International Baggage Claim

NCAA champion wrestler Tim Foley gets hot, sweaty, and muddy grappling with hardbodied Indian traditional wrestlers.

I’ve been getting several helpful suggestions about what neverland readers would like to see around here. Typically, I think every idea I get is fantastic, but not infrequently, I lose track of the suggestion before I get my butt in the chair and compose it. So if you’ve sent me an idea that I haven’t posted, don’t take it personally. I have the attention span of a tsetse fly. Moments before Jeff’s suggested YouTube video evaporated from my short-term memory, I snagged it along with a few photos of the star of the video, NCAA champion wrestler Tim Foley:

This is part of a series of videos of Tim wrestling around the world for “Wrestling Roots,” this time in the traditional style and garb of India. My only point of reference for Indian-style wrestling is the champion of my imagined homoerotic wrestling Olympic tournament, Indian hardbodied hunk Sushil Kumar, who may not have one actual gold in London (close, though!), but the Indian muscle machine most definitely scored a 3-count pinfall followed by a three-peat cum shot to the face of a musclebeast also-ran to take my gold.

Sushil Kumar brought Olympic homoerotic wrestling to a whole new level in my imagination!

So far, I cannot find that particular maneuver repeated in any of the videos of Tim Foley’s wrestling competitions in India, but I’m still looking. However I had to pause at precisely the moment that Jeff knew would catch my eye, at right around the 2:50 mark of this particular video, where Tim and his opponent roll out of bounds and are called back to the center.  After having yanked hard on his opponent’s trunks repeatedly and rolled head over heels in the dirt, locked in intimate embrace, when Tim stands up to return to the neutral position, he quickly and somewhat desperately pivots his hips backward (showing off even more beautifully that astonishingly hot muscled ass!), and shoves his hand deep down the front of his trunks for some emergency ballast repositioning.

Tim shows off that round, muscled ass as he digs deep.


Looks like Tim needs a hand with the oversized baggage he packed for this trip to India!


Holy shit, that’s hot! I know, I know, its almost certainly the result of testicles getting a little twisted amid all intense grappling, but that doesn’t change the fact that the need to take a moment to feel around in the front of your trunks and set things just right is an incredibly hot, implicitly erotic maneuver.  Just ask Joshua Goodman (that’s Mr. Joshua to you!!!).

Mr. Joshua demonstrates that sometimes you just need to take matters into your own hands.

Here are just a few more parting shots of Tim taking his fabulous wrestling muscles around the world to spread the news that watching high quality wrestling requires a major crotch adjustment!

That. Ass!
I’ve got soap in (one) hand to help with the traditional communal shower post-match.


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