Our Man Inside

Sharp eyes noted that there were some unreleased BG East photos embedded in my interview with Drake Marcos and Mason Brooks a couple of days ago. True enough, I recently received another super-secret parcel of behind-the-scenes and as-yet unreleased photos from an anonymous source who I will continue to refer to as “our man inside” BG East. The identity of this fan pleaser is unknown to me. I am under the impression that it is not Drake nor Mason, for example, however the way these photos are being passed to me makes it impossible for me to know where they actually came from.  Some of them appear to be HD photos of yet-to-be released matches, looking like they were peeled off of the cutting room floor. Others are clearly candid photos that look like they’ve been taken with a camera phone.  I keep expecting to hear about some BG East back office boy who was found at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico wearing cement galoshes, but apparently so far even the Boss has not sussed out the source or does not feel sufficiently compromised by the corporate espionage to take retribution. Either way, whoever you are, our man inside is my personal hero and still has a standing offer to be taken to dinner someday, should he dare reveal his identity to me. In the mean time, keep ’em coming, buddy!

Now, let’s pick through the latest scavenged treasures and lift a toast to our man inside!  First, there was some hot smuggled swag that looks like it comes from a camera phone, capturing two of the sizzling young rookies I’ve been smitten by lately, Kayden Keller and Ty Alexander. Ty mentioned to me that he’s a gear-horse, and it looks like both he and Kayden enjoy hanging out in sexy, sexy, sexy gear between wrestling shoots.

The glimpse of facial hair and that hot ass convince me that this is Kayden “Hungry Like the Wolf” Keller.
Same gear, same hot ass, so I’m pretty sure this is what Kayden Keller looks like on a Saturday morning when he’s hanging out watching his cartoons.
Rookie Ty Alexander looks adorable despite the tough guy shades and stare over his shoulder. Hope we see that gear in the ring (on and off his body) soon.
This one is particularly mysterious for lack of clues to the identity of this silky smooth body. Because of the context in which the photos appeared, and because of the aforementioned fascination Ty tells me he has with gear, I’m thinking that sweet ass belongs to him.
That handsome face and those chiseled abs could belong to no one other than the hardest working hunk in wrestling, Cameron Matthews, apparently taking a break just long enough to soak in some sunshine.
And here is Cameron back at work again, possibly on the set of Tag Team Torture 17, with the camera trained on his hot, athletic body as someone, behind the camera, snaps this shot.
Jonny, Wolf, Drake
This looks like a shot from just before taping a match, with rookie Kayden Keller in the background, Jonny Firestorm looking board, and Drake Marcos daydreaming about finding someone he can beat.
LL04 Lon Bryce vs Graber Norm 048
I haven’t yet seen Tag Team Torture 17, but I’m dying to see perennial favorite Lon Dumont in action again partnered with the humungous beast of a man here, Brute Baynard. I’m also making a mental note to ask Lon why he’s so enthusiastically pointing at Brute’s crotch.
WRKK-2 Kid K vs Dev Michaels-391
This looks like a between-takes snapshot from the taping of (my reigning favorite wrestler) Kid Karisma‘s Wrestler Spotlight match against Dev Michaels. How do I apply for the job of rubbing down these two sweat soaked muscle boys to aid in their post-match recuperation?
Skrapper’s ass. Let me repeat: Skrapper’s ass. No more words need be said.
Holy fuck, Skrapper is looking beefier and sexier by the minute! No wonder he had Trey Dixon quite literally begging for it by the end of their inferno-of-a-mat-match in Passion and Punishment!
Who is taking these photos, and HOW CAN I TRADE LIVES WITH YOU!? This is now my screensaver. Skrapper just tapped on Kid Karisma’s shoulder to let him know that he’s in line to potentially knock the karismatic one off of the throne as my favorite homoerotic wrestler. Now let me unbutton those jeans with my teeth!

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