Ninth Day of Christmas















It was a pleasure to get to interview in 2013 Muscle Master Kevin, the CEO of the newest kids on the homoerotic wrestling block, Muscle Domination Wrestling. I found Kevin to be a deeply thoughtful and reflective young hunk, with a keen eye to feed both his entrepreneurial drive and his sincere desire to please his fans. There are paradoxes upon paradoxes when it comes to MMK. He has one of the babiest faces in the business mounted atop the body of a Greek god. He’s merciless in his ring and absolutely revels in the agonizing suffering of his opponents, but outside the ring he’s a keen conversationalist with a tender underbelly of self-deprecation that peeks through on extremely rare (and that much sexier for it) moments. His online persona is one of total carnal focus, with muscle and muscle domination being the first, middle, and last part of every story he tells, but the stud is literary-minded, introspective and meticulously well-spoken. I’m happy to have him as a friend of neverland, and thrilled to to pass along his new year’s greeting for homoerotic wrestling fans.

Start your new years on your knees for the master! 2013 was a year of big strides – but I’m in the empire making business so watch as and grow as impressively as my physique. – Muscle Master Kevin

photo 1

Oh, I’m watching, Kevin.  I’m watching. I’d wish you luck as you launch into another year of empire-building, but I get the impression that your business success, like your phenomenal physique, has absolutely nothing to do with luck.  And you know where to find me when MDW fans demand to see a wrestling blogger worship that fantasy body of yours in the coming year.

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