Silver Lining

As I’ve mentioned, mixed martial arts don’t generally do it for me. For one thing,
Joe Rogan creeps me out for some reason (the ink, the body, the grappling… you’d figure I’d be all over that). And there’s Dana White’s, “oops, sorry for saying ‘faggot.'” If the whole genre, from top to bottom, didn’t seem to be overcompensating for sexual insecurities, this would be much more of a gay destination sport (which would send the bi-curious self-haters running, but would make them much more money). But I do appreciate an astonishingly hot body, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter and coach Pablo Popovitch is dizzyingly hot. Seriously, now, look at that body move. Now that puts the “art” in martial arts. I don’t know about his sexual orientation or how secure he feels in his sexuality, but he really has no choice in the matter: he might as well just sit back and be worshipped!

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