Red Baron: Come Sit Next to Me!

Kid Karisma is back at it, passing along more dirt on his blog about last weekend gathered from another wrestler there, his friend Alan, aka Red Baron.  In our interview last winter, Kid K explained that it was Alan who first set him up to wrestle for BG East.  For that reason alone, I consider Alan a patron saint in neverland.  But apparently Alan is also carrying around potentially incriminating photographic evidence of just how far Kid K will go for a good time.  The karismatic one and his “Daddy Alan” clearly enjoy talking shit, and I for one enjoy listening to it!  Here and now let me just make myself crystal clear: neverland readers are absolutely aching to see some candid shots of Kid K compromised by too much partying!  Alan, if you’re listening, let’s talk!!!

Kid Karisma, Blaine Janus, Lorenzo Lowe and Skip Vance

It also appears that Alan also took some shots over the weekend at BG East, and Kid K has been kind enough to post them.  As is my way, I’m instantly obsessing over every detail.  For example Lorenzo with a mouth full of watermelon… damn this boy is looking sexier to me by the minute!

Skip Vance and his “Boston boyfriend,” Jonny Firestorm

I’m also noticing that Skip and his Boston boyfriend both shop at Hollister.  Unless they’re sharing clothes.  Which is just fucking adorable.

Blaine and Alan look ready to double-team a handsome new face!

Perhaps most intriguing is this shot of Blaine Janus and Alan aka Red Baron sandwiching an extremely handsome young man who I don’t think we’ve had the pleasure to meet yet.  In this shot he bears a strong resemblance to John Fugelsang, who is blisteringly hot in my book.  I’m guessing this is one of the newbies Kid Leopard mentioned as part of the cast of characters in Pembroke last weekend.  I have no independent verification as to whether this could be the hot hunk with the jaw-dropping nipples I’ve heard about.  He looks fit, but there’s really no telling from this shot what sort of physique he’s smuggling under those baggy clothes (Skip, drag this boy to Hollisters!!!).  I hope Kid K gave this handsome hottie the warm welcome a beautiful rookie face deserves (i.e., Kid Karisma’s premiere muscle ass sitting on his face!).

Red Baron pumps up to prepare for his next cub hunt.

Kid K also posted a shot of Alan pumping his guns, which illustrates why Kid K and his buddies refer to him as “Daddy” Alan.  Good thing Karisma and Alan are buddies, because shit talking with a big bear daddy like this seems dangerous if you’re a lean, 5’8″ slice of beef with baby blue eyes like Kid K.  Then again, in the words of the karismatic one…

“I don’t give a fuck!”

Keep dishing up the dirt, Kid Karisma!  Your grip on the title of my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler is fucking TIGHT with all this extra-curricular, behind the scenes insight into a hot and heavy weekend of wrestling at BG East!

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