I Need a Hero

Eye of the Cyclone’s Powerpecs

Over at Eye of the Cyclone, superhero Powerpecs is in high stakes trouble. Lured to free “a troubled soul” from “the other side” by a mysterious monk, Powerpecs eagerly began to the quest to find out if it was his old superhero academy bro Flex trying to contact him from the great beyond. Flex had been trapped in virtual reality by the slithering superhero Cobra years ago, so hot hunk Powerpecs is visibly excited by the prospect of a reunion with his muscle stud superhero buddy.  Powerpecs killed Cobra a year ago, achieving revenge for his bro, but what a sweet promise it would be to see his hot, hard, hung superhero companion in the flesh again!


But of course it wasn’t Flex trying to creep across the veil. It was Cobra! And before Powerpecs realized what was happening, the mysterious, floating entity Cobra attacked, encircling the hunk. The ghostly supervillain laid him bare, humiliating him by peeling away Powerpecs’ mask.  Fortunately for everyone involved, Powerpecs is one hot, handsome stud!  With vicious strikes, Cobra began ripping into Powerpecs supersuit, and the superstud’s bulging muscles continued the wardrobe malfunction by flexing and swelling and tearing apart the skin tight yellow lycra worse with every effort he made to free himself. Chains wrapped themselves around the hot hunk, tying him down and beginning to crush him like… a Cobra.


In yesterday’s latest chapter in “Sometimes They Come Back,” Powerpecs’ predicament grows worse and worse, even as his hot bod grows more and more visible with each tear of this suit. The superhero has some colorful ink across his left bicep.  The ripping fabric is slowly creeping up his thick, beautiful thighs, threatening to join the rip heading southward from his lower abs and (fingers crossed) fall off completely, unleashing that trouser snake Powerpecs is keeping under wraps.



Glistening with sweat, Powerpecs struggles in vain.  How do you defend yourself against an opponent you can’t get your hands on!? He drops to one knee, the nearby mirror giving us multiple angles of that bodacious butt starting to bust it’s way free from his lycra. His lack of underwear further intensifies the raw truth that a superhero laid bare is a beautiful, vulnerable, erotic object of muscle-destruction domination!




The ghostly Cobra channels Freud, grabbing hold of Powerpecs super handsome face and prying open his jaw, starting to press himself inside.  Powerpecs fights, struggling to defend what surely is merely the first hole to be assaulted in this vicious game of hunk conquering.  Those powerful pecs are just window dressing. His bulging deltoids and meaty glutes are reduced to eye candy.  The gorgeous stud is helpless, as Cobra reveals his true plan.  He’s going to crawl inside (I’m with you there, Cobra) and possess the powerful hunk, reducing all those beautiful muscles to merely the doorway through which the supervillain will live again to wreak havoc on humanity… and more hot, hung superheroes.  Heel turn by full contact penetration!?  Oh, hell yes!

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