy, with a heritage and a resume and a pile of dirty laundry and a longing to be loved for the content of his heart. He’s flesh and blood, gifted with drop dead gorgeousness more than abundantly enhanced by what is obvious a fanatical devotion to fitness and muscle development.

Arn Nedic pummels the rock hard abs of Connor Cross in BG East’s Motel Madness 12.

And whatever he’s like with his family and friends and lovers, he’s also, for just a few minutes whenever I push “play,” an eye-poppingly sexy motel wrestler who wants nothing more than to wipe that fucking smirk off of prettyboy Connor Cross’ face and make that punk ass kid his little bitch.

We’re all complex, socially constructed, and self-determined human beings. Homoerotic wrestlers included.

A Rose By Any Other Name

I always, always, always get in trouble with these types of posts, and yet I’m irresistibly drawn to keep posting them.  As I’ve said in the past, should photos of the implicated parties suddenly be changed to adorable puppies, you can assume that the wrestlers implicated have kindly requested that I unlink their different personas.  In the meantime, I always feel a little thrill to discover a homoerotic wrestling hottie pop up in a different context, especially a porn (even softcore) setting.

Thunder’s Arena’s Mogly flashes biceps and Blue Steel

To start with, a frequent commenter and friend of this blog a while back pointed out to me a tasty little nugget he discovered while panning for gold over at SeanCody. I, like many of you, was first introduced to this doe-eyed mouthful of sweetness via Thunder’s Arena’s strictly trunks-on format, billed as 5’10”, 160 pound stud puppy Mogly.

Mogly keeps his trunks on as he suffers a major Impact

I’ve seen only one of his matches, in which his lean, athletic body gets pummeled relentlessly.  He has an adorably, cheesy grin and a fun attitude in the fun-n-games format of Thunder’s.

SeanCody’s Tanner is known for his massive, pendulous balls

It turns out Mogly has also pulled the trunks off for SeanCody, appearing as big-balled beauty, 20-year-old Tanner who doesn’t appear shy at all about his cock-n-ball close-ups, or his barebacking adventures slapping those balls down as he pounds Jayden’s ass. In other words, he’s game for wrestling and full-contact naked eroticism, so only half of his raw, pendulous talents are truly getting exploited to their fullest at Thunder’s.  Get this boy suited up for a rip ‘n’ strip full-on erotic combat match pronto.  And many thanks, Jose, for connecting these eye-catching dots!

Brit bombshell Connor Cross has major league assets.

My second catch isn’t nearly as salacious (no porn connection that I know of), but I reeled this one in all on my own.  A few months ago, a gorgeous Brit by the name of Connor Cross made his BG East debut against arguably equally as gorgeous (in a different way) Serbian pec star, Arn Nedic.  Personally, if I had to choose an hour in a motel room with mattresses thrown on the floor with only one of them, I think I’d have to take the Serbian stunner.  However, if it’s a mouthwatering muscled ass I’m in the mood for (which happens not infrequently), lovely Arn would get a kick to the curb for me to get my hands (and other body parts) all over Connor’s gorgeous glutes.

Connor Cross and Arn Nedic debuted in BG East’s Motel Madness 12

Following my frequent crush SteelMuscleGod, I came across (so to speak) his recent YouTube posting calling out a certain Brit trash talker by the name of Josh Williams who he claims he bested on the wrestling mats during a UK trip a year or so ago.  Following the links to Josh Williams, I came (so to speak) to discover that Josh is none other that asstastic muscle boy extraordinaire, BG East’s Connor Cross… or, I suppose, BG East’s Connor Cross is none other than YouTube’s (and more importantly SMG’s) Josh Williams.

Josh Williams flexes and has fun as TheMusclePerformance.

As I get lost in which is the superhero and which the mild mannered alter ego, let me just say that more of muscleboy Josh/Connor is most definitely not a bad thing, even if his YouTube channel is currently populated entirely by muscle worship fare.  He has a sweet sense of humor, such as when some catty bitch commented on an underwear post of Josh’s that his package looked undersized.  Josh laughed it off, proudly announcing he’s a grower, not a show-er.  Josh does this fucking adorable little bow at the end of his muscle worship posts that melts my heart.  He also has a sweet trash talking retort to SMG (trash talk in an English accent is somehow sexier, no?), in which he appears to confirm that he did not own SMG during their wrestling foray, but predicts he will if the rematch is ever booked.  Can I pay someone in the UK to tape a copy of this thing?  HD will be required, as well as lots of close-ups of asses.  I’ll add a bonus for footage of the bare naked muscle worship that simply has to happen once one of these internet muscle stars is conquered.

There’ll never be enough close-ups of that ass!

If you’ve got other small world moments with our favorite homoerotic wrestling stars, let me know.  And you’re Mogly/Tanner or Connor/Josh and prefer me to rewrite this post without your names, replacing your photos with puppies to keep your alter egos secret, just send me the request… and an autographed photo.

Still-Frame Fantasies

I remember the first time I came across (so to speak) sites like Can-Am and BG East online.  My heart pounded in my chest.  This is exactly my thing, I thought!  Holy fuck on a cracker, the images of hot athletes in minuscule gear captured in still-frame in provocative, evocative moments in wrestling sent off explosions in my head (and pants, sure).  I emotionally wrestled for a while with my own closet before I ordered my first homoerotic wrestling videos.  But that period after I first glimpsed homoerotic wrestling in still-frame online and before I had a video popped in the VCR to watch the action in motion was, in and of itself, a pristinely beautiful thing.  The fantasies that those pics inspired could have fueled a small city with the combustion that they set off inside of me.  Everything that came before and everything that came after the shutter going click to capture a given still-frame was alive with possibility that my virile imagination was thrilled to muse over.  One homoerotic wrestling producer (not KL) once chided me gently for my infatuation with photos, since homoerotic wrestling is, by definition, a kinetic thing best (essentially?) defined in motion.  But my homoerotic wrestling kink has always included a deep passion for the fantasies that a particular wrestling still-frame can ignite within me that, occasionally, exceeds the reality once I get my eyes on the video.  With that in mind, I have a whole new batch of still frame fantasies ignited in response to the preview pics of BG East’s latest catalog release, Catalog 97.  So many fantasies, so much erotic energy generated!  And I’m a major fan of BG East’s commitment to document their products with both a videographer and photographer present.  The boys with their eyes in the viewfinders of the cameras deserve major credit in my book, because these images are stunningly gorgeous!

I’ve been waiting to see this hairy beast that friend of this blog, Ben Monaco, discovered on camera, and Mat Scraps 2 finally introduces the world to pouty-lipped muscle beast, Alain LeClair.  He’s 6 foot tall, 187 pounds, and with those telephone poles wrapped around Ben’s abdomen, he’s blowing my mind!  There are more climax-worthy still frames in Ben and Alain’s match, including what looks like intense forced muscle worship, but this pic in particular, with Alain grinning as he watches Ben’s face twisted in agony, is incredibly hot!

The coverboy for Catlog 97 is the stud on the right in this shot, Arn Nedic, who goes gorgeous-muscle-to-gorgeous-muscle with insanely baby face muscleboy, Connor Cross in Motel Madness 12.  I’m imagining that there will be an instant fan base lining up right behind Connor’s incredible muscle ass wrapped so unbelievably tightly in those baby blue trunks.  However, there’s something dizzying about the shots of Arn that are already haunting my dreams (waking and sleeping).  Holy fuck, look at those shoulders!  His pecs alone are sending my erotic fantasies into overdrive.  I don’t think I’ve ever harbored an intense erotic fascination for a Serbian go-go boy before, but I’ve got one now. Bad.

Just saying “Alexi Adamov versus Aryx Quinn” is enough to get me hard, but damn!  The preview pics of this clash of titans in Ring Revenge 1 are wildly sexy.  Is it possible that Alexi is still growing taller?  Because he seems to dwarf his opponents more and more, despite facing the hot, smooth muscle bod belonging to someone like Aryx.  Alexi captured, strapped to a ring post, and about to get those picture PERFECT abs pounded is like an image out of Greek mythology, and, of course, my erotic fantasies.

Drake Marcos has been incredibly delightful to get to know since his debut just a couple of months ago.   He has the looks and the personality that instantly attract me.  That Cheshire Cat smile and obvious enthusiasm for high stakes, profuse sweat, unrefereed erotic wrestling are profoundly compelling.  But I have to admit, I sort of overlooked Ray Naylor when he debuted earlier in the autumn, my attention drawn more to the magic of his first opponent, Cameron Mathews.  But this particular preview pic from Drake and Ray’s match in Mat Scraps 2 keeps me coming back to admire Ray’s beautifully sweaty back and that incredibly hot ass, positioned so perfectly with Drake’s face trapped in that luscious figure-4 headlock.  Talk about cheek-to-cheek!  What an image!

Again, there are a dozen evocative images from Eli Black and Diego Diaz’ ab-destroying ring match in Gut Bash 10: Eli Strikes Back.  The size differential between these two men is amazing, and the side-by-sides that illustrate Diego’s beautifully musclebody towering over painfully lean “little” Eli tell an incredibly hot story.  But there’s something about this pic of Diego’s gorgeous, hairy pecs stretched out, his glute flexed, his massive white boots on those incredibly long legs tucked up underneath Eli’s chin, and the pain contorting Diego’s handsome face into a mask of agony that’s got me hooked.

Again, there are a dozen pics of Denny Cartier’s Ring Revenge 1 match with beach buddy rookie Kai Sotelo, but I’m so enthralled with 2-time homoerotic wrestler of the month Denny Cartier that I can’t take my eyes off of this solo image of him.  There are arguably “prettier” wrestlers.  There are unarguably bigger wrestlers.  But there’s just something about Denny that continues to stroke me hard.  The fuck-me brown eyes in this shot are daring me to dive into the ring with him, I swear.  And that dimpled chin of his was obviously stolen straight off of a 1950’s big screen leading man.  I long to see Denny take a major league heel turn, but then again I also long to see someone not only best Denny, but give him a severe tongue lashing in defeat (with some lingering sucking saved for that chin and those nipples).  So far, this is not the direction Denny’s wrestling has taken him with BG East, but pics like these have me helplessly writing that plot in my own mind.

Speaking of helpless!  This image from Kid Vicious taking ownership of Len Harder in Ball Bash 3 is sculpture that deserves to be in an art museum.  Every inch of this, every angle, everything is so fucking gorgeous!!!  From the self-satisfied sneer on KV’s handsome face to the exquisite, gasping agony on Len, there’s a whole story (or 30) summed up in this one shot.  The total mastery, Len’s semi-erect cock dangling vulnerably, the defensive-yet-amorous way the Len clutches KV’s neck with his right hand… I’m as captured by this photo as Len is completely captured by KV!

Lon Dumont’s physique is always profoundly pleasing to me, of course, but the shots of him from his Hair Stakes 1 (of many more, please!?)  match with Ethan Andrews are pure fantasy gold.  I remember in Lon’s Gut Bash battle against massively bigger Joe Robbins that Lon was not about to concede that big Joe’s body was better conditioned than petite Lon’s bodybuilder bod… except for the legs.  Lon apparently has some insecurities about his legs, and side by side with the sequoias that Joe calls his thighs, Lon was giving all the credit to the big man beneath the belt.  That was last bodybuilding season.  A year or so later, Lon’s back and putting his hair on the line against recent addition to the BG East fold, Ethan, and clearly, Lon’s been blasting his legs like a madman.  Hair pulling is, in and of itself, a major turn on for me (when done right), so this match is automatically high on my list.  But this pic in particular, with Lon hanging so vulnerably in a tree of woe as Ethan steps on his long locks, sends me right over the edge.  The drama, the beauty, and those pink trunks squeezed onto Lon’s smooth, lickable body is picture perfect!

Tyrell Tomsen and Jonny Firestorm have both, independently grabbed my attention often, including on the pages of this blog.  Jonny’s photo expose on his stunning forearms was one my favorite Christmas gifts this year, and Tyrell has been a vision of physical perfection in the ring making me swoon.  The pairing of these two is an intoxicating idea for Ring Revenge 1, and this image of Jonny hanging, body tensed and suffering as sweat drips off him, in Tyrell’s lovely bearhug is fantastic.  This is another example of the visually stunning proportions of two bodies sized entirely differently. Jonny’s track record as a serious badass award winning heel, paired with the screaming agony on his face as he suffers helplessly in Tyrell’s arms, sends my homoerotic wrestling fantasies into overdrive!

Ty Garrison has been making me cum for years now, appearing in BG East UK releases for a long time.  Like Denny Cartier, Ty gives me such a powerful hit of a “real” bloke, a guy who quickly rips to shreds any awkward pretense of a wrestling scenario on camera to get down to a seriously competitive and fiercely focused wrestler.  This Motel Madness 12 pic of Ty’s face smothered against the crotch of a another “Denny,” that is, this stunningly pretty refugee from some French boyband, Deni Dupuis, does all sorts of things to my wrestling kink.  Tighty whities, Brit footie fan vs. French beauty, lovely rookie vs. thoroughbred veteran… this works me into a lather in an instant.

My final still frame fantasy from BG East’s new release of Catalog 97 is this incredible shot of hairy heel Morgan Cruise flexing in victory with muscle hunk Marc Merino’s head locked up tight between Morgan thighs as the big, gorgeous, naked jobber tops himself off in obedient submission.  Again, the contrasting bodies, the stark naked beauty, the narrative written across Morgan’s gloating face and the completely dominated position of Marc… damn, this is a stunningly hot image.  I know that Muscle Destruction 1 is a 1:1 battle, but this shot inflames my desperate imagination longing for a full contact tag team story.  Just picture this view as belonging to Marc’s tag team partner, watching from the corner helplessly as his big, powerful muscle stud of a partner is so completely humiliated and destroyed.  Or, better yet, picture this perspective as belonging to Morgan’s tag team partner, having subdued whoever Marc’s chump of a tag partner is, and leaving Morgan’s wingman to slowly stroll up, kneel down between Marc’s gorgeous thighs, and force those bronze knees apart.

There are more beautiful, tempting sensations to be sampled in Catalog 97, but these particular images captured my imagination hard, igniting countless fantasies of what could lay behind and ahead of these moments in time.  I’m looking forward to getting my eyes on the matches themselves, no doubt.  I’m a wide-eyed fanatic for trash talk, and did I mention that Lon Dumont and Ethan Andrews face one another in the ring in Hair Stakes!?  But for the moment, the particular titillation of these still-frame fantasies take me back to those first moments of discovering the online world of homoerotic wrestling and knowing that whatever the reality of the matches themselves, these images are beautiful proof that this kink I love is something I share with a whole lot of others.