Who’s Counting?

Neverland turns 4 years old today!  In some ways, it feels like 40 years, in other ways, it feels like 4 months.  The scope of what I do online in response to my infatuation with homoerotic wrestling has grown significantly since I posted my first post 4 years ago today.  Writing homoerotic wrestling fiction was, honestly, the first focus I brought, with neverland being primarily a vehicle for dissemination my interest in sharing fiction.  Since then, however, the fiction has taken a back seat to the blogging and promoting the outstanding ongoing scene of homoerotic wrestling productions and musing about my homoerotic wrestling fantasies that may, or may not, show up in a full-on piece of fiction.  In the last few months, I’ve been grieving that switch in priorities a bit.  If only I had more time for my writing, I’ve continually told myself. My goal of writing at least one new match a month has long ago been abandoned.  Happily, others with the writing bug have been contributing to the expanding library of homoerotic wrestling imaginations come to life in text (and choice graphic aids).  I think, with the maturity of 4 years under my belt, I’m coming to terms with the truth that blogging is feeding my kink and interest more than writing wrestling fiction.  I have a couple of fiction projects I’m very, very, very excited to be rolling out in the next couple of weeks, but otherwise, I think the 4th anniversary of neverland will mark a down shift in my intentions to write, to match the de facto truth that my attentions have strayed a bit from my fiction writing already.  So at the ripe old age of 4, I’m signaling my letting go of my grief over less fiction writing and my enthusiastic embrace of more time in neverland.
I’m playing Powerball in order to fuel my calling as an Eliad Cohen stalker!
And finally, as a birthday present to myself, I’m celebrating today with a focus on who, I think, may be the sexiest man who I’ve never seen in a homoerotic wrestling match: Eliad Cohen.  If I were a better (and especially richer) man, I’d be a full-on celebrity stalker of Eliad.  Sadly, his jet-setting schedule hosting Papa circuit parties across the globe far exceed my means to obsessively track him down.  On the other hand, fortunately, he is a generous Facebook poster, and my inner stalker is regularly sated with mouthwatering photos of this epic hunk going about his days, loving his family and friends, seeing the sights of the cities of the world, and, oh yeah, taking off his shirt… a lot.  Seriously, I think this man is as close to my physical ideal as any hunk I’ve ever seen.  If I had a category for my favorite non-wrestling hunk (don’t tempt me, you know how I like my lists), I believe it would be a close contest between Joe Manganiello and Eliad, with Eliad’s hairy chest and tats managing to just nose Joe into my “top contender” spot.  I’d donate a vital organ if it meant I could see Eliad climb into the BG East ring and put those insanely sexy muscles to the purpose they were, quite clearly, most naturally and meaningfully intended: wrestling another hardbodied hunk until one of them is stripped naked and worshipping the victor’s divine physique.
Quite possibly my physical ideal!
As an anniversary present for neverland (not really, but I can pretend), Eliad has posted this crotch-rousing tease of a video promoting (I think) another one of his Papa parties.  This is as close as I think I’ve ever seen what it would be like to watch him in a homoerotic wrestling match.  The performance piece features him and another muscleboy in gladiator gear… sort of… engaged in fantasy hand-to-hand combat… kind of.  There’s a poundingly hot gut punching montage in the credits, so be patient. Inexplicably in the heart of the video (full embed below), they abruptly rip off their utilikilts, and then Eliad demonstrates his status as a muscle god by blowing the head off of his opponent with a magic ball of fire.  Watch to the end, though, and you’ll see the gymbunny stud is quite fully alive and returns to Eliad’s side to begin to stroke his buliging, vascular muscles hungrily.  In other words, this is essentially a performance art version of pretty much 80% of homoerotic wrestling matches (hunks grapple, strip, total domination secured, and then erotic lust takes over).
Eliad’s dominance demonstrated, his muscle conquest returns to worship him (line starts behind me, bastard!)
To all of you who’ve made neverland a going concern, commenting, encouraging, challenging, linking, giving permissions for reposts, guest posting, and just being all around cool fellow journeyers in the wrestling kink universe, this anniversary is as much a celebration of you as it is an acknoweldgment of the passage of time or the accumulation of blog archives.  It continues to be a joy, and that (and, really, that alone) is what makes me fully expect to be celebrating year 5 exactly 12 months from now.

5 thoughts on “Who’s Counting?

  1. Happy birthday! Neverland will always have a special place in my heart as that one big "I am not alone" revelation, and I don't think I can ever thank you enough. Thank you, Bard.

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