Lacroix of Homoerotic Wrestling

Ty Alexander has designs on being a homoerotic wrestling fashion star…

I’ve said it before, and I predict I’ll say it again: the boys at BG East better keep an eye on lovely ingenue Ty Alexander.  Fresh off of his success in the Friday Fashion poll a few days ago, the adorable babyface sent me a big batch of photos to demonstrate just how fashion forward he is. I keep trying to point out to the rook that his battle for who wore it best actually ended in a draw, with both he and Drake Marcos scoring simultaneous victories in the polls. But Ty seems to stubbornly ignore my corrections, instead charging ahead exuberantly staking his claim to being the resident fashionista of homoerotic wrestling. Young Ty is a perverse combination of angelic loveliness mixed with passionate certainty in his superior fashion tastes. I suspect he may have the fashion label “jobber” stamped indelibly across his bubble butt, but somehow I think BG East, from the back office boys to the deep bench of top notch wrestlers, may have their hands full with the lovely Ty’s absolute certainty in his destiny to outshine any opponent.

…or a porn star. Hopefully both.

Mind you, I’m not complaining. Anything that inspires an adorable stud to keep sending me photos of himself showing off his closets full of wrestling gear is A-OK with me. The rising Christian Lacroix of the homoerotic wrestling scene has had his ass spanked repeatedly so far in competition (though again, he’ll argue he won an emission-victory to spoil Drake’s first-ever win). But in the court of high fashion and public opinion, as last Friday’s votes amply testify, Ty has never failed to look good doing it!

Unquestionably, Ty makes these trunks look stunningly hot!

Enjoy the rest of Ty’s portfolio below. I hope we see him wrestling in each and every one of these gear choices, particularly the last one, soon!

Ty wipes off the suggestion that his Friday Fashion contest with Drake ended in a draw. This is All About Ty.
If he wears these in the ring, I can pretty much guarantee he’s going to get dragged across the canvas by that pouch.


A classic in metallic blue classic pro trunks and boots.
I’m offering a bounty for the opponent who wrestles Ty out of these sexy baby blue brief and sends them my way!
Ty wears collegiate hunk gear to perfection! Specs make a hot body in a singlet 20 times sexier. I want a late night biochem study session with that stud!
Ty works it from every angle.




This nature boy fashion shoot makes it clear that Ty needs a role in a BG East “Great Outdoors” match
I think Ty’s true calling, however, is rocking a pair of provocative “Boy” trunks in the ring.
The sign of a true fashion genius is making nothing but a bottle of baby oil Ty’s sexiest fashion choice yet!

3 thoughts on “Lacroix of Homoerotic Wrestling

  1. Hot pics. I especially love the first one with the CM Punk type trunks. Hope you wear those in action sometime.

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