Crowning a New Champion

Rusty Stevens capped off his meteoric rise in my wrestling fantasy rankings with the final segment of his battle with Aryx Quinn in Can-Am’s Arena 2. The plot of the match is described explicitly enough on the website, so I don’t think I’m giving too much away. Aryx finishes off Rusty with his “Kiss of Death,” knocking out the bigger man cold. He wakes Rusty up with his erect cock sliding between Rusty’s magnificent ass cheeks, and proceeds to force feed him orally and then plow him from behind.

No offense meant to Aryx, but he’s furniture to me as I watch this. My eyes are for Rusty alone. He’s simply gorgeous, with a body I just want to reach out and grab from every angle. The scene fades to Aryx on his back with Rusty sitting on his cock and power bottoming, facing Aryx’ feet. Rusty is fierce even with his opponent’s cock up his ass. The magic happens, though, when he skillfully spins around on Aryx’ cock to face his head. Still planted on top of him, Rusty leans forward, kisses Aryx’ neck, and then slaps on the same “Kiss of Death,” knocking Aryx out cold.
Rusty drives home the point that he didn’t take kindly to Aryx’ beginning the screw him while he was still unconscious by returning the favor. Rusty’s stunning ass is hypnotic as he pumps his helpless opponent into submission. Somehow, they finish everything off with respectful, mutual appreciation, eagerly suggesting that they’re both ready to face off and do it all over again.

It was the moment that Rusty spun around on his opponent’s cock in order to take charge from “the bottom,”… that’s the precise moment when Rusty ripped the crown from Mitch Colby’s head and claimed the title as my new favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy. Rusty’s fierceness in transforming his humiliating defeat into a final reversal, all the while owning Aryx even with Aryx’ cock up his ass, earns him the undisputed title.
Mitch’s MySpace page recently suggested that he was hitting the gym for his next wrestling match. So while Mitch is now the #1 contender (step aside, Derek), I’m hoping that the competition will be heating up soon. Mitch managed a pretty rapid reversal of fortunes when Derek da Silva spanked his ass and claimed the crown for a couple of months last Autumn. I’m eager to see if Mitch kicks it into overdrive in order to kick Rusty’s ass to the curb, and back into second place.
The king is dead. Long live the king.

2 thoughts on “Crowning a New Champion

  1. I was rooting for Rusty in this contest … and solely on the basis of his Naked Kombat stuff. I haven't seen his recent stuff with Can-Am, and obviously I am missing A LOT.

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