Another Rose By Any Other Name

5’10”, 156 lbs, Thunder’s Arena’s resident bad ass twink: TAK

I haven’t yet sparked one of those slightly panicky messages from a young hunk who’d really, really prefer that I take down references to their more explicit porn career in response to yesterday’s post.  Cool!  Celebrate what you got, boys! Adam did contact me though to let me know that 1) Blogger wouldn’t permit him to post a comment, and 2) Thunder’s Arena’s TAK can also be seen doing his thang at SeanCody.

First of all, sorry for those who frequently let me know that Blogger isn’t allowing them to comment.  Our Google overlords have moved on to their next big innovative roll-out, I’m sure, so kinks and bugs like this seem to pop up with increasing frequency around here.  Second of all, as I’ve mentioned recently, I occasionally get a major twink-lust, and damn it all if “The All-American Kid” TAK doesn’t scratch it good!  There’s something visually vulnerable about him, particularly when juxtaposed with the seriously massive mountains of beef that Thunder’s has tended toward in recent years.  More than just sheer size, though, TAK’s blond, blue-eyed, long, lean beauty is almost “delicate,” I’d say.  He looks like he’d burn in the sun without SPF 5,000.  I’d guess he could’ve been a sickly kid.  So when he slaps down a sweetly intense mat offense and makes an opponent squeal a little, and then flexes his ectomorph muscles cockily, the drama is hot and compelling.

SeanCody’s Sheldon (and his power washer)

Eagle-eyed Adam put 2 and 2 together and passed along the conclusion that Thunder’s Arena’s “The All-American Kid” is also SeanCody’s Sheldon.  Nice, nice, nice!  Somehow TAK looks considerably less vulnerable to me with his semi-erect cock swinging free.  That’s a choice piece of meat to go with the boy-next-door beauty and deceptively shy grin.  SeanCody’s page mentions that Sheldon is a heavy artillery shooter, and Adam confirmed this when he contacted me to put me on this trail.  Our boy boasts that he can launch a load that will hit the ceiling, and Adam says “the guy shoots the biggest, farthest load you’ll ever see this side of Shane Erickson.”

All the right elements to a seriously, explicitly erotic chart topper!

Which makes his match against fellow SeanCody alum and bareback rodeo star Mogly seem like so much potential unrealized.  Can you just imagine the chart topper this would have been had Mogly used that free left hand of his when he had TAK at his mercy in this backbreaker, to yank down his trunks and work that hose until TAK doused a bonfire!?

5’9″, 212 lbs, Thunder’s Arena’s Xavier

My second sleuth today is again another find from my own foraging. And, again, it’s another Thunder’s Arena wrestler, namely Xavier.  Xavier’s a typical Thunder’s Arena powerhouse. Thunder’s says he’s 5’9″ and 212 pounds.  He wrestles with a dark coat of hair on those massive pecs, and he sports some aggressive ink that I really like the look of.

Xavier takes a good look at what his muscle domination does to studpuppy Hoop.

Xavier is sweetly satisfying as an overpowering bully who delights in exploiting an outmuscled opponent.  Like serious crushes of mine before him, he works his magic all over luscious bon bon Hooper who responds in the way that Hoop seems unable to resist when dominated by superior firepower.  Xavier-the-wrestler strikes me as a brute force bull, like the tat on his right arm, plowing through the china shop of lesser men.

Vegas boy and RentMen’s XavierMuscle

Following the trail of breadcrumbs he leaves on Twitter, Instagram, RentMen and Facebook, when he’s not crushing a turned-on little hunk like Hoop, Xavier is available by the hour via RentMen or for public consumption as a muscle dancer at a gay club in Las Vegas.  Here’s a prime example of how different contexts shed such a different light on a hot piece of meat like Xavier.  I’d never really noticed his gorgeous eyes, and in his case, I’m all over those massive, meaty pecs shaved over au naturel.  Far less a brute than a beauty, Xavier as muscle god is a work of art. Seeing how he can handle the jackhammer he’s equipped with, again I have to say I think it’s a crying shame he didn’t do more than just raise an eyebrow at Hoop’s swollen package propped up so perfectly in that OTK.

I could feast for days on those shaved pecs!

Again, as always, if this post suddenly becomes populated with pictures of puppies, you’ll know that someone prefers that his G-rated non-explicit homoerotic wrestling persona overlap with his X-rated porn star alter-ego.  Fair enough.  I’m always more than ready to fulfill a request from a wrestler to craft his wrestling presence in precisely the way he wants it.  But my point is really that there’s sometimes more homoerotic potential in our homoerotic wrestling fare, and I’m a booster for exploiting potential to its fullest.

A Rose By Any Other Name

I always, always, always get in trouble with these types of posts, and yet I’m irresistibly drawn to keep posting them.  As I’ve said in the past, should photos of the implicated parties suddenly be changed to adorable puppies, you can assume that the wrestlers implicated have kindly requested that I unlink their different personas.  In the meantime, I always feel a little thrill to discover a homoerotic wrestling hottie pop up in a different context, especially a porn (even softcore) setting.

Thunder’s Arena’s Mogly flashes biceps and Blue Steel

To start with, a frequent commenter and friend of this blog a while back pointed out to me a tasty little nugget he discovered while panning for gold over at SeanCody. I, like many of you, was first introduced to this doe-eyed mouthful of sweetness via Thunder’s Arena’s strictly trunks-on format, billed as 5’10”, 160 pound stud puppy Mogly.

Mogly keeps his trunks on as he suffers a major Impact

I’ve seen only one of his matches, in which his lean, athletic body gets pummeled relentlessly.  He has an adorably, cheesy grin and a fun attitude in the fun-n-games format of Thunder’s.

SeanCody’s Tanner is known for his massive, pendulous balls

It turns out Mogly has also pulled the trunks off for SeanCody, appearing as big-balled beauty, 20-year-old Tanner who doesn’t appear shy at all about his cock-n-ball close-ups, or his barebacking adventures slapping those balls down as he pounds Jayden’s ass. In other words, he’s game for wrestling and full-contact naked eroticism, so only half of his raw, pendulous talents are truly getting exploited to their fullest at Thunder’s.  Get this boy suited up for a rip ‘n’ strip full-on erotic combat match pronto.  And many thanks, Jose, for connecting these eye-catching dots!

Brit bombshell Connor Cross has major league assets.

My second catch isn’t nearly as salacious (no porn connection that I know of), but I reeled this one in all on my own.  A few months ago, a gorgeous Brit by the name of Connor Cross made his BG East debut against arguably equally as gorgeous (in a different way) Serbian pec star, Arn Nedic.  Personally, if I had to choose an hour in a motel room with mattresses thrown on the floor with only one of them, I think I’d have to take the Serbian stunner.  However, if it’s a mouthwatering muscled ass I’m in the mood for (which happens not infrequently), lovely Arn would get a kick to the curb for me to get my hands (and other body parts) all over Connor’s gorgeous glutes.

Connor Cross and Arn Nedic debuted in BG East’s Motel Madness 12

Following my frequent crush SteelMuscleGod, I came across (so to speak) his recent YouTube posting calling out a certain Brit trash talker by the name of Josh Williams who he claims he bested on the wrestling mats during a UK trip a year or so ago.  Following the links to Josh Williams, I came (so to speak) to discover that Josh is none other that asstastic muscle boy extraordinaire, BG East’s Connor Cross… or, I suppose, BG East’s Connor Cross is none other than YouTube’s (and more importantly SMG’s) Josh Williams.

Josh Williams flexes and has fun as TheMusclePerformance.

As I get lost in which is the superhero and which the mild mannered alter ego, let me just say that more of muscleboy Josh/Connor is most definitely not a bad thing, even if his YouTube channel is currently populated entirely by muscle worship fare.  He has a sweet sense of humor, such as when some catty bitch commented on an underwear post of Josh’s that his package looked undersized.  Josh laughed it off, proudly announcing he’s a grower, not a show-er.  Josh does this fucking adorable little bow at the end of his muscle worship posts that melts my heart.  He also has a sweet trash talking retort to SMG (trash talk in an English accent is somehow sexier, no?), in which he appears to confirm that he did not own SMG during their wrestling foray, but predicts he will if the rematch is ever booked.  Can I pay someone in the UK to tape a copy of this thing?  HD will be required, as well as lots of close-ups of asses.  I’ll add a bonus for footage of the bare naked muscle worship that simply has to happen once one of these internet muscle stars is conquered.

There’ll never be enough close-ups of that ass!

If you’ve got other small world moments with our favorite homoerotic wrestling stars, let me know.  And you’re Mogly/Tanner or Connor/Josh and prefer me to rewrite this post without your names, replacing your photos with puppies to keep your alter egos secret, just send me the request… and an autographed photo.