Our Man Inside

In honor of Labor Day, I’m posting a few more of the photos I recently received from OMI, these featuring a couple of the young studs at BG East working.  Or is that “werkin'”? Either way, if I’m not mistaken (I frequently am), rookies Kayden Keller and Ty Alexander are pictured here playing grounds crew for the BG East North compound. I believe Ty’s head may be swollen beyond recognition as a result of his recent split decision with Drake Marcos in the Friday Fashion poll, although if you listen to Ty, he only seems to register that he won. So let me start my comments focused on Kayden Keller.  Ooo.  Baby! Kayden has been posting physique update photos on FB, so seeing him putting on muscle is not exactly a surprise. However, a hot, bearded, shirtless hunk in jeans will always make me perk up and take notice (you may want to remember that if you’re trying to get my attention). As for Ty, it looks like for a while he was actually getting down and dirty there, but the fashion plate couldn’t help himself but pull out his hot stuff lounging shorts and then pull them down far enough to show off his matching pink speedo underneath.  When the camera comes out, it seems, Ty’s got to look his best!  Thanks, again, OMI!





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