Fantasy League

Once upon a time, I was infatuated with two particular homoerotic wrestlers who, sadly, competed exclusively on opposite coasts. The title of my overall favorite homoerotic wrestler was traded back and forth between instant heartthrob Mitch Colby, almost exclusively wrestling with BG East, and sex gladiator Rusty Stevens, who tore up the mats for Can-Am and Naked Kombat. So I mused openly about the unlikely prospects of seeing the two of them go head to head, giving my torn, torn heart a side by side, in the moment, man on man comparison to tip the scales conclusively one direction or the other.

Mitch Colby finally got his hands all over loudmouth, smartass muscle hunk Rusty Stevens in The Breaking Point.
And then, like manna from heaven, BG East released The Breaking Point, pitting my two top infatuations against one another in a mat battle to the naked, orgasmic finish (and I’m not just talking about me). So I know it can happen. The franchise players who appear unlikely to ever cross paths can, on occasion, step across the lines that so arbitrarily divide the homoerotic wrestling universe into competing production camps. And, of course, some wrestlers cross those lines seemingly daily, competing across the country, across multiple platforms, sometimes meeting up against foes they faced in other settings.  But there are some wrestlers, often the ones I’m most infatuated with, who appear to stick to their well-worn paths.  So I don’t dismiss the possibility entirely, but I know that for many franchise players, the chances of seeing them face off against major competitors for other franchises are slim.

Thunder’s Arena Champ Marco and BG East wild child Kid Karisma
So today I’m musing about “what if.”  In this case, what if two franchise players from competing productions were to face off.  Namely, between Thunder’s Arena’s champ Marco and BG East’s notorious wild child bad boy Kid Karisma, who would flex in final victory over his wasted foe once all was said and done?

Marco and Kid Karisma, both flexed for your pleasure
I like this pairing for many reasons.  For one, I’m a big, big fan of both muscle hunks.  Marco was my homoerotic wrestler of the month this past May, and Kid K has been homoerotic wrestler of the month on 3 occasions, as well as owning the title of my overall favorite homoerotic wrestler for longer than anyone else. But the allure of seeing these two square off is much more than just about me.

Marco – 5’8″, 180 lbs versus Kid Karisma – 5’5″, 170 pounds
They’re closely matched in size. They’re both listed at 5’8″ with Marco about 10 pounds of heavier. That all adds up, in my mind, to Kid K packing on denser, more ripped muscles. If Kid K has a strength advantage, arguably Marco may have an advantage in wrestling technique, at least as far as mat wrestling goes. In a pro ring, Kid K appears to have a boatload more experience. The margins are razor thin in all of these contrasts, though, and I wouldn’t be surprised to be completely surprised by whatever might unfold should these two meet in the ring or on the mats.

Both fantasymen are much larger than life
What really moves me most about this hypothetical and unlikely face off is the personalities involved, however. Both of these magnificent specimens are raging smart asses. They play with their food. They taunt and torment. Both studs end up on top much more often than not, and they revel in lording it over their crushed opponents. Both hunks pay generous and often appreciative attention to the sexy physiques of their doomed foes.  And both musclemen make me laugh, gasp, and hard with similar portfolios of beauty, power, and wit.

Casual readers can weigh in on who you see as more likely to destroy the other, Marco or Kid Karisma.  Serious fans can weigh in in the comments section as to how you see this playing out. In the BGE ring?  On the Thunder’s mats? Competitive? Squash? Finishers?  Let me know how your fantasies and mine line up.

10 thoughts on “Fantasy League

  1. Where did you get that Karisma is 5’5″??? On the site it is listed as 5’8″ and whenever he wrestles guys who are between 5’7″-5’10” he appears to be a similar height to them.

    Personally, I think in a real match-up between the two Marco would actually win b/c he has much more wrestling experience and is very, very quick. When Karisma wrestles it is almost always against guys his size or smaller and for the majority of the match he preens and poses while his victims “play dead”.

    Whenever Karisma is given a real challenge (like against the monster Dev Michaels) he is humiliated. Don’t get me wrong, I am more attracted to Karisma as he is better looking, has the better body, his voice and taunts are sexier, and his ginger fur is very cute…which he rarely shows off when filming at BGeast 😦

    …BUT all that don’t mean he would win in an actual wrestling match against a seasoned and skilled opponent like Marco.

    1. You’re correct, hoochiemoochie! I swear I saw 5’5″ when I looked it up when writing this post, but indeed his profile lists him at 5’8″. My mistake.

      1. Depends on your tastes. Certainly you won’t see any kissing or sexual things there but, if you liked the old Let’s Wrestle (featuring Mark Lander) or Underground Independent Wrestling, then you will like Untamed Creations. Ferdi is a hot blond with washboard abs like Skip.

  2. I can see both of these guys pushing the other’s boundaries quite a bit. With some muscle worship and trash talking thrown in as well. However, I see this as Kid K’s downfall. My ideal finish for this match would be Kid K knocking Marco out with a figure 4 head-scissor. While he is flexing over Marco and admiring himself, Marco gives him a low blow and than in succession: a school-boy pin, a sleeper hold for the knock-out and finally another school-boy pin, punctuating it with the 1-2-3.

  3. Kid Karisma is just meaner, so I suspect he’d win, and really put the hurt on Marco.

    I really like this idea of inter-federation matchups. My head is spinning with the possibilities. If only we could bring back some of the retired talent (Mikey Vee, that means you!), or retired production studios.

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