Game Changer

I’ve been worshipping Joshua Goodman (that’s Mr. Joshua to you) for many years now. Ever since he followed Brad Rochelle into the BG East matroom, he’s had a starring role in many a sexual and wrestling fantasy in my imagination. Unlike his actual wrestling matches, though, all of my imagined wrestling fantasies with Mr. Joshua have included a liberal dose of body worship. No, I’m not referring to Mr. Joshua’s self-worship, because that has, indeed, been a staple in every one of his for-purchase performances. No, I’m talking about his opponent (frequently me) pausing before, during, and after the action to marvel with my eyes, hands, nose and tongue at the sculpted piece of erotic art that is Mr. Joshua’s physique.

Finally, at long last, Mr. Joshua has found an opponent nearly as awestruck by Mr. Joshua’s body as is Mr. Joshua. Randy Stanton is hot for teacher from the moment he sets foot in the mat room. Something has already happened between them, clearly, and the online description of the match suggests that Randy made a pass at Mr. Joshua at the gym, “promising to worship Mr. Joshua’s physique like he’d never been worshipped before.” Randy, you read my mind.

We’ve all known for a long time that this is what Mr. Joshua needs, now haven’t we? This is the story that Mr. Joshua has been asking for, begging for, from day one. He’s been aching for someone to give him the abundance of slack-jawed respect he deserves and demands, not only because he can kick ass, but because he has crafted his muscles to the brink of divinity. Randy may just have been in the right place at the right time, but I suspect he’s a homoerotic genius who discovered precisely the buttons to push to work his way into the enviable position of being commanded by Mr. Joshua to worship him. That’s right. You heard me. Mr. Joshua demands that Randy cop a feel.

He doesn’t have to tell Randy twice. Well, honestly, he doesn’t actually have to tell him even once. Regardless, this match features the spot-on elements of deeply appreciative body worship, a supremely confident narcissist, and an explicitly lustful opponent. Mr. Joshua has been circling this plot for ages. I’ve been aching for this plot for ages. Watching Randy saddle up behind Mr. Joshua, reach around to squeeze and caress his biceps, pressing their bodies together… well, I’ll just say that I had to push pause within the first minute of this match. After a little while to rehydrate and let my heart rate slow down, I eagerly pushed play once again.

As the story goes, Randy didn’t have wrestling on his mind at all when he followed Mr. Joshua out of the gym, but he’s game when the BG East veteran suggests that they take to the mats to see if Randy can earn some more body worship rewards. Mr. Joshua has all the earmarks of a pool shark reeling in another sucker. Randy hasn’t cottoned on, but it’s clear that Mr. Joshua’s narcissist/sadist personality combo has played this whole scenario out in his mind before the two of them lock up. He’s planning on taking the rookie to school, destroying and humiliating the lustful hunk in order to preen and flex overtop of Randy’s crushed body as evidence of his own, indisputable superiority. This must be what Mr. Joshua sees when he closes his eyes and is almost ready to orgasm: his own stunning image on cocky display atop a crushed hunk. For what I believe to be the first time, Mr. Joshua is literally putting his own ass on the line, upping the stakes against a hard and hot and aroused opponent. Before the jeans are off, though, Randy sends a clear message that he’s not going to just roll over. Taking the veteran by surprise, he locks his knees around Mr. Joshua’s ears, shoving the veteran’s nose into the mat. And then Randy leans forward, plants the palms of his hands on Mr. Joshua’s fantastic ass, and claws lustfully at those glorious glutes. Never before have I encountered a more sympathetic character than Randy in that moment. I’m thinking Randy’s thoughts. His hands are my hands. His delight is coursing through my body. He’s embracing this moment of unexpected opportunity with precisely the fervor and abandon that comes from my fondest personal fantasies involving Mr. Joshua and his vulnerable ass.

Full disclosure, this match isn’t all body worship, and the body worship doesn’t involve tongues (next time, Randy). The wrestling is primarily a series of long-held squeezes and body-wrenching endurance holds, punctuated irregularly with a few blows and slams. The wrestling, I think, matches the stakes, with an emphasis on claws and clutches driving home the point that what’s on the line is the consummation of Randy’s lustful intentions. In gasping lulls between submissions, both boys tease one another as Randy worships Mr. Joshua’s fantastic physique. I absolutely love the moment when Randy cups Mr. Joshua’s pec in his hand, feeling the weight of the slab of muscle. And although Randy somewhat demurely fails to give Mr. Joshua’s legendary package equally adoring treatment, I confess to feeling small moments of orgasmic ecstasy when Randy is stroking Mr. Joshua’s abs, hips, and legs, and his hand repeatedly presses “inadvertently” against the unavoidable obstacle course posed by Mr. J’s stuffed-to-the-brim crotch.

This match is all sorts of wonderful for me. This is something new in Mr. Joshua’s delightful portfolio of appearances with BG East. I’m a big fan of something new, just like I’m a crazed fan of Mr. Joshua as an object of body worship. Personally, I vote for this to be the inception of a new series, with Mr. Joshua’s ass on the line against amorous admirers willing to fight for the opportunity to conquer and take full ownership of the promises posed by Mr. J’s physique. And as much as I’m over-identifying with randy rookie Randy, Mr. Joshua’s venture into this new territory is sufficient to upset the rankings of my favorite homoerotic wrestlers – non-pornboy division. Yes, Mr. Joshua has toppled my previous #1 object of trunks-on lust, Lon Dumont. Mr. J has thrown him to his back and slapped his pendulous package down across Lon’s chin (metaphorically… I’d pay money to see that literally….). Lon is still well within striking distance as the new #1 contender, but I have the attention span of a midge, and Lon has not been in a new release in just too long to ward off the surging homoerotic appeal of Mr. Joshua Goodman in Matmen 21. So I’m offering a standing ovation to Mr. Joshua and his crotch, for clawing his way to the top of the heap and inviting all comers to take a shot at fully appreciating the homoerotic prize that is his wrestling body.

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