Help Needed (desperately)

I’m officially obsessed.  I began writing a homoerotic wrestling fiction story several months back.  I shelved it for a while, but I was recently drawn back to the story.  It’s one of those projects that’s consumed me a bit lately.  It’s a story I’m aching to get down on paper.  It’s haunting me a little between writing sessions.  All that’s good stuff… great, really.  I love that sort of project where it grabs me and drives me hard.  But here’s the bad news.  I’ve embedded some photos of a fitness model who I’m using to illustrate the main protagonist.  But I’ve lost all track of who this hunk is.

Now, I could just move on in any number of directions.  I could be happy with the three anonymous photos I’ve gathered (included in this post) and use them without knowing more about this beefy beauty, and not needing to look up any more provocative shots of him.  Or I could identify a new model to stand in his place and embody the protagonist I’m writing.  But at this point, this story has been sitting underneath my skin so long with this particular hunk animated in my imagination, that I’m finding it very difficult to let go of him.  I’ve spent ridiculous amounts of time searching the net for who he is, but I’ve had no luck.  In fact, I’m feeling a little paralyzed in my writing and distracted from other important tasks in my life by the search for identifying this dreamboat.  I need help.

Somebody who reads neverland knows who this guy is, I’m sure.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of you put me onto this inspiring physique and clean cut face.  Even more to the point, I know that there are net-obsessed boys with a lot more technical savvy than I have who may have just the search tool to nail this hardbody down (which, coincidentally, is precisely the plot I’m writing!).  I need you your help.  Please. Scratch this itch before it drives me insane!

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