Another Rose By Any Other Name

5’10”, 156 lbs, Thunder’s Arena’s resident bad ass twink: TAK

I haven’t yet sparked one of those slightly panicky messages from a young hunk who’d really, really prefer that I take down references to their more explicit porn career in response to yesterday’s post.  Cool!  Celebrate what you got, boys! Adam did contact me though to let me know that 1) Blogger wouldn’t permit him to post a comment, and 2) Thunder’s Arena’s TAK can also be seen doing his thang at SeanCody.

First of all, sorry for those who frequently let me know that Blogger isn’t allowing them to comment.  Our Google overlords have moved on to their next big innovative roll-out, I’m sure, so kinks and bugs like this seem to pop up with increasing frequency around here.  Second of all, as I’ve mentioned recently, I occasionally get a major twink-lust, and damn it all if “The All-American Kid” TAK doesn’t scratch it good!  There’s something visually vulnerable about him, particularly when juxtaposed with the seriously massive mountains of beef that Thunder’s has tended toward in recent years.  More than just sheer size, though, TAK’s blond, blue-eyed, long, lean beauty is almost “delicate,” I’d say.  He looks like he’d burn in the sun without SPF 5,000.  I’d guess he could’ve been a sickly kid.  So when he slaps down a sweetly intense mat offense and makes an opponent squeal a little, and then flexes his ectomorph muscles cockily, the drama is hot and compelling.

SeanCody’s Sheldon (and his power washer)

Eagle-eyed Adam put 2 and 2 together and passed along the conclusion that Thunder’s Arena’s “The All-American Kid” is also SeanCody’s Sheldon.  Nice, nice, nice!  Somehow TAK looks considerably less vulnerable to me with his semi-erect cock swinging free.  That’s a choice piece of meat to go with the boy-next-door beauty and deceptively shy grin.  SeanCody’s page mentions that Sheldon is a heavy artillery shooter, and Adam confirmed this when he contacted me to put me on this trail.  Our boy boasts that he can launch a load that will hit the ceiling, and Adam says “the guy shoots the biggest, farthest load you’ll ever see this side of Shane Erickson.”

All the right elements to a seriously, explicitly erotic chart topper!

Which makes his match against fellow SeanCody alum and bareback rodeo star Mogly seem like so much potential unrealized.  Can you just imagine the chart topper this would have been had Mogly used that free left hand of his when he had TAK at his mercy in this backbreaker, to yank down his trunks and work that hose until TAK doused a bonfire!?

5’9″, 212 lbs, Thunder’s Arena’s Xavier

My second sleuth today is again another find from my own foraging. And, again, it’s another Thunder’s Arena wrestler, namely Xavier.  Xavier’s a typical Thunder’s Arena powerhouse. Thunder’s says he’s 5’9″ and 212 pounds.  He wrestles with a dark coat of hair on those massive pecs, and he sports some aggressive ink that I really like the look of.

Xavier takes a good look at what his muscle domination does to studpuppy Hoop.

Xavier is sweetly satisfying as an overpowering bully who delights in exploiting an outmuscled opponent.  Like serious crushes of mine before him, he works his magic all over luscious bon bon Hooper who responds in the way that Hoop seems unable to resist when dominated by superior firepower.  Xavier-the-wrestler strikes me as a brute force bull, like the tat on his right arm, plowing through the china shop of lesser men.

Vegas boy and RentMen’s XavierMuscle

Following the trail of breadcrumbs he leaves on Twitter, Instagram, RentMen and Facebook, when he’s not crushing a turned-on little hunk like Hoop, Xavier is available by the hour via RentMen or for public consumption as a muscle dancer at a gay club in Las Vegas.  Here’s a prime example of how different contexts shed such a different light on a hot piece of meat like Xavier.  I’d never really noticed his gorgeous eyes, and in his case, I’m all over those massive, meaty pecs shaved over au naturel.  Far less a brute than a beauty, Xavier as muscle god is a work of art. Seeing how he can handle the jackhammer he’s equipped with, again I have to say I think it’s a crying shame he didn’t do more than just raise an eyebrow at Hoop’s swollen package propped up so perfectly in that OTK.

I could feast for days on those shaved pecs!

Again, as always, if this post suddenly becomes populated with pictures of puppies, you’ll know that someone prefers that his G-rated non-explicit homoerotic wrestling persona overlap with his X-rated porn star alter-ego.  Fair enough.  I’m always more than ready to fulfill a request from a wrestler to craft his wrestling presence in precisely the way he wants it.  But my point is really that there’s sometimes more homoerotic potential in our homoerotic wrestling fare, and I’m a booster for exploiting potential to its fullest.

The point of the conversation

Austin Wolf generates so much heat!

I’m closing down the comments on my post last week concerning speculation regarding masculinity and femininity in homoerotic wrestling.  My sincere attempt to try to have a conversation about the role of masculinity in today’s homoerotic wrestling scene continued to veer into persistently vague yet increasingly personal attacks on last month’s homoerotic wrestler of the month, Austin Wolf.  A comment that came through for approval last night got catty with me, pointing out that I was missing the point of the conversation, since all I was talking about was Austin’s wrestling.  I was in the middle of composing a cuttingly clever and brutally insightful retort when it suddenly occurred to me that the commenter (who’s comment won’t be published because of the ensuing character attack on Austin as a person) was actually quite correct on his first point.  Sure, it was my conversation to start with, and it’s a conversation happening on my blog, but the conversation was decisively on a point that is implicitly and explicitly off topic around here.  I was missing “the point” that one or more commenters are uninterested in saying anything about Austin’s wrestling, but fixated on remarkably non-specific but vehement charges about his quality as a gay man and human being off camera.

… and as for his potential in homoerotic wrestling…

Yeah.  I don’t “get” that conversation at all, and more pertinently, that’s not a conversation for this blog. I’ve never talked with Austin, so I can’t verify whether he’s an upstanding sort of guy who’s just pissed somebody off, or if he’s a royal, screwed up dick.  But except for the generous gentlemen who have agreed to be interviewed for neverland, that’s pretty much the state of things with all the wrestlers I review and reflect on.  This conversation, the conversation that I’ll continue to initiate and be happy to respond to, is about homoerotic wrestling, the professional homoerotic wrestling industry, and what turns me on.  Austin’s wrestling turns me on, and I continue to think that he’s got a huge potential, proportional to his massive muscles, for more chart topping homoerotic wrestling.  The rest is for some other forum.

Austin takes the only beating that I care about: in a wrestling match.

I’m composing my post appointing Austin’s successor as HWOTM.  He didn’t appear in a November homoerotic wrestling release, so Austin isn’t eligible for a back-to-back repeat.  So I’m guessing I’ll have less to say about him in the coming days, and I guarantee you won’t be seeing any further comments charging him with unspecified failures to gay humankind.  But comments about his work on the mat or his potential in the business going forward will continue to be welcomed, because that’s what we talk about around here.  And if Austin wants to join the ranks of the friends of neverland by giving me an interview (pass along the hint, people!), we’ll enjoy chatting with him about his initial forays into homoerotic wrestling. Period.  Until then, let’s move on and get back to “the” conversation.

I hope to see those tree trunks wrapped around many, many more heads!

Man Enough

Our Google overlords bless us with a fickle blogger interface that frequently leaves me cursing.  Typically, I think, the frustration is almost entirely on my side of the computer screen. Occasionally, however, it seems to impact neverland readers.  One reader has repeatedly pointed out that the automatic program for verifying that people who attempt to comment are, indeed, human beings, can sometimes present such blurry and obscure text to try to decipher that it’s nearly impossible.  Sorry for that. I wish I had some control over those things.  I also recently discovered that someone attempted twice to post a comment on a recent session of gushing of mine over reigning (for one more day) homoerotic wrestler of the month, Austin Wolf.

Austin Wolf not masculine?

I approved the comment, after some pause, however I don’t see it anywhere on the blog itself.  It’s in my “approved comments” list, but doesn’t show up in any post I can find.  The pause came because I’ve been rejecting comments lately that seem to me to be bitchy criticisms of wrestlers’ bodies or personalities.  Too fat.  Too skinny.  Not butch enough.  I know that a lot of the homoerotic wrestlers I write about also read this blog, and I don’t want them reading that crap.  But I went ahead and approved this comment that referred to Austin as “sexy enough, if only he weren’t so femme in person…. He is not nearly as masculine as the image he is trying to portray,” the commenter reported.  There’s just so much there to think about.  Setting aside my first question, “when have you seen him in person?” and my second question, “isn’t every expression of masculinity (or femininity) an image, a mere portrayal, or as Judith Butler has called it, a “performance?”  Whatever.  So Austin isn’t as masculine in person as he seems to appear on camera.  I guess my real question is, so what?

Rusty Stevens: masculine enough for you?

Now I’m not trying to take this commenter to task.  At all, really.  I approved the post because it provoked me to think deeper about masculinity in homoerotic wrestling.  I mean, sure, hypermasculinity is a pretty well-worn trope on our scene, so I would be entirely unsurprised to discover that any number of the meanest, baddest, most dominatingly butch heels in homoerotic wrestling history are, in their personal lives, light in the loafers and sassy as blown glass.  I don’t care what they may get up to on their own time, I might say.  Just tell me that powerful story of domination and submission, power and suffering, agony and arousal that I love so much, and what do I care how far from the mark that wrestling persona is to how they act when their sipping apple martinis at the piano bar?

Xavier: Does body hair make the man?  Big muscles?  Facial hair?

But even that isn’t really where I settled with this comment about the purported incongruity between Austin’s presentation of masculinity on and off camera.  No, I found myself challenged by the idea of masculinity itself.  We’re clearly not in a post-gender age, of course, but as for me (and I’ll speak solely for myself here), I’m not sure I’ve got the clearest hold on what comprises the polar opposites of masculinity and femininity as far as homoerotic wrestling goes.  I know of big, burly muscle bear-looking bruisers who snarl and spit and I think, hot damn, that’s one hot bit of masculine hunkiness!  But if the same burly bear wears a pink cardi and giggles like a girl when Glee comes on, I’m still fully prepared to objectify him as a no-holds-barred object of my lust.

Lon Dumont: Smooth as a baby’s bottom and over-the-top masculine in the ring.

And there are relatively petite, smooth, boyishly beautiful wrestlers who wink and grin, and when slam an opponent into the turnbuckle or bash him across his knee in an over the knee backbreaker, I think, hot damn, that’s one hot bit of masculine hunkiness!  Deep bass Boston voices.  High pitched Southern accents.   Pretty in pink.  Dangerous in black.  Go-go-boy.  Construction worker.  Limp wrist.  Football fan.  Facial hair.  Man-scaped.  Do they have a cock and tell me a hot, hot wrestling story?  I’m in.

Damien Rush was quoted recently as saying, “Let me smother you with all my masculine hair!”

So if Austin Wolf cracks an opponent’s spine over his knee, claws his crotch mercilessly, then schoolboy pins the punk with his big, gorgeous cock slapping the loser’s cheeks back and forth, and then gets up, showers off with 5 different skin care products and quotes Bette Davis movies over cosmos with all the rest of the girls… well, fuck.  It just occurred to me that I think that’s even HOTTER!

Tell me again how I’m not masculine enough for you, bitch!

Homoerotic wrestling likely reifies stereotypes of masculinity (and, by default, femininity) in many, many ways.  But I think, and I hope, that it blurs some of the old standby stereotypes as well.  I like the idea that the same mass of 6’4″ sculpted muscle can threaten to rip an opponent’s head off in a camel clutch and the next day sing along with show tunes in the car as he goes antiquing with his gurl-friends. I harbor a deep seated and not at all sublimated sexual fantasy of the rise of the muscle sculpted sissies who may be as pretty as a prima donna, but will fuck you up in a heartbeat in the ring.  Maybe I’m too old.  Or too young.  Or just don’t have the good taste to want to cling to the sharp, clean lines of gender stereotypes any longer.  But even if Austin Wolf were a flaming queen, he’d drain me dry time and time again as long as he racks another wasted loser across those mile wide shoulders of his.  Hell, I’d pay a premium, in fact!

Ask Hoop right about  now if Austin is masculine enough for him.

Reader’s Choice Poll – OTK Delights

“Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup….”  I’ve been quiet around here lately, but I’m happy to report that it’s not a sign of writer’s block.  In fact I’m writing a lot, and on several different projects, all of which I’m finding very enjoyable and exciting.  You’ll have a chance to see it all sooner or later, but for now I’m designating today for a “reader’s choice poll” to make you all do some of the heavy lifting around here!
I’m on board with team Shutt!
Before we get to the poll, however, I want to make this brief shout out to a particular fan of this blog who made a special appeal for neverland readers to support his burgeoning, ass-kicking career.  My shirt for team Shutt arrived, and it fits great.  I’m looking forward to regular reports documenting his rise  through the ranks of hardbodied battlers, and I’m fully expecting him to generously remember those of us who were hopping on his bus way back when he was just a newbie with an attitude.  Readers can still order their own shirt, promoting and supporting the MMA career of a driven young man who appreciates all of our support.
Now, however, let’s move onto today’s assignment.  Homoerotic wrestling fans frequently have special g-spots for particular pieces of the complex puzzle of wrestling eroticism.  For example, Joe at Ringside at Skull Island recently posted that he’s a thighs-and-shoulders-man more than an abs-and-ass-man, whereas when it comes to someone like Kid Karisma, I’m entirely fixated on those world class glutes!  Same thing goes for many other aspects of wrestling, including holds and maneuvers.  There have been virtual rivers of virtual ink spilled by raging fanatics of bearhugs, for example.  There was for a while (I seem to have lost my link) a blog devoted to the erotic power of the bodyslam.  Regular readers know my particular kink is tweaked hardest by a hard, lingering, sweaty, spine realigning over-the-knee backbreaker.  So the reader’s choice poll for today is to sample the recent OTK backbreakers in new releases and select the one that’s the sweetest example of how exquisitely sexy this maneuver can be.  Like a tango, it takes two, but I’m convinced it’s the boy getting backbroken who sells this maneuver most, so the boys up for your vote are on the receiving end of this particular delight. Check out the nominees below, and then vote in the poll to the right.
Hooper’s trunks rise to vote for him for best wrestler in an OTK backbreaker.
Speaking of having spilled virtual ink, I’ve already waxed fanatical about the chemistry generated in the Thunder’s Arena recent release, Mat Rats 21.  The surprise star of the show is that growing bulge in Hooper’s trunks, god bless him, but possibly the most perfect moment in this match for me is when big (and I mean BIG) Austin Wolf pounds Hoop’s back down across his thigh and then leaves the little studpuppy slowly cracking in half.  Hoop’s agony is nothing short of sublime, and the rising tide in his trunks totally catches me off guard for it’s erotic appeal.
Rookie Gold Mantis bends like rubber while getting crotch-clawed by the master.
Gold Mantis learns immediately upon entering the gym to be careful what he wishes for (and wishes to avoid).  Within seconds, his #1 nightmare, Cage Thunder, has the hardbodied rookie locked up tight and cracked backward across his thigh. And can Gold Mantis bend or what!? Damn, a hot, hard body like that that’s also as limber as a gymnast is… well, it’s golden! With Cage Thunder’s claw squeezing his crotch, Gold Mantis is going nowhere at the speed of light, and this mouthwatering OTK ticks off just about every single box I’ve got!
Z-Man makes my mouth water with his no-hands OTK agony!

Z-Man fans will, I’m sure, chime in when they see that the playboy model turned homoerotic wrestling fantasyman is nominated here for his gorgeous display of his totally vulnerable yet incredibly powerful body wracked so appealingly across Dick Rick’s right thigh. Dick is a consummate salesman, and the sweat dripping off his meaty pecs are icing on this cake, but the cake itself is Z-Man totally committing to this involuntary chiropractic procedure.  So much beauty and power made so completely at the mercy of the heel pro… wow…

Denny Cartier’s hot bod, hairy thighs, and gasp-worthy flexibility on gorgeous display

Reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month, Denny Cartier, sells and sells and sells in his anchor role on Leopard’s Lair 4.  The quantity of abuse he soaks up from both Alexi Adamov and Aryx Quinn are epic, but I swear to you that it’s the quality of his suffering that makes Denny second to none in this new release.  Singlet straps down, on his tiptoes trying to relieve the pressure on his lower lumbar while his forehead is smashed to the mat on the other side of Aryx’ leg, the hairy legs, the stretched abs, the tats, the bulge… gorgeous.

Diego Diaz’ 6’3″ frame stretches for days as he bridges across Kirby Stone’s thigh.

Diego Diaz is another of the tallboys turning my head hard lately.  When Kirby Stone catches him across his right thigh and bends him backward, Diego is nearly too much man for Kirby to handle.  Keeping those long limbs and hot muscles in place makes the heel-rising Kirby have to work at it, and if a little gratuitous squeeze of Diego’s right glute happens along the way, all the better! There’s just so damn much of Diego to love, and this OTK makes loving every inch a deep down pleasure.

Pec-perfect playboy model Z-Man doesn’t only know how to catch an OTK, he can pitch with some sweet finesse as well.  When he’s got a sweat-soaked Jake Jenkins where he (and you and I) want him, it’s like sculpture.  But when JJ screws up his face, wails like a wounded animal, and clutches his lower back pinned across Z-Man’s knee, there’s pathos is all performance art!  Damn, I love JJ’s sweaty locks plastered to his temples as his head hands upside down!  This boy hurts like a champ!
Brit battler Will Stanley takes two opponents to work him over in an exquisite OTK!
Rock Hard Wrestling also chimes in with the only recent 2-on-1 OTK I’ve seen recently, and I have to say, I love a 2-on-1 OTK!  In this case, young muscle stud Will Stanley gets cracked across Ethan Andrew’s thigh and laid open for opportunistic punk Aaron Travers to pound the muscle stud’s vulnerable, yet armored, abs.  This scene would achieve ultimate perfection should Aaron’s left hand slide down underneath Will’s trunks and throttle his balls as he bashes the boy’s gut.  Alas, even short of perfection, it’s an incredibly hot contender for the most provocative OTK backbreaker of recent releases.
So who’s your pick for the wrestler selling an OTK backbreaker sexier than all the rest?  I’m wildly ambivalent and my loyalties are shattered 7 ways!

He like it! He like it!

5’8″, 155 lbs Hooper faces Austin Wolf(‘s nipples)

There’s a whole lot of inevitability in Thunder’s Arena’s Mat Rats 21.  Then again, I have to say, there’s one BIG surprise that catches me off guard and infatuates me just a bit.   5’8″ Hooper strolls onto the mat and boldly stares up at 6’4″, 235 lbs, Austin Wolf.  “So, Austin,”Hooper snarls, “just because you’re big, I’m not scared of you at all!”  Austin sneers, looking way, way down his nose at Hoop. “Huh, little man? Sure?”  Hoop stands defiantly, nose to nip.  “You think you’re good lookin’!? I’m right there with you. I can take you!” Hoop boasts, but the ‘oh-fuck’ grin on his face gives away the fact that he’s scared shitless.

Austin: “Do you like that?”  Hooper: “Yeah!”
Perhaps the key to this improbable confrontation is Hoop’s early answer to one key question Austin asks as he quickly holds Hoop helplessly upside down in an inverted bear hug. Austin’s face is sandwiched sweetly between Hoop’s thighs, but there’s no danger there.  If the kid were to try something stupid, he’d end up dropped on his head like an infant George W.  But when Austin asks him, “Do you like that!?,” almost instantly, apparently sincerely, Hoop grunts out, “Yeah!”  Sure, at first I think it’s macho bluster.  But then again…
That’s what all those muscles are for!!!

Austin’s gorilla press is visually stunning.  All that incredibly hot muscle has to work to keep Hoop’s flailing body balanced overhead.  The studly giant grunts.  His upper lip curls even as the corners of his mouth turn down in grimaced concentration.  Suddenly, he let’s the “little man” roll off his fingertips and plummet the 8 or so feet to the mat as the giant strolls forward, staring cockily into the camera.  Hoop wails like a wounded animal, clutching his ribs.  Without an ounce of mercy, Austin immediately presses one knee into the middle of Hoop’s back and yanks the little hunk’s arms backward.  The gasping pain that rushes out of Hoop’s mouth is fucking hot, but not as hot as the bulging muscles of his trapped arms locked behind him and the rippled, ripped torso of the bearded beast owning him.  Austin pries Hoop off the mat all the way back to his sternum.   “Did you like that!?” Austin repeats.  Hoop doesn’t answer this time, except for guttural cries of anguish.

Austin ties up Hoop like a bow on a Christmas present
Austin wraps his big, meaty paws around Hoop’s throat and easily hoists the kid way, way, way off his feet yet again.  Hoop hangs in mid-air from the visually stunning choke, until Austin slowly bends his elbows, lowering Hoop’s face to within an inch of his own, displaying truly astonishing and incredibly hot power.  “Do you like that, huh?!”he demands.
Just a little later, Austin’s reverse bearhug displays Hoop’s bulge beautifully, and I’d swear, if this wasn’t Thunder’s Arnea, that the “little man” was sprouting wood.  Let’s just say he’s just that fucking big to start with and let that thought simmer on the backburner as the catchweight brutality continues.  “Don’t know what they were thinking, sending me this little boy,” Austin mutters, stroking his massively peaked right bicep appreciatively.  Some parts may be relatively little, but then again…
But Austin, do you like that?!
Hoop is flat-footed and looks like a tidal wave is about to break on top of him as he lets Austin scoop him up and rack him across his massive shoulders.  “Do you like that!?” Austin asks yet again, prying Hoop sideways around his neck like bending a steel bar, which of course he could.  That huge bulge in Hoop’s trunks presses against Austin’s ear.  I swear it’s bigger than just 30 seconds earlier, but this is Thunder’s so let’s just say I miscalculated his dimensions before.  He’s just that big.  Austin makes sure Hoop gets the point that the kid’s fist pounding into the muscled wall of Austin’s upper abs is completely ineffective.  When that point’s proven, he rolls the kid off and sends Hoop crashing once against to the mat way down below.

Hoop slides Austin’s legs into position.
Austin’s leg scissors makes Hoop squirm like a worm.  “Do you like that? Yeah!?” Austin asks him intently.  “How does that feel?”  Hoop’s ripped torso looks so, so hot trapped between those massive legs!  “Like it?” Austin demands to know.  “No!” Hoop finally responds.  I’m not convinced. The captured kid shoves Austin’s calves down his abdomen, squeezing the giant’s legs lower and lower until they’re pinned just above and pressing down on that aforementioned massive bulge in his trunks.  And then, I swear to god, he stops trying to adjust Austin’s legs.  If this weren’t Thunder’s, I’d swear the kid was intentionally positioning his swelling cock nestled tightly in the crook at the back of his opponent’s knee to enjoy the added friction and pressure.  Austin slaps Hoop’s rock hard abs, demanding the kid’s submission.  That face Hoop makes just doesn’t look like unadulterated agony to me.  I’d swear it was adulterated with a deep, down ecstasy to have Austin so completely in control of him, grinding his crotch into the big man’s lightly hairy legs.  Austin flexes.  Fuck, a man that big, that handsome, and that ripped is a stunning thing to behold!  Hoop squirms more, his hips bucking, grinding the head of his cock against Austin’s calf.  His bulge lodged underneath the giant’s calves make the top of Hoop’s trunks drag down, inch by inch toward the base of his cock, well below his tan line.  
When Austin suddenly shifts position and wraps those incredibly thick thighs around Hoop’s head, I fully expect to see a damp stain on Hoop’s trunks.  But either there isn’t one, or the pattern in the trunks is disguising it.  Either way, as Hoop suddenly twists and arches his freed lower back, the boy’s hefty bulge bounces and quivers.  “I can’t take it!” Hoop growls, his eyes shut, his teeth clenched.  “Mercy!”  Austin makes him give up 7 more times.  “Louder, one more time. Give it to me!” he demands.  Hoop gives it to him, obeying the muscle god into whose mercy he’s fallen.  Austin lets the little man go, flexing his guns to add awe to the kid’s bruised ego.
Do you like that, Hoop?
There’s some quirky camera work around a weird failure of a flying body block, but when the awkward edit is past, it’s worth it.  Hoop is captured across Austin’s right leg in a delightful over-the-knee backbreaker.  Just how tented can the kid’s crotch grow before we just face facts that Hoop’s fucking turned on by being owned by big Austin Wolf!? Hoop’s left hand slides up Austin’s ribs, coming to rest squeezed high up under the giant’s armpit.  “Ugh, I can’t take this!” Hoop groans. “Okay!!!” he cries.  Hoop looks uninterested, not about to care an ounce what the kid says. Then he looks off camera, clearly getting some coaching.  Apparently coach tells him to cut the kid some slack, so he dumps the kid on the mat dismissively and stands up.
They lock up in a collar-and-elbow, pushing against one another in a battle of strength and balance.  Hoop’s heavy load between his thighs swings like a pendulum until Austin easily tosses the kid about five steps backward.

Even Hoop seems unable to take his eyes off of that big bulge!
Another slightly odd flying body block gives the boys their second stab at the choreography intended earlier.  Austin easily catches Hoop in mid-air, holds him a second, and then drops his right knee to the mat, driving the kid’s back down hard across his left thigh this time.  Austin takes a second to position his hands in order to pry Hoop backward, his palms stroking Hoop’s undeniably hot muscle bod.  If this weren’t Thunder’s, I’d swear Austin was intentionally provoking the kid’s masochistic kink.  That bulge is just laying there like a Thanksgiving turkey directly underneath Austin’s chin.

Austin’s hand slides closer and closer to the star of the show.

Austin’s eyes roam up and down the kid’s hot body, unavoidably taking in Hoop’s massive bulge.  Abruptly there’s another slightly awkward edit (check around 10:25). A cut in the camera angle, and abruptly Hoop’s bulge has shrunk!  What’s the opposite of a fluffer?  For me it’s probably a naked woman.  I don’t know what it is for Hoop, but I’m absolutely certain it’s not being manhandled by a 6’4″ muscle god like Austin Wolf!

“Need to baby you a little bit, huh?”
Austin scoops Hoop up off his knee, cradled in his arms.  “Poor baby,” he says, looking into Hoop’s eyes.  “Okay?  Need to baby you a little bit, huh?” He rocks Hoop in his arms humiliatingly.  He holds Hoop’s face close to his, his eyes wide with “concern.”  “Think you’re going to be all right,” he asks, “yeah?”  Dazed and confused, Hoop doesn’t have time to answer.  Austin flings him to the mat and then plants a massive foot across the kid’s face.  “You like that!?”

“You like that!?”

Back on their feet, suddenly Hoop catches Austin by surprise, lifting him off his feet (okay, so an inch and a half are “off his feet”), and then putting him on the mat and locking on a standing head scissors from behind.  Hoop crows and flexes.  “Right here!” he smacks his thighs.  “How does it feel to be the small guy!?” He grabs Austin’s ankles and then rolls backward, spreading the big man’s legs and putting him ass-to-the-ceiling vulnerably.  “Yeah, not so fun being big, huh!?” he taunts.  “Come on, get out of it!  Where are those big muscles now!?”  It could be the hamstring stretch he’s applying, but I have to think it has something to do with the back of Austin’s head resting on the massive bulge in Hoop’s trunks when Hoop asks, “How’s it feel, huh!?”

“Not so fun being big, huh!?”

Austin’s had enough of the kid play.  He muscles free and puts Hoop to his back, shoving the kid’s face in his underarm.  “How do ya like that, huh!?  Who’s got ya now, yeah?  You like being the little man? Yeah?”  As if in answer, when Austin climbs off, the bulge is back.

“Who’s got ya now!?”

The inevitability is that it’s light’s out for cupie doll head Hooper once that cobra squeezes around his throat.  The surprise is that, although this is a complete catch weight squash, there are absolutely 2 big, big men in this match!