Red and White and Hot All Over

How did I not know that Kid Karisma has a blog?  Sure, he doesn’t post often, but come on!  He’s been sitting so, so pretty atop my overall favorite homoerotic wrestling rankings for months and months.  I’ve nominated his ass (specifically) for its own Wrestler Spotlight release.  How did I not know that the karismatic one has his own blog?  Thank the gods above and below that I found out, because That Ginger Guy has just today posted a cruelly teasing recap of what he may, or may not have been up to in Boston last weekend!

View across the lake from BG East headquarters

Let me just assure you I’ve done my best to coax more details out of my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler.  Flattery.  Pleading.  Monetary reward.  More flattery.  I’ve been working my ass off with Kid K to squeeze out even a little more about what went down in Boston beyond his provocative overview. I have very little to show for it, other than permission to repost these pics.

BG East is a shrine to all things wrestling!

There were three car loads of homoerotic wrestlers caravanning to Paradise for after-hour fun and games.  Jonny bought the first round.  My life is the lesser for not being able to be present when 3 car loads of BG East battle boys came through the doors of Paradise and started downing shots.

Kid K is impressively tight-lipped about any specifics of what went on at BG East headquarters, other than the pics he posted and the fantasies that they instantly inspire.  First let’s just get the most obvious revelation out of the way: Gabriel Ross’ fucking HUGE pecs!!!!

Ben Monaco, Gabriel Ross, and Kid Karisma

Holy-fuck-on-a-cracker, what have they been feeding this angelic little devil!?  The face is still the same hint o’ jailbait innocence, but this reader’s choice favorite BGE britboy grew some humungous pecs!  I’m a little dizzy anticipating what the rest of him looks like now.  I have no trouble at all understanding why Ben Monaco appears crazed with his tongue stretching out of his mouth as if of a mind of its own toward Gabe’s right nip.  I offered Kid K my firstborn, but no more pics of Gabriel were forthcoming.

Bard absolutely makes passes at boys who wear glasses!

My second a-ha moment from Kid K’s photo album from last weekend is his cozy shot with bespectacled Lorenzo Lowe.  While I seriously enjoyed his debut against Eli Black last month, I have to say that the furor that seemed to erupt around his appearance on the scene left me a little lost.  He’s adorable as hell with a mouthwatering ass, and I swear to God he looks like my first boyfriend, but the level of adoration I’m seeing from others had me scratching my head.  But the glasses, the five-o-clock shadow, and that gorgeous smile on his face in Kid K’s behind-the-scenes pic are making me reconsider my first assessment of Lorenzo. The boy’s fucking hot.  Kid K’s naked torso leaning against Lorenzo’s shoulder doesn’t exactly hurt the sexiness factor, either.

1. Where exactly is Blaine’s left hand? 2. Is there room for me?

And I’ll say to you what I said to Kid Karisma.  Blaine Janus and he primping in the bathroom for what I’m guessing are preparations for their “trip to Paradise,” looks to me like a perfectly matched set of blond-n-ginger bookends.  With that image in mind, never in my life have I wanted so much to be a book.  Kid K politely laughed at my joke.  But seriously, make me the egg salad in a Blaine and Kid Karisma sandwich and I die a happy, happy man. I’ve got plenty more mixed metaphors that I could use to describe what those two are doing to me, but I’ll spare you.

And finally, let me just spread a little gossip that I can tell you I’ve heard from no fewer than 3 eye witnesses (well, partners in crime) on hand in Pembroke last weekend.  There’s some newbie who showed up who absolutely knocked the socks off of EVERYONE.  Kid K confirmed it, and in addition to his very general description, I’ve heard from others that the new kid had a body that the boys simply couldn’t take their eyes off of.  Intriguingly, one source referenced this guy’s nipples as “jaw dropping.”  I’m on record as totally able to drop jaw for hot nips, so I definitely get the concept.  Of course, now we’ve got to wait for this rookie phenom who set hearts a pattering and crotches adjusting.

Fuck, I hate waiting.

Thanks for the exquisite torture, Kid Karisma!

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