Our Man Inside

It’s been months since I heard from our man inside (OMI) the operation at BG East. I was beginning to wonder if the Boss had finally sussed out the identity of the homoerotic wrestling fans’ hero who has smuggled us behind the scenes, off label photos of BG East wrestling magic in the making. However, OMI is apparently not wearing cement shoes in at the bottom of the Okeechobee, because just this week I received a package proverbially wrapped in a brown paper bag.  OMI, I’m relieved to hear that you’re still with us!  Keep ’em coming, because I get a particular thrill out of seeing BG East boys in candid and unscripted moments. It’s just a little more like getting to be there in person to watch the hot action live!

Here, Drake checks neverland to find out whether he’s managed to intimidate me. Keep hoping, buckaroo!

Today’s batch of photos come from poolside in Florida and primarily feature the Cheshire Cat himself, Drake Marcos. Regular readers will remember that although I’ve gone on the record as a fan, handsome young Drake has taken umbrage at my armchair commentary, including my complaints that his very first photographic appearance (a pre-OMI smuggle) featured him in far too loose of clothing to get a clear estimation of his physique. What really seems to have soured the Fugelsang-esque stud toward me has been any discussion I’ve raised of his relationship to the category “jobber.” Somehow, being asked about whether he’s a champion jobber seems to wipe that ever-present grin of his handsome face. Ah, well.  I’m not the first journalist to be resented for my willingness to ask the hard questions. Young Drake has been promising for months now that he’s got an ass-whooping saved up especially for me, should our paths ever cross.  Unfortunately for Drake, that very well may happen this autumn due to my travel schedule for work. I’ll keep you informed as to whether it’s a certain favorite blogger of yours, or whether it’s a certain sexy jobber we know, who comes face to face with a well-earned reckoning.

I’ve never had an unkind (or unaroused) word to say about this stud, despite the enmity he appears to nurse against me.
Here, Drake looks pissed, so I’m guessing he’s either thinking of me or flashing back to one of his countless squashes.


Cue the Jaws theme music, because there’s a heel shark approaching an adorable jobber!
You’d think the youngster would learn not to leave his back turned to a sadistic heel like Jonny Firestorm. We’ve seen Drake come a long way in his tenure with BG East (for example, look at those mouthwatering legs!). But I think it’s way too early to tell whether this babyface has earned his get-out-of-jobberville-free-card yet. Watch your back, buckaroo. If it isn’t Jonny, it could very well be a certain blogger coming for you!

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