More than Muscle

An upper respiratory infection has sidelined me from some of my work this weekend. I’m noting that it was just this past Thursday that I was
feeling beaten and battered by a ridiculously busy workday, and 48 hours later, I’m ill. Working too hard sucks, and it definitely appears to make me susceptible to the crud. So, word to the wise…

Grandma’s advice aside, my sincere intent is to finish the second match in the Secretarial Pool audition tournament in my wrestling fiction, the Producer’s Ring. You should see the new match posted at some point today. This match features first round hopefuls, Nick Auger and Jakub Stefano, battling it out for their shot at power.
Some of you out there have let me know, in no uncertain terms, that you are fierce supporters of Nick. He was clearly the highest vote-getter in the online poll to determine who the eight finalists would be. I’ve been informed that some of you are seriously committed to seeing Nick all the way to the end of this tournament, and that you can see no other option than his ultimate victory over all of his competitors. Of course, if it were that simple, I’d hardly need to write the story, now would I?
On the other hand, Jakub has received absolutely no fan mail or appeals to see him succeed in the competition. While it’s true that he isn’t quite as stunningly dominant a physical specimen as Nick (very, very nuanced shades of gray, if you ask me), I’m honestly surprised that the Czech internet sensation appears to have no one in his corner. Makes me feel a little bad for him.
My sympathies are not the issue at hand, though. This is a match between two big, BIG and powerful boys who’ve been handed the chance of a lifetime. Even if Nick has an edge in power, they’re far too closely matched for the victory to be determined by sheer muscle. Something else will have to tip the scales… cleverness, sadistic zeal, sexual exploitation, focus… something will have to come into play to determine the tale of the tape.
I hope that no one is too disappointed, one way or the other. I just call ’em like I see ’em.

One thought on “More than Muscle

  1. Hey Bard. Looking forward to the story. Beyond that, I don't know that I'd equate a lack of specific "support" for Jakub with an absence of interest. I think in gay pro wrestling there's often a heightened interest in wrestlers, especially hunky ones, who lose even take beatings. However, since the seeming explicit focus is still grounded in the image of competition, a lot of people equate support with saying, "I want this guy to win." As such, given Jakub's looks and body, I think a lot of people possibly are actually looking for him in a jobber role, and that kind of makes it difficult for people to say, "I really like Jakub; hope he loses big time!"I've always been slightly amazed/amused that the line between a "star" and a wrestler's record still hews so closely to the assumption that he needs to win most of the time. Looking at the companies that specifically cater to this aspect of the wrestling market, the guys who've often sold the most tapes, often by a wide margin, usually look good and lose most of the time: Brad Rochelle at BGE, Zack Vasquez at Thunder's, Mike Radon at NRW, Beau Hopkins, Paul Perris, etc at Can-Am. I chalk it up to Econ 101 as much as anything: basically, game competitors and "winners" of every bodytype are available everywhere from the WWE to indy leagues and 1000s of free videos on Youtube. But if anyone specifically wants to see the hot hunk on the ass end of an ass kicking, Can-Am, BGE, NRW, etc are pretty much the only place to find it. As such, I'm a little suprised that those companies don't put much effort into building those sort of guys these days.

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