A Mad Mad Mad Mad World

“You really want to get beat by me, don’t you?” Mad Mykel asks as Ty Alexander leads him to the BG East ring in Ring Releases 3. “I wouldn’t say that,” Ty coyly replies. Because anyone with a passing familiarity with Ty’s resume has got to suspect that Trophy Boy is a total glutton for punishment. He’s had that fine ass of his beaten and battered, stripped and spanked, tied up and knocked down time and time again, leaving the unmistakable impression that, while Ty is no pushover, he very well may get off on getting owned.

Mad Mykel’s got a screw loose (and I kind of like it)

This is just the second time we’ve had an opportunity to see Mad Mykel in action. His dismantling of babyface bombshell Richie Douglas was no fluke. Coming from out of absolutely nowhere, MM is vicious, sadistic, and more than just a little touched in the head. It’s after midnight at BG East’s Florida facilities. The place is all buttoned up with no one but Ty, MM and some unnamed lucky fucking cameraman around, but Mad Mykel is repeatedly distracted from this wrestling match by the roar of crowds that only he can hear.

Mad Mykel likes the look of Ty locked up tight

Not that the unhinged one doesn’t deserve some cheering fans. In fact, count me in. I like this kid a lot. I wasn’t sure I would, when I first got a look at him, but the more I see of him, the more he makes me laugh and turns me on, which is a particularly intoxicating combination for me. He’s relentless, merciless, and viscerally titillated by witnessing the suffering of his opponent at his mercy. And then those skin tight red trunks come off and… oh… fuck! That is one beautiful, beautiful cock!

Like puzzle pieces…

Which speaks volumes as to the chemistry in this match because Mad Mykel’s mouthwatering member seems like the perfect compliment to that bouncing bubble butt that Ty shoves in every opponent’s face sooner or later. There’s a sly earnestness about Trophy Boy. I’ve watched him in match after match, I’ve chatted with him online, and not once, ever have I seen him break character as the super ambitious Eve Harrington determined to awe-shucks-and-dazzle his way into the hearts and pants of BG East wrestling fans. With some wrestlers I’ve connected with off the pages of this blog, I’ve come to see the men behind the wrestling personas, the insecurities, the foibles and quirks, the non-wrestling passions and pass times. But I’ve come to the conclusion that with Ty, what you see is what you get. And what I see is a hot little tanned twink babyface beauty with a singular focus on big, big wrestling star dreams and a bucket full of eye-batting charm and confidence. And that ass. If ever there were two puzzle pieces that you want to see fit together, take a look at Mad Mykel’s glorious cock and Ty’s bubble butt.

Ty can be pushed too far!

There’s a point in this match when Mad Mykel’s insanity defense seems to push its luck just a bit. He’s bullying Ty relentlessly. He’s worked up a head of steam and lording it over the Trophy Boy with something bordering between erotic sadism and just outright malice. He’s riding hard, then gets up, motions for Ty to peel his hot ass off the mat and get to his feet. But just as Ty goes to do so, Mad Mykel shoves the Trophy Boy in the shoulder and sends him sprawling back down. It’s subtle. Not anywhere near the most vicious maneuver or the hardest hit. But judging by Ty’s scramble, suddenly lashing out, sweeping the insane one’s legs out from underneath, and taking him down and CONTROLLING him completely, I’m guessing there was some unscripted passion poking its head out, brought on by MM’s dancing just a little too close to the edge.

Sexual tension starts to boil over

And speaking of heads poking out, have I mentioned Mad Mykel’s fabulous cock? He’s got such a babyface, that there’s something slightly shocking about his lovely member bouncing around unbridled once the trunks and the jocks are off. That burst of Trophy Boy offense eventually gives way to the successful heel assault of one of the newest sexy heels in the BG East ranks. And Ty gets worn down, muscle by muscle, hold by hold, and the more MM shoves that giant bulge in his opponent’s face, the more I get the impression that Ty’s not so secret desire all along as been to get a total beatdown that leaves them both gagging for a messy ring release.

Ty determined to cum out on top

And, well, you know the title of the product, so definitely, all of that unbridled erotic intensity, that intoxicating, aromatic mix of sweat, tears, spit and pre cum send this seriously hard bumping tussle into an oddly competitive full on foreplay session. Maybe MM is still under Ty’s skin, because the Trophy Boy refuses for a time to let the victor stay on top, even as they’re in a full throated make out session and mutual masturbatory fire stoking. Ty turns the tables, seemingly unsatisfied with the jobber role, no longer ready to let the winner of the match dictate the terms of surrender quite as fully as he did with, say, sizzling hot hunk daddy Goren Ford in Dark Knights 12. Soon enough, though, Ty erupts on command, followed closely by a Mad Mykel’s three count face slapping cock pin.

Ty’s master plan all along?

Yeah, Ty gets dragged by his wasted cock out of the ring by his diabolical new owner (someone get Goren on the line, because I want to see him win Ty back from MM!). But there’s a petulance, a raging, ego driven wrestling competitor who keeps popping out in Ty’s matches that says there may be a whole lot more to the Trophy Boy than we’ve seen yet. Maybe I’ve been wrong. Maybe there is much more to Ty Alexander then meets the eye!

3 thoughts on “A Mad Mad Mad Mad World

  1. Bard I love reading your thoughts and summarization of a match. I’m so envious that you get to talk with Ty and get to learn so much about him. It’s fascinating that Ty is so ambitious he always seemed appear as a tough erotic jobber to me. Is Drake still trying to cause problems or maybe he doesn’t like you looking at another pretty boy? Though I would say Drake probably knows Ty pretty well giving there previous match.

    1. Ty’s ego and ambitions are bigger than any ass spanking he’s suffered. He’s a total charmer, and I think he’s got his sights set on being the number one jobber in competition. As for Drake, you nailed it, Galen. The Cheshire Cat is a jealous jobber. He keeps promising to post to his blog some rationalization for how a “mere’ jobber owned him in the ring a year ago. His petulant stomping and storming about not being a jobber makes him such an adorable jobber.

  2. Thanks Galen !!! As for drake I mean come on look at me he can’t hold a candle to me honestly 😉 he still goes on and on about how he beat me in our match but I’ll let him keep thinking that. My end goal for that and this wasn’t to be the winner 😉 I wanted to get them naked and see what they are hiding 😉 I can any heel drop their trunks for me trust me. Just look what I did agains Chase lachance

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