It took me a while to catch up, but I finally migrated my Can-Am Max membership to their new portal. I have to admit to feeling a little miffed at the way they went about the new launch. Forcing me to resubscribe while leaving my existing account attached to archives never to be updated seemed unnecessarily convoluted and a pain in the ass. But I finally got around to it, and I have to admit, the new Max is significantly superior in function and form. The first thing that caught my eye was the media attached to the new release of DeCrotchery 11.

Jobe Zander takes on muscle rookie Cody Cummings

I wish there were a more user friendly search option on the Video page, but once you find a particular product you’re interested in, all of the available media, is available and attractively displayed. No more hunting and pecking back and forth between photos and video clips, doing shot in the dark searches for models or keywords in titles. The video access is much more integrated, and the photos are incredibly high quality and high definition. Ironically, the membership portal is significantly superior to the storefront public access, where searching for a particular wrestler or product remains a maze. But landing on the DeCrotchery 11 page, there’s exactly one stunning fact that bowls me over: Jobe Zander is fucking ripped!!!

Jobe Zander is RIPPED!!!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jobe as taut and toned, and fuck it all if it doesn’t look sensational on him. Now, it’s the same Jobe, mind you.  If you find his wrestling banter annoying, and I know some of you do, you will continue to find it annoying. But the packaging is, for my tastes, astonishingly high quality.

The veteran makes Cody Cummings suffer .

“Suffer, boy!” Jobe snarls as he place kicks hot, bearded hunk Cody Cummings in the ribs while the meaty rookie tries to climb up to his hands and knees. The story revolves around muscle stud Cody coming with some wrestling background and those huge muscles to defy the juggernaut that is Jobe’s ball bashing resume. Jobe makes the most of his best asset by locking the beefy rookie up in a reverse bearhug and repeatedly, violently thrusting his gargantuan package pounding between Cody’s ass cheeks. I want the FastPass for that ride, please!

Jobe’s newly minted muscle ass

But honestly, I may need reconsider my longstanding rhetoric about, and the legend that is, Jobe’s huge package.  Of course, it’s still huge in DeCrotchery 11.  His body fat has significantly shrunk, but that mammoth mountain of meat between his thighs appears as pendulous as ever. But damn it all if Jobe’s muscle carved ass doesn’t keep distracting me from marveling at his “centerpiece.”

My favorite: an over-the-knee backbreaker with a ball twist chaser

There are 4 clips currently available in the new Max site from DeCrotchery 11, and Jobe is mostly manhandling Cody beautifully thus far in the match. Considering my weakness for a long suffering OTK backbreaker, his repeated success in stretching the muscle boy out across his knee and clawing the fuck out of his crotch is sensational.

You can taste the sweat pouring off both of these wrestlers.

Cody works up a sincere sheen of sweat early going, and Jobe’s dark, SoCal tan isn’t far behind. He repeatedly demands that the rookie give a reading of the likert scale, 1-10, for how brutal he’s making Cody suffer. “One!” the rookie snarls through gritted teeth, clutching his tortured testicles. Jobe is thus challenged to turn the dial way, way up to merit a reluctant, screaming, brutalized reappraisal from the hard-to-impress muscle hunk.

Holy shit. Ripped!!!

I’ll keep watching the serial release of DeCrotchery 11 in the new Max, and I’ll enjoy continuing to explore the backroads as well as the new territory the portal takes me to. They promise multiple daily updates, which was a major complaint of the old Max: stagnant content updated unpredictably. Technology often baffles me, so I should probably be the last one to critique producers’ timeliness in developing new ways to exploit it for our enjoyment. But like most of you, I’m a consumer, with opinions, and I’m happy to see Max slicker, more navigable, and so far, updated often enough to slake my unending thirst for fresh content. Now, about that storefront public portal of yours, Can-Am…

Has Jobe just fucked with the wrong rookie hunk?

One thought on “Evolution

  1. I have not been following can am but dam they got the likes of Cody Cummings on the mat. They need to get other porn stars and models involved. What I would give to see underwear model Pablo Hernandez on the mats for BGEast or Can Am. Any of you agree or have a preference for what other porn stars they would like to see on the mats. I await your feedback.

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