Friday Fashion

Now I understand why they have “observers” at polling places.  Earlier this morning when I checked, the votes for last week’s Friday Fashion polls went one way, but as I sit down to officially tabulate and announce the winners, the decision has narrowly swung differently. What shenanigans have been going on between then and now!?  Well, check that, they have observers at polling places to intimidate historically disenfranchised voters. I don’t know whether intimidation was involved this time around, but whatever the reason, I’m calling both races as of this moment.  The voting was insanely dramatic over the week. Both Ty Alexander and Drake Marcos hit social media to rally their fans to vote for them for their gear choices in Babyface Brawl X. They exchanged leads multiple times in both polls, for who wore the lime green briefs best and who wore the pink square cuts best.  All-About-Ty had both fashion votes running his way this morning, but at the last moment, this one turned into a split decision.  First up, let’s take a look at who wore the green briefs best.  And keep reading to vote in this week’s Friday Fashion poll below!


It was deceptively angelic babyface Ty Alexander who pulled off the commanding victory for having worn the lime green Calvin Klein briefs best. With a vote of 100 to 85, fashion judges gave this one to the adorable ingenue. One voter commented that it was Ty’s tan that worked best with the fluorescent briefs. In social media sniping, I overheard young Ty taunt Drake for his pale complexion, so perhaps sweet Ty is banking on his all over bronzing to literally make the competition pale in comparison.  Being cute as a button with a beautiful tan, however, isn’t something to bank on when it comes to wrestling victory, of course. Whatever the formula, it was the babiest of babyface rooks who pulled it off (or, more literally, was pulled off of him), and Ty Alexander wore it best.

fashiondrake2fashiondrake3On the other hand, it was the Cheshire Cat who was fashion forward in the pink and white square cuts, a victory pulled off by the skin of his teeth.  Turning the corner sometime this morning with a vote of 74 to 73, like the more seasoned stud he is, Drake cooly snatched the sure thing from Ty in dramatic fashion. If you follow these boys online, you know that even the seemingly decisive nature of the victory in Babyface Brawl X remains contested by these two stubborn studs, with both of them laying claim to having owned his opponent and the winner’s circle in one form or another. With this split decision in the fashion realm, I suspect the bitter feud may be merely fueled further. And it isn’t like I can argue that this all needs to be settled by the boys strip-wrestling for who gets to wear the choicest gear. Already done that!  Since The Boss seems loathe to produce rematches, perhaps these two need to find tag team partners to get another crack at settling, once and for all, who’s the babyface on top.


For today’s Friday Fashion poll, I’m nominating another rare occurrence at BG East. Within the same catalog, to different wrestlers in different matches sported the same gear.  While repeat fashion are no uncommon (as evidenced by the raison d’être of Friday Fashion polls), I think it’s quite unusual for two hunks to be featured in the same catalog this way.  So finding both Dr. Cooper and Ray Naylor filling out so nicely the same pair of gun-metal grey designer square cuts seems like it’s just begging for a Friday Fashion showdown.  Take a look at the nominees and you decide. Who wore it best?

In Undagear 22, Ray Naylor gets absolutely owned as his pouch protrudes provocatively in these high fashion grey square cuts. Ray is perennially ripped to shreds, as lean as they come, and fucking sexy as hell, and getting trounced by Kid Karisma is obviously no bitter pill for Ray to swallow. But did he wear it best?
In Gutbash 11, it’s maniacal, sadistic, unstoppable Dr. Cooper who shows up to honesty terrorize achingly young rookie quarterback Richie Douglas. Austin has always been the reigning goldenboy at BG East, as far as I’m concerned, but there are definitely dark shadows and terrifying twists when it’s the brutal surgeon Dr. Cooper who shows up in the ring. He’s the epitome of dangerous beauty, but in this gear, did he wear it best?

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